You Wanna See My Shocked Face?

Health officials confirm first case of COVID-19 in Clark Co.


CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – Washington health officials have confirmed the first positive test result of COVID-19 in Clark County.

The confirmed case involves a man in his 70s, according to Clark County Public Health. The man has been in isolation, pending test results, and remains in isolation. Health officials say they are working as quickly as possible to identify close contacts.

“Close contacts, which could include family members and coworkers, will be instructed to stay home for 14 days after their last contact with the confirmed case,” according to the health department.

It’s Game On from here on out.

I know, you know and they know that this crap is now running wild around here.

Do you for one second think that these FUCKING IDIOTS are on top of this?


Lemme give you some idea of the geography and population density of this county. Remember it is DIRECTLY across a large river from Portlandistan Oregon, the local Commie Capitol, with literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people running back and forth from each other daily, on top of literally MILLIONS of people driving through each year.

This where Clark county is located in the state of Washington,


This is the spatial relationship to Portland Oregon highlighting the population density.

Notice it is using People Per Acre as it’s metric for measurement.

One acre is about 3/4’s of a football field, including both end zones.


Notice in that graphic above where the population density is.

Clark county is actually quite rural for the majority of it’s actual space.

Most of it’s population density is right there in that graphic.

THIS, is a screen grab of the locations of the major hospitals in the entire area. 


Yeah, can you say FUCKED?

It would be comical if it weren’t going to be so tragic.

We as a country, spend HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS EVERY YEAR for health care and this is what we have to show for it.

So now we have our very first confirmed case of COV19.

The first of many, many more to come.

It is inevitable at this point.

Just to drive it home for the especially dense...

Remember kids, the phrase of the day is going to be “Self Quarantine”

And before any of the usual ignorant fucks come around leaving stupid, uninformed comments like, “It’s Just The Flu”, you people need to UnFuck and EDUCATE YOURSELVES, in a big hurry first.

Yes, it’s a flu but that flu is just a DELIVERY SYSTEM for the gene spliced little goodies inside that are designed specifically to target the lungs, have HIV and SARS genetics inserted in them, that are designed to turn your body’s immune system against its self. In other words, it is an AutoImmune triggering device merrily carried along and spread disguised as The Flu.

A man made BIOWEAPON for fucks sake.

There is a damn good reason the Chinks freaked the fuck out to the point they were WELDING apartment doors shut, with the residents trapped inside.

They knew damn good and well what it was and what it can do.

So yeah, my shocked face isn’t really shocked that this crap is now floating around in the wind around here, nor is it shocked that TPTB have their heads so far up their asses that with the optional headlamp attached, they can inspect the lower edges of their tonsils, from the back side.

If you think I may be Concernfagging at level 11, you should maybe go read something that no one else has even dared mention over here first.

Then we’ll see who has the shocked face.

11 thoughts on “You Wanna See My Shocked Face?

  1. We have the preferred soloution here in Canada:
    -First, Trudeau, the rest of his Libtard Party, the NDP and the Greens (oh, so cuddly a group…. hugs again), will pass a bill to study the effects, then offer to negotiate with the virus (in order to eliminate any chance of hurt feelings), and decide after all that shit, it is best to open our borders and invite every illegal, diseased cockroach in the world in. Plus the congradulatory free living, etc..

    It’s okay, Alberta will foot the bill as usual.

    Can you guys tell Trump to hurry the fuck up and take over Alberta?


    • Well we offered to trade California for it but the state’s maintenance costs were to high and the two major cities were considered unmanageable as well as a toxic environmental hazard. Incredible…we cant even give it away.


  2. I just spent some time on an interactive map and made several observations.
    China has the lions share of active cases and virus-related deaths. If you eliminate
    the mortality figures in socialist/communist countries and third world shitholes, the
    mortality rates are way lower than the 2020 seasonal flu in America year to date.
    There are two active strains of the Corona Virus. The weaker strain is not all that
    bad. Many cases are going unreported because people are mistaking it for a
    bad cold.

    The stronger strain generally requires hospitalization and most of its victims
    survive. You cannot compare shitty third world or socialized medical systems
    to the highly advanced systems in developed countries. It is like comparing
    apples to oranges. Another thing I noticed is that most of the cases in America,
    Australia and Western Europe are occurring in large urban areas. Almost all
    of the cities in Western Europe have one thing in common: A large population
    of goat shagging Muslims who wipe their asses with their bare hands and who
    are already spreading exotic diseases in the host country.

    In America, the vast majority of cities with major outbreaks are filled with
    homeless encampments, where people are living in Medieval sanitary
    conditions under liberal governance. If you like the idea of Leprosy,
    Typhoid Fever, or the Plague, you could not pick better places than
    San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City or Boston.

    Someone ran the numbers on Corona Virus in America. The median age
    of cases is 60. The median age of deaths is 80. With every case of a flu
    outbreak, we are told that the very young and very old are vulnerable.
    So far, no toddlers are dying off. If anything this current virus is far less
    deadly than the seasonal flu.

    Don’t buy into the hype and heed your mother’s warnings to wash your hands!


  3. I love the fear mongering coming from everywhere, The press and bloggers etc, etc. What have there been, a little over 300 cases and a handful of deaths in the US? What everybody seems to forget is the regular flu which affects how many each year and kills how many? Everybody take a deep breath and try to relax a little.


