Umm, Yeah

Fuck me, I had to go to Portland again today.

It’s raining and the first thing I notice is that the roads are full of Stupid People.



Thankfully traffic wasn’t a complete clusterfuck for once though.

I pretty much managed to get over there and back fairly quickly as I was in between the daily tide changes of the local commute pattern.

I wanted to do some scrounging while I was over there but the Wifely Unit has an appointment here in a few minutes so I had to get back to watch The Boy.

Come to find out The Kid showed up while I was gone and she texted me to let me know he would be here to watch his brother but I missed that text.


I guess this will give me some time to sit here and do some homework.

I haven’t had the chance to get out and about to see what I can do for some preps yet and I was going to do some of that while I was in Portland to avoid the 8 point fucking 6 sales tax they have going on here here in Vancouverstan.

Motherfuckers might as well just bump it to 10% to make the math easier.

Commie fucking bastards.

That shit adds up quick, especially on large expenditures.

I pay enough taxes around here.

Speaking of taxes and the supposed services they fund, I am noticing some really fucked up roads around here too.


They are so busy with doing their damndest to create a population explosion around here they haven’t had time to take care of shit like how all these thousands of people they are so busy throwing up apartment buildings for are going to get around.

Cart before the horse as usual.

So no shopping spree for me today, I did instruct Wifely Unit to keep her eyes peeled for toilet paper as every motherfucker in the country decided that wiping their asses became the utmost priority here lately.

I even had a bunch of that stashed away but it disappeared I see.

Why buy some when you are at the store when your crazy assed husband has a bunch out in the garage, right?

10 thoughts on “Umm, Yeah

  1. Speaking of toilet paper…

    I went to the local Costco today, and figured I’d pick up some paper towels (we have enough toilet paper to get us to sometime in 2021).

    Well, the corner of the store that usually has ginormous stacks of paper towels and toilet paper today featured a middling pile of cases of bottled water. And there were a lot of carts being pushed around with 2 – 4 cases of water in them.

    There was a sign at the register advising that some items now have limits, too.

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    • The wife came back and said the local Wally World had plenty of toilet paper. I can think of two possible reasons for that
      . A. Someone at Wally World heard what was going on, pulled their head out of their ass and ordered plenty of extra.
      B, The majority of individuals living in the local area are the absolute definition of Sheeple and have no idea what is going on.
      I’ll let you take your pick.


  2. Locally here the target store has plenty of everything including toilet paper. I loaded up wednesday while there. So far I have not seen panic buying of any sort at the target I go to. I do not shop at costco, i have a strong aversion to crowds, but on the radio monday they said it was a madhouse there over the weekend, with everything on the shelves getting low.


  3. I’m sure Wauna is running at capacity right now too.
    I’m not sure that Camas actually makes toilet paper anymore but I know Wauna does because I have been inside that mill.


  4. The one remaining machine at Camas makes Envision toweling. At least, it was making it when I left.
    GP sells a shitload of Envision, and the only other machine making it is in Green bay.


  5. Driving in poor weather?

    Just snowed another six plus inches here last night.
    Then precisely this morning at 0600, someone at Central Dispatch calls out, “RELEASE THE IDIOTS!”

    The older I get, the more I hate people.


    • My Father-in-law once pulled up a lawn chair to watch the idiots on Dale Mabry drive into McDill AFB (Tampa, Fla) – it had snowed a half inch overnight.
      He said it was worth it to watch the clown show.
      (We were in Minot AFB, ND when I met and married his daughter…)


  6. Glad to read a blog from another holdout in the ever changing commie PNW!
    I also get the added pleasures of driving through Portlandia and paying OR income taxes for which I receive diddly squat. (Seems I recall from my pre-Govt brain washing education that we fought a war or something over the same thing….hmm. 🙂 )

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    • Welcome aboard!
      Yeah, that whole taxation without representation thing, just one more straw on the camel’s back.
      I have been keeping an eye on Portlandistan for quite a while now. Lived there several times, couldn’t pay me to move back.
      I am frankly quite astounded just how fast it is approaching full on Commie.


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