Hold On To Your Ass

Because here it comes.

Black Monday

Dow Futures Plunge as Global Market Selloff Deepens; Oil Prices Collapse

Global markets tumbled Monday, with stocks falling the most in more than a decade, oil prices collapsing and bond yields hitting fresh-all time lows, as coronavirus fears shake investor confidence.

The Monday Market Minute

  • Global stocks plunge, oil prices collapse and bond yields hit historic lows in a wild Monday trading session that has shaken investors around the world.
  • Coronavirus cases rise past 110,000, while U.S. health officials warn its domestic spread is all but assured, raising the prospect of near-term recession for the global economy.
  • Benchmark 10-year Treasury yields tumble the most since 2009, taking the notes to 0.41%, while 30-year bonds fall to 0.908% as Fed rate bets accelerate.
  • Gold briefly rising past $1,700 per ounce, while the yen hits a 2016 low of 102.05 as investors flee risk markets around the world and shed the U.S. dollar.
  • Global oil prices collapse, falling the most since the 1991 Gulf War, as Saudi Arabia looks to ram up production following last week’s failure to maintain production cut agreements with Russia.
  • U.S. futures trading suspended “limit down” after falling more than 5% in early trading amid the global equity market sell-off.
  • U.S. equity futures suggest another 1,000-plus point decline for the Dow Monday, with sharp opening bell declines for the S&P 500, even as investors bet on a 75 basis point rate cut from the Fed next week..

U.S. equity futures plunged lower Monday, following some of the biggest single-day moves in world markets since the global financial crisis, as coronavirus concerns pulled bond yields sharply lower and oil prices cratered after the collapse of OPEC’s agreement on production cuts late last week.

With global coronavirus infections rising past 110,000, and the death toll approaching 4,000, global investors can no longer ignore the pandemic’s impact on the world economy, particularly now that U.S. health officials are warning its domestic spread is all but assured.

Compounding the global market sell-off, which Bank of America estimates has destroyed some $9 trillion in equity value in just 9 days, is a concurrent fall in government bond yields, which are moving at a speed not seen since the global financial crisis.

Investors are betting that the Federal Reserve will need to slash rates by a further 75 basis points when it meets next week in Washington — following last week’s emergency 50 basis point reduction — in order to inoculate the U.S. economy against COVID-19’s destruction.

There’s all kinds of more at the link. 

The shit just hit the fan.

It started when the Saudi’s decided to kill off a whole bunch of competition by dropping the price of oil drastically and kicking up releasing it.

Earlier I saw that oil was all the way down to $28 a barrel.

Remember not that long ago it was $100?

This will kill off the Canadian Oil Shale industry for one, it won’t take very long with oil getting dumped and sold cheaper than they can produce it.

Russia will take a hit too, they were the prime target to begin with.

I’m sure it will affect us too.

After that it was a domino effect with these scumbag gambling assholes trying to cover their asses in the markets.

The whole show just took a big shit.

It isn’t anywhere near over yet either.

The only bright spot may be cheap gas this Summer if anyone can afford to buy it.


14 thoughts on “Hold On To Your Ass

  1. This is a time where having ‘preps’ stocked up gives a warm fuzzy thought to the owner. A smug ‘toldja’ to the skeptics.

    One area of major concern to all – chinese manufactured pharmaceuticals. If you have VITAL medical conditions (blood thinners for example), calling doctor to see if more can be purchased would be a good idea. Because the lack of some of these can kill a mofo way faster than lacking Grand Poupon mustard.


  2. Neither a deepening of existing production cuts by OPEC nor a flooding of the oil market also by OPEC members will have any positive impact on oil prices or on their oil export revenues respectively while the coronavirus outbreak is still raging.
    The minute the outbreak is contained and the global economy resumes its normal activities, oil demand and prices will recoup all their losses.


  3. Algorithm trading is the problem.
    Shut that shit down, and watch the market smooth out.
    These fucking traders make millions when it goes down as well as when it goes up.


  4. Remember not that long ago it was $100? That was 2014.

    I know as we get older, six years doesn’t seem like as much time, but the oil industry adapted to prices under $75 and even to under $60 long ago. They’re very good at getting more efficient and production can be turned down and back up very easily.


  5. Well, I’m glad I don’t do the 401K roulette, have a small amount of gold and silver (and lead, brass, and copper), and have my 2-year’s supply of food and some months of fuel. Glad I’m retired, but if the Gubmint collapses (unlikely) we’re ALL screwed.
    Oil? It’s gyrating right now, but will settle down. The Arabs are cutting off their noses to spite their faces/enemies.
    Hunker down, and hope that you aren’t subject to the “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” problem.
    While the market was due a correction, the methods (quarantines) are kinda extreme! But, there ya go. Preppers are laughing their asses off right now – “I told ya so!! Who’s the weirdo now?”
    Interesting times.