    • It’s what they gene spliced into it that is causing me grief.
      Not the flu part.
      They hacked that HIV/SARS cocktail into it. That is bad enough. Now let Mother Nature get her hands on it and see where that shit mutates from there.


      • Remember I said a few days ago that the experts (not Gubmint people, but REAL experts) saw that there was a gene splice/binding site in the virus DNA that is NOT natural, but is used to introduce additional DNA sequences in a (DNA) strand, and that it was an HIV-based one? Yes, this CoVid-19 is an artificial virus. And it will mutate, but maybe it will be more virulent and maybe it won’t. It’s already mutated THREE times now and at last report, they are not as bad as the original. That’s par for the course in biological mutations, it’s a roll of the dice.

        As for America introducing the virus into China? Occam’s Razor says not, there’s nobody to blame but the Chinese.because it’s the simpler explanation, the Chinese don’t care about the general populace, they are a secretive and untrustworthy bunch in the CCP, and this occurred right smack dab in the city that has the only (as far as I know) Level 4 Bioweapon/biohazard lab in the greater part of China. That we know of, anyway!

        I’m sticking by my guns. It has Made in China printed right there in 6 point lettering on the bottom of the box… err, virus…


        • Time to BIAD
          Burn. It. All. Down.

          As the barren vag queen said, at what point does it really matter?
          Good point.
          As Stalin put it regarding a hundred people dead as a tragedy, millions systematically murdered by those running shit, accident or intentional, are statistics.

          Watched an hour and a half piece on Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch about their FOIA suits to obtain Clinton emails about Benghazi. Absolutely mind bending how corrupt the so called deep state is, but what is so insane about what they are doing is they
          only care about saving their arses. Individually those deposed in the discovery have ZERO regard, compassion, nothing, no human warmth or concern their actions and behavior destroys the very glue holds our civilization together. This is so bad, the Federal Judges are turning to a private organization totally run and funded by citizens, to help honest judges go after this Clinton global crime gang, because they can’t get past the stonewall of protection, still, 4 years later, CIA, State, DOJ, FBI, ATF all the agencies the Clintons weaponized in the 90’s, which the obots continued, they are still there, still running their own government corruption racket within the one we see outside. They. Do. Not. Give. A Flying. Fuck. what you or me or a judge or a president thinks or says. It is like a Virus.
          Imagine them with power to kill all their enemies?
          Watching that video I was like holy shit, psychopaths. Cold, all for me Bob’s, who are more than willing to destroy everything that provides for them instead of giving up power.

          Aaah whats a hundred million dead, 100 times that economically fucked. millions of business’s bankrupted. I got mine. Fuck You.

          From another ornery graybeard:

          “President Xi went on the record, essentially saying that it was an accidental release from their own bug factory yesterday. Some media outlets picked it up.”

          from FreePressers linked to an article which contained this reference:
          “Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping on Feb. 14 told an emergency meeting in Beijing that a national system to control biosecurity risks was needed “to protect the people’s health.”

          Xi called lab security a “national security issue.”

          While not actually admitting that the deadly coronavirus that is devastating large swathes of China had escaped from one of the country’s bioresearch labs, “evidence emerged suggesting that this is exactly what happened,” Steven W. Mosher wrote in an analysis for the New York Post on Feb. 22.”


  4. I can understand your reasoning perfectly well, Phil. I also believe that COVID-19 (or whatever its name is right now) is in fact a man-made virus, possibly a biological weapon, that escaped containment from the Wuhan laboratory .
    I was very much torn between what I witnessed over here in Europe regarding infection rates and most important who is dying of the infection and what is going on in China. Their infection rate seemed much higher and it seemed that everyone could die from that virus.
    In Europe, that breakout didn’t really seem to be very frightful but why the hell did the Chinese government react like it did – crippling their economy by doing so?
    The answer is twofold:

    a) since more than two decades all superpowers are in a frantic research race for bio weapons that are race-specific. They now can not only target a specific race but also subgroups. Like not just all Arabs but especially their east Saharan branch. What got out of control in Wuhan was such a weapon. It targeted mostly Chinese, very likely the subgroup where Wuhan is part of.

    b) To my knowledge, modern bio weapons are not only more sophisticated in terms of targeting specific populations but also regarding the longevity of the substances used. Gruinard Island is an example how not to use bio weapons. Nowadays weaponized viral strains burn themself out after a couple of mutations (generations) where the first generation is the most deadly and the efficacy of the strain decays with every following generation. After all an attacker wouldn’t want to become a target himself, would he?

    The Chinese bore the brunt of the first generation of a modern, race specific bio weapon. They were in panic mode for a good reason.

    The virus we are facing is still pretty contagious but its deadliness has decreased drastically and endangers mostly people with a weakened immune system.
    As for the other goodies it may carry within I can’t say for I don’t know. I assume that the general ability to spread other infections as well (if it ever could) diminishes with every new mutation.


  5. Of course the Chinese are going to take it on the chin with this shit.
    There are over a billion of them, many crammed into the manufacturing cities where some never see the sun because of the smog and pollution in the air.
    Those lungs probably consider the covid virus a breath of fresh air compared to what they have to breath every day.
    Six years ago it was so bad that they erected giant TV screens for the little fuqrs to gather round in order to watch the sun come up.


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