Something That Scares The Chinese More Than Any Virus

I was doing the Wish Book thing on Amazon and EBay again when I ran across quite a few little deals on some things that have been on my Wish List for a long time.

Mostly crap for my little Chinesium Mini Lathe and other assorted Home Machining applications.

I have basically been doing this every once in a while since I got the damn thing what, three years ago now?

It’s a never ending thing with me.

For those three years, there have only been a few deals that I have run across that could compete with the prices the Chinese have been able to get away with.

A couple I snagged and ran with. One was an Angle Plate, the other was a set of 10mm “T” nuts for my drill press.

Both of those items came from India and they beat the pants off of any deals I saw coming out of China. Equal or better quality too.

Free shipping just like the Chinese outfits, cheaper to buy than from them up front though.

I didn’t think anyone could even come close to competing with the Chinese when it came to cheap tools and machinery. I will admit I was very mistaken and pleasantly surprised too.

So tonight I ran into another little deal on a cheap Knurling tool.

US $25.00 What does this price mean?
You save:
$2.50 (10% off)
US $22.50
FREE Economy Shipping from outside US See details
International shipment of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.  
Item location:
Ships to:
I’m sure they aren’t Primo examples but I am also quite sure that they will do anything I will ever need to do with them and at that price I can’t go wrong.


Yet another handy thing to have that over the last three years I have seen countless examples of that were cheaper to buy and have shipped half way around the world than they would be to even buy the raw materials for locally. Not to mention the time and other incidentals that would be expended. I priced just the wheels once thinking I would just make one and it was well over $20 for a set of four, delivered, from a U.S. supplier.

So I finally broke down and ordered one.

From India.

They may have that Corona Virus thing going around like everyone else, I don’t know.

Either way, what I also noticed about a whole bunch of cheap Chinesium goodies for sale on EBay tonight is that they are either not in stock or have a “Greatly Extended Wait Period For Delivery” notice. Shipping containers from China have basically dried up.

This is where the Indians are going to step up to the plate and cut a nice slice out of that particular market.

Maybe permanently.

In another and very related vein on this particular train of thought, you may recall President Trump just spent a week or so over in India and was received like a King.

How much would you like to wager he talked a little business while he was there?

I would like to think that the Chinese are about to get their asses handed to them on a cheap Chinesium platter.

Have some Trade War, Hop Sing.

They have to be shitting little Golden Dragons right about now.


13 thoughts on “Something That Scares The Chinese More Than Any Virus

  1. I sew and have refused to buy Chinese-made fabric for years, which makes it challenging to say the least. While the prints may be pretty, Chinese fabric is inferior as it uses lesser-quality cotton and their finishing irritates my skin; the same goes for Chinese-made clothing. Indian or Pakistani-made fabric is well-made, finishes better, wears like iron, and is just superior to anything China produces. The upside to this whole Clovid-19 fiasco is my fervent prayer that America starts producing more fabric; in the interim, I’ll stick with India or Pakistan for my sewing needs.


    • Two of the major reasons we in America don’t make more of our own fabrics or more of our own clothes are…

      1. Unions. Just look for the overpriced, underproducing, Union label. And the associated strikes and work stoppages and all the other things associated with union activities.


      2. Governmental regulations, or should I say over-regulations. EPA, OSHA, Securities Exchange Commission, etc. all taking their cut of any gross profits

      This is what killed the largest milling company, Springmills, back in the 50’s and 60’s. And what killed so many historic mills across the country.


      • I spent the last 20+ years in a union as an industrial mechanic,
        and I cannot agree with you more! I spent an entire month telling
        my coworkers to accept a contract. The idiot unionheads were
        all calling for a strike. Mean, the chicks in the front office were
        shitting peach pits and preparations were being made to shutter
        the mill. We dodged a bullet that gave us another five years
        before the mill was closed due to high energy costs.

        The all-time winner for self-induced fucking was the Hostess
        Company. As a kid who was buying their cupcakes for 13 cents
        each, I could not imagine a world without Hostess. Some years
        ago, a strike caused the company to close its plants. The
        drivers would not move the product from the truck into the
        stores. They had a second man on the truck to do that.
        Any load of bread items had to be delivered by a separate
        driver and helper. This was union feather-bedding taken
        to the extreme.

        And is still pisses me off to think the lazy asses were earning
        the same wages as the more productive employees!


  2. As a temporary solution, India is a good choice; for permanent, however, it needs to become Milwaukee or Omaha.

    Some of that change, maybe even most, will be driven by consumers, but the #&$%ing US gummint needs to provide assistance by getting its fat, worthless, expensive ass out of the way.

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  3. Globalism is the virus.
    It’s entire objective is to destroy the creation of individual wealth thru economic warfare in order to then have unlimited control over what replaces the natural sources of wealth creation.
    A system of Control
    Unfortunately when we are tempted to purchase things which are derived from Globohomo’s industrialized monopoly we feed the beast.

    Oh, just this time. Its so cheap I can’t afford to pass on it. So what of it’s cheap, i only need it to work long enough to do what I need. I’ll get this for now and buy American quality later.

    It’s predatory psychological economic warfare plain and simple.

    Got me a little metal fab shop out in the two car garage. I stopped buying chink or similar country of origin, not American, junk after getting burned a few times.
    That knurling tool sicks huge and swallows. You can not feed enough oil to the wheel axles to keep them from seizing. They work say if your running a pass on a piece of 6061 T-6, a light pass. Soon as you have to knurl anything with tensile strength above a beer can the pressure that requires causes the knurls to seize on the axles. Right in the middle of a pass on a totally finished part. Junk that makes more junk, it would have cost less to buy USA made right then.
    It’s OK for a set of aluminum pipe wrenches or a floor jack.

