10 thoughts on “A Walking Petri Dish

  1. Spare the rod you end up with a civilization of grown imbeciles, (apologies for the oxymoron, and for repeating me-self)
    Thats what not sparing the lash was invented for.


    • I was about to say, had I (M54) done that when I was her age, a quick conk to the back of the head would have followed with a command to “stop being stupid”.


  2. When I was a nurse, I use to tell young moms to take their kids to a barn yard and let them play. Ya pick up enough germs for young immune systems to work against and come down with infections early you become inoculated to them later and you don’t have kids that come down with every cold, flu and allergies later on. You gain a robust immune system that doesn’t turn on you. Also, like PC above, don’t Spare that Rod and rod often! Why we have spoiled brats and antipants asswipes and bernie buddies now.


    • Excellent understanding of the immune system Cederq. As a veterinarian, I am both amazed and stupified by idiots that try to isolate themselves from all sorts of “germs” as they like to call them. Exposure and “chronic antigenic stimulation” is good for the immune system. Could be why I have NEVER gotten the flu vaccine and haven’t had the flu since the 80’s when I was in college. This hype over the corona virus is just that hype. This bar licker will likely NOT get sick when she get’s exposed to some bug because of this behavior.

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      • Being a nurse and having a doctorate in Applied Clinical Research I do have an excellent understanding of pathogenic theory and various responses to exposure. I grew up working and husbanding a barnyard with cattle, sheep, hogs, goats and horses and hauling hay. So yes I did gain a treasure trove of pathogens that to this day I too have not come down with many colds and influenza. I too always turn down the flu vaccine to my NP’s detriment. I agree about the hype over the beer flu, the known mortality rate is minuscule to regular old flu de juer.


  3. …and the parents, if they are ANYWHERE to be found, stand idly by while filming them and saying “isn’t Sally just the cutest thing” before sending the vid to facefuck.


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