You Will Get Used To The Smell

You won’t have much choice, it’s going to be everywhere by the end of April.


That’s my estimate of about how long this Corona virus is going to take to explode across the country.

It’s already pretty much everywhere but in fairly low numbers at the moment.

There has literally been almost no effort to quarantine it with any seriousness, infected motherfuckers have already been running around willynilly all over the entire fucking world, literally.

The American public has taken notice and the panic is juuuuuust starting to set in.

Stores everywhere are being bought completely out of things like bottled water, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, dust masks, rubbing alcohol, bleach and anything even remotely considered a cold and flu medication.

A great deal of my preps literally went straight to the dump last year.

I’m pretty sure every canned good I had out in the garage got frozen at some point.

The Wifely Unit has given me shit about my preps from day one anyway.

“We won’t eat that”.

The fuck you won’t dearie. If you get hungry enough you will be damn happy to eat it.

So out the shit went, most of it was well past it’s Best By date anyway, even though that don’t really mean shit. I went and got some Freeze Dried stuff and put it away. She seems to think that it’s the best thing to do.

I am 100% sure she has never tried to live off of a Freeze Dried food only diet.

As a matter of fact, I would bet serious money that she has never eaten two freeze dried meals in a row in her entire life, if any at all.

I can tell you from experience, it gets old in a hurry.

It’s bland as hell for one thing if you don’t help it along.

So after all of these years of me trying to get her to buy and store extra food, make sure we have enough for two weeks minimum, have extra toilet paper and all of it, I am waiting for her to go do her weekly shopping next Tuesday.

I am waiting for her to come home with fear in her eyes when reality slaps her upside the head and she finds the only fucking store she will shop at has a bunch of empty shelves.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear it either.

Some people you just can’t teach and have to find things out the hard way on their own.

My boss was telling us yesterday that he went to the local Costco to get the candy bars and shit he puts in the vending machine in the break room. he said he knows the guy that runs it and was talking to him after he went through and saw that there was no bottled water and no toilet paper on the shelves. This guy said that on a normal weekend, that they will sell anywhere from 3 to 6 pallets of toilet paper. This last weekend they sold 16.

All they had on hand and all they could get trucked in.

That oughtta tell ya something there.

So now I am going to be trying to get my shit together and see about some alternative sources for some things.

Nothing like diving right into the middle of the herd, right?

stage dive

Cowabunga dudes. It’s gonna be Tubular.

There is a slight difference between me and the average fucking moron out there though.

For one thing this isn’t anything new to me, for another, there are those alternative sources I mentioned above and finally, I can be one creative motherfucker when I gotta be.

I do have some shit stashed still, just nothing like I had before the Big Purge.

So now I am going to be busy building it back up, in hurry mode.

I don’t see anything good coming down the pike anytime soon and have a bad feeling that when this Corona virus finally hits in a big way that there are going to be some drastic measures taken by the Idiots In Charge.

Their M.O. is stall and deny until it’s too late and then over react to ridiculous levels when they can no longer sit on their hands.

If people are already clearing shelves now, just wait a month.


26 thoughts on “You Will Get Used To The Smell

  1. We are the only preppers in my family. I remember my mother laughing at me in scorn and saying that I was preparing for the end of the world. She was your average elderly shitlib rage head who hates guns, men and pretty much common sense in general. She may be about to learn that reality is that thing that doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it…


  2. Tho only bad thing happening to you I could think of would be you and your wife catching the Wu-Flu since it is especially tough on persons past the age of 84, you know.


  3. We here in the Wilds of Eastern South Dakota haven’t seen much of the pre-purge running with hair caught on fire and buying everything in site shit. It may happen here, so who knows?


