Mike Bloomberg Is A Quitter

Dammit, this breaks my heart, hearing he just dropped out of the race for President.

He only spent 500 million of his own money.

Come on Mikey, you can do better than that!

Just for extra special Schadenfreude, one of his nauseating commercials was just on the television. They are going to scoop up as much of his money as they can while the getting is good.

It’s not like he had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in the first place…

Oh well, I guess the little cocksucker will have to go back to trying to take our 2nd Amendment rights away from us through the back door, like he has been doing for years.

Fuck You Mikey and good fucking riddance ya little bastard.

15 thoughts on “Mike Bloomberg Is A Quitter

  1. Yeah! What he said. Fuck Mike. Little douchebag even tried to rip of Eisenhower with his “I Like Mike” slogan. Prick. Now let’s see what we can do to get Virginia back from the PoS.


    • I think (in the general election) that Virginia may flip red after the
      repeated attempts to ban firearms. I’ll bet money that there are
      a lot of pro-2-A Democrats in the state. The state legislature
      has gone so batshit crazy with the PC bullshit that there will
      be massive voter blowback. From the 1950s forward, every
      time the Donks took went too far to the left, they paid a price
      at the polls.

      They gave us Eisenhower, Nixon, and Reagan in 6 of the greatest
      electoral landslides in American history. Trump won in an
      electoral landslide in 2016, and no doubt an even bigger one
      in November. In Virginia, the problem is at the state level,
      so the GOP has to work up a Trump level ground game, but
      it is doable.

      What I am trying to say is that a federal primary election
      is no indicator of what happens at the state level. Of course,
      the Donks will come out (especially in the large urban and
      suburban districts.)


      • The problem with state and local level politics, IMHO, is the state and local news organizations, newspapers(what’s left of them) and TV stations are all owned by leftists, who give short shrift to conservatives and conservative ideals. Take the NH Union Leader as an example. When that paper was owned by the Loebs, it was a nationally recognized conservative political influencer. Since the McQuades acquired it, it is now a bastion of liberal thought and opinion, touting such things as rail service between Concord, Manchester and Nashua to Boston and off shore and on shore wind energy. All these things to be funded by the public, i.e. taxes.

        These are just some of the left wing loon ideas that are being promoted in a once staunchly conservative state.


  2. But he did win American Somoa! I was following this shit show till 2 AM this
    morning. I had RCP, 538, and Google running in three different tabs following
    the real-time results.

    Tulsi Gabbard had one delegate going into Super Tuesday. This morning, she
    had one delegate. Someone drag her ass off the stage before decomp sets in

    As much as I want to see Princess Graybeaver fold up her Teepee, throw it
    on a travois, and ride her pony back to Washington, it will be better if she
    stays in the race. The longer she remains, the more she hurts the crazy

    Doomberg spent enough money to buy American Samoa, but in this case he
    did the right thing by dropping out.

    Thank you, South Carolina! With any luck, we will not be seeing that smirking
    faggot Pete Butt-fudge anymore.

    I saved the best for last. Biden is a wet dream for the GOP. He is the most
    beatable candidate in the running. The neurologically impaired Alzheimers
    victim will be shredded like a head of cabbage every time he debates
    President Trump.

    I have given up my theory that the Donks want to force a brokered convention
    in order to fuck the crazy communist out of the nomination. The Democrats
    are not smart enough to pull off a Machiavellian masterstroke. My new
    theory is much simpler. If the Donks know they are going to lose a
    presidential election, the best option is to field the weakest candidate
    so they can blame the loss on him, rather than the party. (Ockham’s
    Razor at work, the simplest explanation is most often the correct one)

    During Slow Joe’s victory lap, he confused his wife for his daughter and
    his daughter for his wife! His mental health will be a factor in the general
    election. In a rally in Texas, Biden promised that he would put Robert
    Francis “Beano” O’Rourke in charge of “gun control.” Good luck
    winning the red and swing state Slow Joe!


    • Blew thru half a billion dollars in a month to win Samoa.
      Can’t buy Shitlord.
      It is wonderful he found it cost him 500 million clams, all the money in the world either, don’t buy respect.
      There’s no way as an Epstein didn’t kill himself pedo-elite no matter how much money he spends is going to live in the White House.

