Yeah, I’m glad it’s Thursday.

It may only BE Thursday to most folks but it’s my fucking Friday.

I am loving having 3 day weekends every week.

So here’s to the working stiff, hang in there, the weekend is coming.

9 thoughts on “TGIT!

    • My first year, taminator013 – but I’ve certainly got the attitude down pat. If it weren’t for my watch I’d forget what day of the week it is!!


  1. When I worked as a nurse, I worked 3 12s and had four days off, I loved it! But then I got out of nursing and drove for Airgas, humping O2 and worked 10 to 11 hours 5 days a week. I started at 3:30 Am and drove till 2Pm or so, so that wasn’t too bad.


  2. Nof that shit will make you want to slam down a 12 pack or 2. It’s up so loud that I got shit bouncing all over my computer desk.


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