  4. Look:
    1) Everybody is going to get it.
    2) It’s a flu. Why do you think it Coronovirus NINTEEN? That means there’s been 18 other variants out there…
    3) It’s already mutating to a less virulent form, per research.
    4) We’ve been putting up with the flu virus for a long time. The 1918 influenza pandemic was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus, with the second being the swine flu in 2009. It infected 500 million people around the world, or about 27% of the then world population of between 1.8 and 1.9 billion, including people on isolated Pacific islands. We are still suffering with variants of it nowadays.
    5) It’s “thinning the herd”. If you have a weak immune system or suffering from problems that the virus specifically attacks, you have a much greater chance of dying – but we have the best medical support system IN THE WORLD here, people. Odds are you survive, even if really, REALLY sick.
    6) Practice good hygiene. Don’t lick doorknobs! Don’t sneeze in the subway, sneeze in the mask. Y’all know the drill – “Cover your mouth when you sneeze!”
    7) Masks are almost useless without goggles. Even N95 ones. Avoid crowds of people. Don’t touch your face until your hands are clean. Soap works almost as effectively as Purell, and it’s a darn sight cheaper!
    8) Don’t panic, and set SCF to AUX. It’s going to be okay.

    But, what do *I* know, I’m just a dumb engineer. Right, Notwende?

    BTW, for all you technodudes out there – there’s now concrete evidence it was a “constructed” virus, escaped (or deliberately spread??) from a bio lab – there a “binding site” in the structure that is NOT found in nature and is used to introduce/bind DNA/protein strands into a DNA structure. Looks like it’s an HIV-based introduction, but the labs that are analyzing the virus structure are keeping it on the down low. Thanks, CRISPR – you now have made build-a-bioweapon a lot simpler. Check out the interwebbies for more info if you are curious about the details.

    As you were!


    • Ok egorr I guess you are the Dipshit Dr Frankenstein always thought you were. It’s called Cov-19 because it was first diagnosed in 2019 dumbass. I think that you might want to sit down and shut up before you spout off and make yourself look stupid again.


        • No, Cederq, he’s correct – it’s NOT the 19th in a series, but it IS a series. I’m claiming Oldtimers disease. Thanks for the call, Eric.

          HOWever, what I said still stands. It’s from a FAMILY of corona viruses, we know H1N1 is a nasty little bugger, and this one will be as well. It’s been manufactured, with an HIV component thrown into it. This is not MY opinion, others much smarter than I have so stated, and these are scientists that know whatthehell they are talking about. So, thanks for the catch, Eric, but my statement that this is not an isolated virus still stands. Sorry.


  5. Mrs. Chief has given me grief for years about my prepping. With a months worth of dehydrateds, two weeks worth of MREs, 50 lbs of rice, 10 lbs of Quinoa, 14 flavours of SPAM, masks, surgical gloves, splash proof goggles, TP, beans, soap, etc., etc.,etc., she now gets it. Her friends are in a panic looking for much of the above, and I just hand her a “purse kit”.

    “Where did you get these?” she asks.

    I shake my head and remind her of the storage room in the basement with an admonishment not to tell anyone. I don’t need 50 new friends showing up to go shopping in my space.

    But remember, unless we are actually infected, most people can go as long as 3 weeks without eating. Think of the toilet paper we won’t need. The tap water will still flow. The power will stay on.


  6. The 19 in COVID 19 doesn’t mean it’s the nineteenth version of this. It means it was recognized in 2019.. There dozens and dozens of different coronaviruses. This one is different because it contains pieces of the HIV retrovirus,…which means it was deliberately MADE. But it isn’t significantly more dangerous to healthy people than any other of the viruses like flu or the common cold. What the media is selling is fear….because fear lets the power mongers do things they couldn’t otherwise. What this HAS shown is that when the REAL high morbidity pandemic disease comes along we are NOT going to be able to contain it. This disease is fairly benign for most people…..but if someone manages to make a Filo virus like one of the hemorrhagic fevers as easily transmissible, as latent (meaning asymptomatic but infectious for a week or more before symptoms), highly morbid (kills most infected) and capable of surviving outside the body for hour or more then hell on Earth WILL be what we get.