      Next up, who is going to be selected to be pedo-joe’s running mate. First, the globohomo’s are going to choose who’s VP, they got a lot of time to make up since they been MAGA’d. They have to win, or more precisely create the percentage amount of vote fraud, required to align with the fake media circus of an honest appearing vote fraud free presidential election. This ain’t the installation of the next obama regime sock puppet, lots has changed, perceptions are no longer under the spell of the 5th column yellow media, too many have abandoned the leftists, lot of actors have been quietly busted for vote fraud and convicted, ratted out others in plea deals. It’s no longer the cake walk it was before Trump, they all are running operations to undermine and limit the commies vote fraud rackets. Bunch of states are too.
      I can’t see how they expect to win against MAGA and KAG, it’s people are past the critical limit of positive BFYTW vitality and energy inflection point.

      Guess you can’t blame the failed new world order oligarchy for hoping. I’m interested, real interested who they anoint as pedo-joe’s VP, thats a complex problematic choice.
      If it was me, I’d make it a woman first to gain the increase in useful idiot vagina vote, it’s politically correct, but not the psychopath in a pants suit, she has here own agenda, as in revenge. She would off Biden via a massive lead induced strike before the ink was dry signing him in.
      Maybe Valerie Jarret, she suddenly popped onto the fake media stage, day or so ago, got her all dressed up like a virgin old maid school mam from Little House On The Prairie. That would be a pretty good choice, seeing she is from a generations long line of Fabian/Irainian Long Marchers, with enough Rasputin characteristics to make the perfect shadow POTUS if they don’t off the creepy pervert first.
      Speaking of which Ukraine announced today officially they have begun a full broad spectrum investigation into the Biden’s, their associates and the money laundering of 10 billion in our tax money “aid” to Ukraine and other States, all with their greedy meathooks in the skim and handling specific aspects of laundering about 8 billion out of that 10 billion across international borders, particularly the Vindman Twin’s faction of the Clinton crime syndicate and her stay behind paycheck palace coup revolutionaries at State.

      Lot more dead loose ends are going to spring up in the immediate future. Or is that lay down for their assisted suicide dirt nap?


      • I agree with everything you wrote, but I will comment on a few points
        you posted. When I saw Tom Steyer was sitting at the bottom of the
        list since he threw his hat in the ring, I knew that money alone
        could not buy a presidential election. In addition to not being
        able to buy respect, it also cannot buy a personality, charisma,
        charm and a sense of humor. The single most important factor
        is the ability to articulate a clear and positive agenda for America.
        The lions share of the half-billion dollars was spent on ads
        attacking President Trump. Vote for me because my potential
        opponent sucks makes for a crappy campaign slogan.

        As to the certainty of Democrat voter fraud, if it ain’t close, they
        can’t cheat. Hugh Hewitt wrote a book by that name back in the
        90s. A winning voter strategy involves serious number crunching
        as the results come in on election day. They have to “harvest”
        enough votes to get a candidate across the finish line but not
        so many that they send off signal flares. In a district that has
        100,000 registered voters and the final tally of votes cast
        is 120,000, that is a sure sign of fraud. One thing to keep in
        mind in the general election is any blue district, city or county
        holding back on declaring the results.


        • Well you bring up some most salient points. Always figured the max could be rigged was around 3% margin of vote fraud.
          Highly labor extensive
          Establishing long term, generational operatives within the precinct system, deny access, or even means of finding how to gain access into the precinct system, ( Jefferson understood very well just how key a precinct/county system is to the health of sovereign will of the people and their kith-kin-tribe-community culture and prosperity, traditions codes etc)
          Requires huge sums of untraceable or and heavily laundered cash
          Too many links in the chain of secrecy, read people who are potential leaks, must be controlled with an iron fist of extortion blackmail, and the oldest trick of marxists, dirty all hands as Mao termed the process of maintaining political absolute corruption, (read, what Pizzagate-Epstein-Clinton Global Initiative is for)
          Decades of false rigged corrupted redistricting and other gerrymandering
          An army of workers specifically raised from the free shit army out of the creation of the welfare state Cloven/Piven instituted
          Because of the numbers involved it is necessary to employ scientific statistical analysis,
          vast and uninterrupted “polling” of the population in “key” areas and demographics
          “Inside polling” that must provide highly trustworthy “real”, unmolested polling numbers
          Use of complex logarithms and complex political science/human engineering
          Pitch perfect, precisely choreographed illusion presented and maintained by the propaganda wing of Pulitzer/Rhodes Yellow Media Complex aka Fake Media, which presents a breathless facade of a close suspenseful political race, a vast cast of characters providing a narrative and various examples of agitprop all creating an illusion of a close vastly legitimate process. Ultimate Bread & Circus.