    But you got to ask yourself do you really as a Man want to give your money to those who are out to destroy our great American civilization.
    Whats that worth to me?
    A shop full of US, or from countries like Poland or Germany, made tools that do not fail and or can be fixed when they wear. Thats what it’s worth.
    Have a 12 inch set of Starrett dial calipers from 1980 I bought for precision sheet metal welding. Was making $3.75 an hour tig welding SST, they cost me 94 bucks, on a wholesale deal, a fucking fortune back then, got them on time payments thru work, 6 months to pay them off, and every time I pick them up I think man these are the best, the intrinsic worth is not a money thing. Still work like new, used them every day till I retired 2 years ago, still use them out in the shop. The mahogany box they came in still works. Never failed gauge inspection. Can say how many times the got knocked off the weld bench and received a new cement finish job.

    I got to keep thinking like that, or I fall for the lure of chink cheap Globohomo junk, get burned. Every time. Fast food of the tool world.

    To me thats the virus, the world pandemic. It’s economic warfare on our ass’s period.
    The corona virus is the inevitable symptom of my, your, our, being sucked into the siren call of those sweet little deals with the devil talking to our wallets. And like something from C grade a sci-fi horror flick our hands get a life their own and drag ol’ mister wallet out kicking and screaming. When that tiny voice is saying don’t do it dude!

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    • Trust me, I get what you are saying.
      I spent fifteen years making payments to Snap On.
      At one point when I was married to the first wife, my weekly Snap On payments added up to be more than her fucking house payments for a while.
      I have screwdrivers that would cost fifty bucks to replace now and one wrench set I squealed like a pig for when they cost three hundred dollars back in the early 90’s that literally costs a thousand fucking dollars to buy new now. I have 3 Roll Aways full of high quality, expensive tools that just sit there now . This is after I have given away a full size Cornwell Flat Top “Taco Truck” roll away full of tools to my kid and literal trunk loads of tools to other friends and relatives.
      The days of buying high dollar U.S. made tools are long gone for me, I can’t justify that kind of shit at my age to myself or anyone else. Fuck, I could kick over tomorrow at my age, with my history.
      The wife has told me repeatedly that when I croak she is just going to give all my shit away. None of my kids will even know what the fuck half of my tools are even for so there is no point in collecting any more for heirloom’s sake.
      Some people are going to score bigly when I kick over.
      Something like this Knurler that I MAYBE will use a couple of times a year can be shit quality for all I care at this point. Yes it is feeding the beast but that’s the way it is. I pick my battles and I win some and I lose some.
      If it works one time I will have gotten my money’s worth and if nothing else I will take it apart and use it for a pattern to make my own.


      • That is why most of my iron is Craftsman. You get great quality
        with Snap-On, but the price put me off. Sure the tool trucks
        are convenient, but there were enough Sears stores that I could
        pick up a replacement for a broken tool on the way home. The
        one thing you have with Craftsman is the unlimited lifetime
        warranty. I have full-on gorilla at times and misused a tool or
        two and it was no questions asked at the Craftsman counter.

        Most Craftsman tools are good enough for me, but my exceptions
        are genuine Channellock pliers, Ridged pipe wrenches, Snap-On
        or SK Allen socket bits, etc. At one point, the only choice for
        12-inch feeler gauges was Snap-On. I would not piss on any
        Craftsman brand precision measuring tools. All of my shit is
        Mitutoyo, Starrett, or Fowler.

        All of the savings were spent on firearms, stereo equipment and
        later computer systems.

        PS Who needs a 12-inch feeler gauge set? Anyone setting
        crosshead clearances on a double-acting air or gas compressor.


    • My thoughts exactly! With bloated bodies floating down the
      Ganges River being an everyday sight, they still draw their drinking
      water from the river.


  4. China is a dead man walking. 15 of the world’s 20 dirtiest cities are in China. 20% of the water that comes out of the tap is actually potable. Because traditional Chines families favour males over females, female infanticide by abortion will mean that the next generation of chinks won’t have enough females to go around. Add to that the fact that in any business dealings, they will steal anything that isn’t nailed down.

    Not that we are any better. That lathe of yours SHOULD be made by Americans or even Canadians, and it SHOULD be available at a competitive price. The chinks haven’t stolen our markets and jobs – we gave them to them.


    • The skewed male-female birthrate has already hit the ChiComs hard.

      To rise in the ChiCom party, one needs to be ethnically cleanly purely Han Chinese. So to have one’s children succeed in the party, one’s Han-ancestry male children must marry genetically clean Han-ancestry women.

      Which now means there is a smaller and smaller pool of genetically clean Han ancestry women of marrying and childbirthing age ever year.

      Sure, it’s okay for the proles to marry non-genetically clean Han ancestry women, even to marry a non-Chinese asian woman or, gasp, a non-asian woman. Which is happening. But try to get anywhere socially? Nope.

      So right now, amongst the genetically clean pool of women, we are beginning to see them becoming a commodity, to be bought and traded for favors.

      But feminists over here say nothing about this, as only we Americans can be cruel towards women.


    • My dad was a long time auto mechanic who hated working on
      his own car. I started out as a restaurant cook when I was still in
      my teens. It took me decades to even think about cooking my own

      I wonder if the same thing happens to a Gynecologist?


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