It Makes Sense Though

Sitting here after work, kinda farting around on the computer when all of a sudden I had this completely random thought go through my head for absolutely no apparent reason.

Damn if I know why but after stopping and thinking about it I thought, why not?

I would be too.

What am I rambling about?

Have you ever noticed that Tyrannosaurus  Rex has always been shown as a relentless and merciless killer?

Did it ever occur to you to wonder why that is?





8 thoughts on “It Makes Sense Though

  1. I hate to bust your bal….er…bubble but reptiles, amphibians, and birds have internal testicles, not balls. Now most mammals have external testes but T Rex sure was no mammal.

    Funny thought though.


  2. Iffn’ I couldn’t scratch my balls I would be more terrible asswipe then T-Rex. I have a famous Phil bumper sticker on the ass of my truck (and travel trailer) for a reason! I still get comments about it Phil and some old hags have said I should take it off cuz’ it is offensive… I tell them that is why it’s there.

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