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    • Yep. And a nasty variant it is, too! The latency of this nasty bug is what enables it to spread, unnoticed, far and wide. Kind of like Socialism/Communism.


  7. I imagine there’s some good folks who live in the urban and metro enclaves who might be grokking those are places with nothing to be had after the just in time inventory of the economy runs out, bulk warehousing wholesalers inventory probably lasts about 1 day or so without regular trucking resupplying. Thats a pretty hairy margin if it drops in the pot.

    Mostly from growing up with grandparents who lived old school, I’m thankful every day for what they instilled in me. We lived out of a truck garden, hunted trapped and fished, mostly thru “alternative acquisition” of native fauna, find an old cow milked out every year, fattened up for a couple months, before they called it wygart beef, (decades before cows over 24 months where outlawed for retail raw meat sales, so they could lower the USDA standards to scam the public selling low quality beef calling it USDA Choice, think the false flag panic of mad cow disease, for that gooberment asshat stupidity), in a tie up barn.
    Our pantry would be stuffed to the ceiling with home canned food, cellar stairs and shelves packed, freezers stuffed, and cured pork safely preserved or fermented.
    Point being, took some years long time later before it dawned on me, this was not preparedness or doomsday preparation, it was not so much normal to us, as it is what I call “Surthrival”.
    Not surviving but thriving. Wholesome food, fresh made bread 3 times a week, in legal seasons we ate like kings on native brookies, muskrat drumsticks, (“Jersey Rabbit”) squirrel gravy on lard biscuits, thats one toothsome delicacy right there, takes about 10 tree rats to make a canned quart of boned squirell meat. From our pigs, deer meat, fattened cow, big old spruce grouse and woods partridge, my favorite, when possible run out to the Maine coast and catch coolers of mackerel, pollack, flounder, muscles, crab, oysters, though those never made it home, at night off a dock, with a coleman lantern hanging out on a stick, jig for squid, find a choice spot and fill a couple 5 gal pails in an hour or so, fresh like that are impossible to describe, buckets of big ass sea clams you dig on the low tide sand bars for clam chowder, little neck clams for steamers dipped in butter and the clam juice for the best bloody mary’s on earth with fresh grated horseradish you grow, and if the surf was good blues and sea bass, all free for the elbow grease and gasoline to drive there.