  6. Wife and I spoke about it a couple weeks ago and went ahead and topped off our stockpile. Wasn’t much needed for the most part.

    Set on brass and such for some time now.

    We don’t do a lot of ‘peopleing’ for the most part so crowds and such are not an issue for us.

    I’m in the 60 and up crowd so I guess somewhat at risk, but in good health and have no bad habits.

    Kids and grandkids across the country so no exposure risk there, although with one in Sacramento and one outside Portlandistan now our worry level is a bit up.

    I figure we can ride out not leaving the house for about 3 months.


  7. Creative Destruction
    Timing IS everything. Putin’s new Russians pulled the plug on the western elites one world stupidity yesterday after walking out of OPEC and stating they can survive for 10 years with oil at $25 bucks a bbl. (what their massive gold purchasing efforts are for, economic defense and strength, they watch the west and it’s clowns like a hawk, nobody know’s the globo-statist mind like they do). Could not have picked a better moment.

    I see it as a fantastic turn of events.
    It needs to be torn down.
    It must be torn down.
    It’s an abomination.
    Better than later.
    BIAD. Burn. It. All. Down.
    Burn down the institutional order.
    Reject globohomo modern world efforts of domination.
    Their institutional order could not last much longer.

    “Dissident Right”
    Anti-fragile dirt people culture is coming back
    This is circular history
    The motive power and audacity of this pure grass roots “insurgent” nature in Freemen everywhere can not be stopped
    It’s simply natural for dirt people to reject being serfs or subjects
    It has evolutionary characteristics
    Too many dirt people, meaning a undetermined number of people, that “plurality” that made America and ordered liberty possible, really a legion of people, who are beginning to realize they are Legion, which if following the natural order of such activity and thought, turns into an indomitable thing, they become A Legion who will not be denied
    Globohomo can not stop this
    Nothing can
    What’s the unintended consequnce in all this is a lot of dirt people got it pretty much figured out there are no coincidences, unrelated innocent spontaneous natural occurring human events that make it past the door keepers of the fake media complex
    Point in case how over a million Tea Party people on DC, close to a million Bikers on DC, 64 million Deplorable’s defying the fuckers, election without vote fraud of the God Emperor, 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords quietly showing up a few miles below the swamp on 1-20-20, right smack dab in the inner sanctum of the deep state actors safe place enclaves
    This scared the fukkin’ crap out of them
    There’s no way to stop 50,000 armed to the teeth fed up dirt people
    What the fukkers got a gander at is there’s natural courage still
    The Men of The West are still here
    How to stop a flyover nation of armed to the fucking teeth dirt people
    You don’t
    You can’t
    You try a plague if your stupid enough

    It is no coincidence this virus is loose
    Trump has to be stopped
    Trump is wrecking their little oligarchy party
    The deplorable’s must be put in their place
    Armed to the fucking teeth fed up had enough dirt people are, the only, enemy they got, ie the only existential enemy of globohomo, the only enemy they fear, which couldn’t get any more obvious
    Because dirt people are the enemy
    There are no other enemies
    And no other enemy who can effect positive change which is the worst thing to globohomo
    Plenty of fake enemies and useful dupes for all sorts of convenient uses and crisis as a means purposes, but no deadly enemies, but the dirt people
    Hungry, Poland and a number of small Christian Traditional Western Baltic States have totally rejected the homoglobos in Brussel’s
    The English dirt people pulled out of the Euro-con-job
    Shit even the dirt people in China are on the verge of rebelling, (which I would not put it past the commie chinks to let that virus loose to stop what can’t be stopped, that indomitable will of people had enough
    Think Hong Kong
    Those dirt Hong Kong-ers are still resisting the chink regime
    Globochink is as inept as globohomo
    Birds of a feather

    None of this virus, and other developing associated roll on order effects is coincidental
    Simply would not be there, happening this way if everything was occurring along natural lines of human drift

    It’s the part you wrap your head around no matter how much it bakes your noodle that makes it possible to understand whats going down
    This shit don’t happen in a naturally self discovering open source world order
    It only, and only can, originate from manipulation and other ulterior motive driven sources, actors, who have committed to such actions in order to derive a specifically desired outcome, secretly
    In natural occurring events the truth reveals itself in line with the event(‘s) unfolding…
    We have lived enough generations removed from the original inception of orchestrated manipulative social engineering via false flag and crisis as a means, that without tribal/historical/critical thinking resources and skills, these are normally occurring events to us, or precisely they have no readily apparent contrasts, by design, ie things like: the trolling and revision of our history & traditional ways, the subversion/destruction of “the old’s” along with people and specific defining NATURAL events, to see just how they gull and nudge us

    Hence we see all the great warriors, solders of the Confederate Compact, true Men of The West, solders who held to all the great Warrior Virtues along with Rex serves Dux and Dux Honors Rex

    Ave Cinncinatus! Ave! Ave!
    Ave General Washington! Ave!
    Ave! Robert E. Lee! Ave!
    Ave! General Bedford Forrest! Ave!
    And now, Ave God Emperor Trump! Ave! Lead us!