    Thing is you gather, you spend your labor foraging and hunting, not a fiat paycheck store bought endeavor, thats living rich, no joke, you cut out all the middle men, direct from farm, woods water and field to kitchen.
    Its hard to fathom. My wife did not get raised this way, now, she can’t imagine anything else.
    You really live as wholesome self provisioners.
    Because in WV its so agriculture small farm orientated, as a land owner on top of all the regular seasons, its easy putting 7-10 deer up, they have two land owners only any sex couple day seasons, some years they want to cull the population they add extra does to the bag limit, and with a farm kill permit, its easy to get Homestead classification, this year because I’m past 62 we no longer have land/property tax, on a max of 15 acres and your primary abode structure, to stop deer from eating your garden up, fish & game ask you how many kill permits you want to start with? Usually we get 5 permits, turn those in you get another 5. Covers bears too. Then our cattle farmer neighbor raises his own feed grain, he’ll get 10 to start. He will come get me to help kill, and give me every deer if I want. Have to be creative with that much prime choice red meat. Our dog eats better than a lot of people. So much gets put up, canned, jerked, cured. smoked dehydrated, we have to find friends to help us eat it or we end up with food we canned say 5-7 years ago. My wife shoves it thru the meat grinder, gets hamburg, rolls it out with na rolling pin, cookie cutter makes silver dollar size venison jerky, tender to a T. I used to eat a gallon bag back and forth to work.
    Not to mention food from the fruit off trees from planting a couple trees and vines every year. This fall we fermented 19 gallons of various fruit and honey wine, thats after making dozens of quarts and pints of fruit preserves and straight fruit.
    Its not survival its just living off your resource called land. We got 5 acres, maybe an acre and a half all told is producing food, its on a mountain ridge, all slope, we terraced our plots by hand a bit more garden space every year, including fenced off free ranging piggy pasture in the wooded parts. We put 1-2 hogs up, sell 2-3 to pay for what we keep, for a buck a lb on the hoof, even with custom butcher costs, those pigs sold end up about 1.75 to 2 bucks a pound in the freezer for every cut. I home butcher cure and smoke our hogs.That basically gives us pork that ends up costing us zero in paper currency. There’s our labor and farm supply costs but thats all amortized over everything. 2 pigs sold, pays for all the grain for 4-5 hogs, the broad spectrum piglet shots, weaned piglets, all clear.
    Pigs have a fantastic food conversion ratio, old timers called them mortage lifters, only turkeys get near a hogs conversion factor, if you have natural rooting space, they will root for about half their food intake if your fast raising for typical market weight size piggies. Way less if you keep them over wintered. They eat everything scrap from garden and kitchen so nothing is waste. Collect apple drops, chestnut hickory nuts corn stalks, season end veggies from the garden. They get 5 gal pails of leavings from canning. The lees from beer wine and hootch, which gets them stoned drunk and is worth a million laughs, let them loose in the fall they roto till the garden down to a foot or more, break up hard pan, leave nice rich manure, eat all the grubs and other pest insect in the ground, weed roots. Its a circle of life and once you are into it it comes naturally to you. No secrets, hard work yes, thats the only secret thing, but you got to work to put fude in the fridge no matter what you do. Its like having no mortgage or debt, everything is yours, nothing or nobody gets a piece of it. Lot of inherent hidden savings.
    I know with a decent lot of land, even an acre of the right layout I can produce up to 75% of our food if everything goes good. In grid down it would be lean for sure, but we would not starve or be malnourished, just skinny and hungry like we ain’t used to now.

    What I’m trying to say anyone interested is, land is the #1 form of wealth. God only made whats there. #1 resource of life. #1 prep. Everything else can be done when you have land. Delbert from the great movie Brother Where Art Thou, had a super line, he said, “You ain’t a man without land”, jefferson among many of his time believed every person living in America should have at least 5 acres, and independence. The great depression era working farmer professor EG Kains, who published the book, Five Acres and Independence, have my copy from 1979, its dog eared and gets used all year, its chocka bloc filled with everything homesteading, wrote before commercial fertilizers and industrial scale farming, has everything in his manual you could ask to work and live off, 5 acres, and be highly self reliant. Its a great historical reference too. Lot of traditional wisdoms, and being a proper shepard of God’s green Earth. Its suitable for any size piece o land, growing any common food, using true sustainable practices, they had to, and it is legacy agriculture/land husbandry.
    The sublime Colonel Jeff Cooper stated about being the master of all you pervey, Jefferson maintained it is the cultivators of the Earth who are the most trustworthy chracters, they are possessed of the most faithful and honorable intent, have invested their way of life in maintaining civilized communities, raise wholesome kin and maintain close tribe, co-operative community, people who possess the great virtues, and make the finest citizen warriors because they know well the home hearth and family they go to wars desolation to fight for.
    Its as true and real today. A great number of ones who fought and beat the greatest empire came from those Shepards of the Earth. Almost to a man, Captain Stark chose farm boys and men to form Colonel Rogers Rangers, mostly it was Stark who made the Rangers into the finest example of 4th Generation warfare fighters that all others are modeled from. those boys went on part of they key solders and officers, constituting the outfits outside Gen. Washington’s perview and his command, who once given the OK, are who stomped the British into surrender starting at the battle of Kings Mountain, the British didn’t know what had hit them, it was a form of war beyond their experience and understanding, by the time they crossed into Virginia, they where pretty much beat to loving shit. Wasn’t much more till York Town from that point. Robert E Lee’s dad was one of the highly effective leaders of the “Rebells” too.
    They all went back to their farms, and most lived very well. But these are the guys made winning possible, they played instrumental parts all over the first war of secession.
    Dirt people
    Who said BFYTW