    The very leaders from our profound history, those they are tearing down, their statues where erected to honor and serve as the guiding examples for our Patriarchy/Matriarchy, our codes, the traditional practices of Manhood being Militia Family & Tribe & Local Community, the 2000 years precedence of the Christian citizenry solders/militia system, some call it “The Whole Armor of God”, which has served since time immortal in the West, or may that be immortal, to defend and protect us culminating in the ordered liberty and formation of The Militia’s of the whole of the dirt people, Rex and Dux to the maximum, the culmination of all the mistakes and pitfalls of 2000 years of Athenian Greco Roman history, and they made some serious doozies, yet thats what we Men of The West created because back in our forming, we understood our history of mistakes and human defects, we have the innate sense to learn from our mistakes, and it’s the rifle, of all things, the fucking simple infantry combat rifleman’s rifle, of all the things of human history, which changed fucking everything
    And it still, the Rifle which is at the center of our history

    Notice they are attempting anything to separate us not only from our Rifles but our Manhood

    Just spy the emasculated soy eating surrender monkeys who grovel at the feet of the red queen and her horde of screeching barren vags, their ungodly perverted allies, themselves who have perpetrated the longest line of genocide ever, abortion on demand, the so called right to choose, yeah, the sanctioned right to wage genocide of more than 65 million children, and these soy eating gammas, balless, barren of virtue and dignity of liberty, the neo-bolshevik’s of the globohomo order

    The rifle turned us dirt people from the permanent serf slave class to uncontrollable highly productive heathens in the eyes of tyranny, and by the devil himself something was going to be done to stop this upstart gaggle of rebellious slaves and serfs, no one was to be got in the way of the divine destiny of the ruling globalists of the day, they had not only master plans for the new world and it’s riches, it’s wealth beyond any ones wildest imaginations, they where the divine masters of all they purvey
    But for those stubborn stupid unwashed savage deplorable armed to the fucking teeth terrorists and their dreaded rifles, those stateless rebel’s who refused to comply with such pre-ordained right of kings over all and sundry

    Look at Bloomberg and the way the deep state actors talk at-about us in candid moments
    Hillary’s sneering profoundly contemptuous rant about us dirt people a Basket of Deplorable’s and how her minions and sycophants roared with affirmation of their own slavery, inevitable self extinction as such self destructive stupid idiots once their chosen great leader attains power, can never be trusted except as cannon fodder or to populate the gulag system, they end up in the very punishment, say as Bernie’s creepy neo-bolshevik’s plan the gulag and re-education camps for us Men of The West
    It’s why the huge purges in all communist organized crime syndicates, get rid of the useless dupes because they are totally worthless after their usefulness is used up, they can’t be trusted, they already betrayed their own kind and flesh and blood once

    And as everything is connected, it all comes full circle, as economic warfare has always been the instrument of power of the elites as it was first established their objectives of world dominance was only possible thru economically first strip mining America and her dirt people of their intrinsic wealth, ie 99.98 % of the greenbacks value gone, poof, like a fart in a hurricane, then pull the fucking plug on us, so what, they got what they deemed theirs for the taking, it’s pillage & plunder

    It is inevitable that the artificial price discovery racket globohobo has been running since at least the creation of the Fed, which is neither, will fail
    1859 was undoubtably the first concerted attempt the globalists, Lincoln and his yankee marxists, tried to set up their financial/central banking/fractional control thru instruments of debt, hegemony, to control and skim the explosion of productivity creativity invention and personal wealth creation of the dirt people
    Yeah, the war of northern aggression was about slavery, but not racial slavery, economic indenture, serfdom, of the dirt people

    You just can’t keep a global wide economic strip mining conspiracy running forever without total control of basically everything of everything between peoples thoughts to independent fracking operations
    And you have to get all the rifles the dirt people own

    You can’t artificially inflate the price of things, of everything, in particular energy, which beside air, water & food, because now in our world energy is just as if not more so as vital as the first three elements of life
    The natural discovery of energy, ie $20-$25 bucks a bbl, is a natural force, this represents, and by connection because everything now in our modern world is inextricably tied to and dependent upon energy, is the indication the elites are losing control of artificial price discovery instruments of power
    It’s why energy food and water are under the kinds of stress they are, the inviolate law of supply and demand is about the bust free
    Hard at first for many
    Gonna suck big time
    The long run is what you got to be looking at
    The long run is always out there bearing down

    What are the things your gonna need in the long run which provide the resources and tools to be self reliant, as self sufficient as practical, it’s a bunch of little things
    Those are ALL things homoglobo has tried to deny us, destroy or subvert, so it’s actually relatively easy to figure what they are with changing your thinking
    It’s really not a lot, it’s how you think and the will to persevere
    Create that little edge that makes all the difference between survival and surthrival

    This corona virus is a component of the larger scope
    That it is intentional a foregone conclusion
    Naturally this would not come to pass
    The virus is not natural
    There is only one honest non-bullshit conclusion to be drawn from this
    Globohomo never loses track of one penny of it’s wealth, knows were every cent has gone
    Ask why they would release an artificially created virus that as it spreads across the Earth it destroy’s the global economy
    Remember everything is connected
    There are no natural occurring world events of this kind & order

    Richmond is the pivotal moment, ( i was there, the power and energy was the sublime thing, the power and energy of legitimacy has no equal, no tyrant can compete, no system of tyranny comes close, it can not be stopped, it is the indomitable thing, self armed, self motivated, armed to the fucking teeth plurality, grass roots open source Legion’s of Men of The West are unstoppable
    Richmond on January, the 20th, the year 2020: the moment which qualified the elites fears of the dirt people after all this time dissing us and putting us down, emasculating our history and presence, waging pogrom and genocide, we are not only alive we are still here
    We can not be defeated thru economic warfare or via weaponized politics/rhetoric, our culture is upstream of all their politiks
    After almost 200 years economic terrorism has failed to repress and enslave us fully
    Too much open source grass roots economic activity exists
    This is a monumental task in itself to thwart then control
    They can not win 4th Generation war against us armed to the fucking teeth dirt men of the west
    We hold all the moral high-ground
    Our natural dirt people tendency is to figure ways around what is trying to stop us in the sphere of our lives, improvisation, creativity, a natural inborn tendency to defy and resist tyrants, in fact an almost gleeful sport, like counting coup on ones enemy, the free shit/free loader army not withstanding, they don’t figure into the equation here
    We hold all the virtual real territory, the land of the dirt people, flyover nation, what they call the unsecured spaces, they have abandoned the structural infrastructure of the nation, that in itself is a profound fragility, serious as a heart attack weakness
    We have no centers of power for them to attack so they must resort to the weaponization of things cultural, historical, but that again is the rhetorical war, and we have guns bitchez, lots of guns

    They have all but totally debased our intrinsic wealth as a nation and it has done little on relative scale to stop our productive inventive nature to strive for prosperity and happiness
    How are they gonna stop us from stopping them, killing them, for what they are doing to us
    They can’t even take our Rifles

    So let’s resort to pulling the plug, and see of we can’t create our precious world order out of that chaos, we will fix orangemanbad and his Deplorable army of mouth breathers with a plague
    They’ve released their version globohomo Ragnorak
    They forgot one thing: natural selection, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive
    Like all things these scumbags do the unintended consequences are worse than the desired results
    It’s a rookie move
    Its all they got
    A plague engineered just for this purpose
    It’s so fitting it just screams hail mary false flag
    What else they gonna do
    Global Nuclear Armageddon?
    Whats to fear but an out of control genocidal balless chickenshit oligarchy who totally fucked up the most lucrative treasure of a golden goose imaginable, where in their greed and avarice, they actually created less wealth than if they simply did the skim, and committed to the most basic of responsibilities of all ruling class before them to manage the most basic of infrastructure necessary to maintaining a self reliant self determining civilization, but noooo that wasn’t enough
    Only the most arrogant inept dumbass idiots in human history could manage this

    This virus too will end up being another total fail
    But this time it will be their demise
    They went too far
    And we knows it in our bones

    Liked by 1 person

    • But I want my free shit and your stuff too! Said no self respecting, self sufficient man ever. I will work for my bread, I will endeavor to protect, feed and nourish and love my family. That is the core, family, nothing more, certainly nothing less. From the core all else springs forth, God, Country, imagination, innovation. engineering. A Country Folk can survive.


  8. Now is a good time to make a shit-ton of money. Don’t panic sell existing
    stocks, the market will recover when the epidemic runs its course. Also,
    buy as many oil stocks as you can afford.


  9. 50 years ago the Saudi’s created an oil shortage out of thin air to raise the price of crude. Now they’re FLOODING THE MARKET, which will lower the price and supposedly drive out competition. So a few frackers go bankrupt and close down their wells. Hopefully, the BANKS financing the frackers don’t go tits up too. Meanwhile, all that fracking crude IS STILL IN THE GROUND, waiting for the next market upturn so that extractors can make a profit pumping what’s still there. Smooth move exlax.

    I’ll bet the Russians are smiling too. They’ll just turn their pumps off and wait’em out.


  10. “Hold On To Your Ass”. I would rather hold on to the gal’s ass on the header picture, I am sure she has a better, softer ass then mine.


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