    My wife has a buddy who has an organic home grown herb business, on a thousand square foot plot, carefully and lovingly tended she sells over $10,000 of herbs a year on ebay, thats a 100 x 100 foot square of land, shit some folks have golf green lawns larger than that. Half an acre almost, whats an acre, 209 x 209 foot?
    A guy down the bottom of the ridge sells fresh totally free range farm chicken eggs, he’s an ace salesman for sure, mostly fed on bugs grubs and wild seed/herbs on his property, for 8-10 bucks a dozen, shipped next day, off a website, ships them all over the country, say’s he gets comments customers they refuse to buy store eggs now.
    A lady we barely know, but a local legend, she has a Christmas Wreath business, made out of Tea Berry vines, her and her girls pick up in the national forrest lands and paper company property, beauty dark green glossy leaf ground vines with bright red berries, two sizes, she sells them in the old yankee trader, 35 & 55 bucks, two sizes, made to fit USPO flat rate boxes, they give for free, people put a candle in the center for tables decoration. She pays any kids who want to work winding up the wreaths $35 bucks an hour, and can’t get enough help. I hear its hard on your fingers, she is highly picky about quality, no doubt.
    We see her in the fall with a caddy stretch Escalade, sometimes twice a day, product in her vehicle is filled to the roof and front seat in priority mail flat rate boxes. They make and sell small stained glass items too.
    With land you can use as you wish a guy can do real good. We do. Its the only way to fly. You got a built in grid down system of self reliance and fending for urself.


  8. A source for ass wipe we been using for years has it in 96 roll cases, top hotel quality, passes the wife soft butt wipe test too:

    A case last two adults a bit over a year your milage will vary, It septic safe. If you buy $200 or more worth of product they ship UPS your order for free.
    Sometimes a couple friends will go in, that way you can get the 200 buck discount. They have other stuff, a nice industrial quality kitchen sponge for fraction of retail store cost, by the case of 24, and they last waaay longer, make good shop sponges too because they are 4 x 6 inches, wife cuts them in half for the kitchen. Bulk restaurant napkins, and paper hand towels are dirt cheap, real good for cleaning up after shop work or vehicle mechanican, they are good for a clean pad to lay out pieces all oily when machining parts, or like rebuilding an auto tranny keeping the parts from getting fouled in the shop, are well priced too. They got some stuff is priced at normal cost. You have to shop wisely thats all.
    Butt, this toilet tissue is first class.
    We got 6 cases year before last.
    If I had a grand to use I’d buy that much TP, it would make a real fine barter item. Ever try to wipe ur arse after a peanutbutter shit with leaves? I have, ran out a couple times after a few days in the woods in the Boy Scouts. You never forget it. Better to have a creek to squat in and wash the ol’ bung hole.
    Its a marvel of civilization. Taken for granted until u have none. Ask yourself how much would your wife or daughter would give for nice, white, soft, sanitary one wipe ass wipe?

    Its turned out over time we found there’s serious money to be saved in bulk buys. Everything goes up in price, its money in the bank buying years worth of TP and other non perishables. Last time I bought Ajax dish soap on gallon bottles was in 2010, filled a shopping cart, on sale, like $1.79 at wally world. Ran low few months ago, its over 4 bucks a gallon now same store same product same gallon same shelf. More than double increase.


  9. I guess rest stops, and convenience store bathrooms will say BYOTP. What about ballparks, concert halls, etc, etc. This is going to get really good.


  10. Hey Phil !
    If you wanna save some money on butt wipe, flag down the uniform guy at work and ask him to sell you a case of those large rolls of TP they stock the public shitters with.
    I keep a roll within reach for me in a closet and a standard roll on the holder for guests.
    I don’t know about out there on the left coast, but up here in North Maine it costs me $35 for six very large rolls.
    One of them is equivalent to at least 15 regular rolls.


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