          Things changed after the color revolution of 11-8-2020, (2007-2008 is a foregone country), much that is illegitimate has been exposed, even more is highly suspect, too many smell Henry’s Rat and are seeing that “Beautiful Butterfly with poison under it’s wings”.
          A legion, a profound plurality of people, have become self aware, reached the almost magical state of a plurality that is indomitable and undeniable, withdrawn their consent for the institutional order that is seen as illegitimate, has without exception, failed and failed them, of which it’s elites can no longer provide the most basic of it’s duties such as protecting the borders from alien invaders and usurpers, infrastructure, and perserving unmolested basic American mom & apple pie traditions, it has gone far past those trespasses, a hideous oligarchy of meddlers in every facet of the sphere of our loves and activities, going as far as creating thought crime and bad think, Star Chambers come to life, become lethally, openly hostile to good folks codes and cultural norms.
          It has become inimical to Rex serves Dux – Dux honors Rex, Ave! homoglobo, Ave! Diversity, Ave! Preps & dress rehearsal for civil/class war: divide people then conquer them.
          As with everything else it anoints itself as masters of, it has squandered vast wealth. In a military industrial complex faustian bargain, used the military as it’s private Sepoy Army for its own lucre and a power to hurt, project it’s tyranny and inflict a multitude of offenses against sovereign states and sovereign individuals. The Ruling Elite exists no longer as a legitimate class entrusted with the will of the governed, they have betrayed it’s constituency in all ways for baubles and silver. For a farce of ideological whims.

          This has created a monster, of the elites own making, they have wrecked their own illusion of legitimacy, in doing so is in a state of crisis of legitimacy, faces a western version of The Chinese Mandate of Heaven, it’s most notorious members pile insult upon injury at every turn, it has lost all connection with the dirt people in doing so alienated hundreds of millions and created an entire class who understand only one political expedient, The Victim Stance.
          Pushing every day this Republic towards open armed violent conflict, debasing the wealth created by the people, weaponized everything, raping the minds of our youth.

          All this is germane, an entirely different political equation that must be solved or the elites are complete toast. Kaput. They have painted themselves into a corner, become desperate as they begin to see their raw naked power evaporate, their Nomenklatura managerial class exposed as a rouge permanent unaccountable syndicate faction of a vast world order organized crime system hiding behind a once Republic based on the idea of the good government and ordered liberty, open unfettered economic activity, and accountable governors sworn to honor and protect the will of the governed.
          They have broken all covenant. Violated peoples codes, created a plurality of good folks, who they do not understand regardless of how cunning and ruthless they are, with no conception how mean these good folks can be exactly because their codes have been violated.

          No margin of vote fraud exists or is possible within this framework of Zeitgeist. A true Paradigm, a sea change in peoples perceptions has transpired.

          There are two choices here for the elites and it’s corporate slave class if they will attempt to retain power, their relevance is no longer in doubt by that plurality, their relevancy to our republican form of government exists no longer, their hands still grasp most levers of power, the god emperor has yet to take full power, yet he attains legitimate power every day,; soon this will precipitate a desperate last ditch attempt to retain power, at all costs. In other-words, at first it has been very difficult to rip the elites grip from those levers of power, yet as is the nature of their power as usurpers, once one folds they all fold, swiftly and without hardly a warning, where no one can see what the exact thing it is that starts the fall.

          The first choice is to do whatever it requires, no limits, totally without prejudice or conscience, a something that the door of time is swiftly closing.
          A possibility many of us view as entirely within character after having an intimate look into the activities of the sycophants of the so called deep state and the inept bumbling gross incompetence of their palace coup, and how they believed they where immune for life from their treason and crimes not against the government the cored out and hide behind but the inviolate law of consequences and absence of prudence of betraying those who provide them their paychecks and honors, because in their hubris they thought, She, could never lose.

          The second is a dandy, again out of desperation, the pickle they are in, are waging a plan “B”, another vast conspiracy, of gross divide and conquer, not by sword and gun barrel but by the tyrants tried and true instrument of power and rule, Divide & Conquer, thus obsfucating, under another illusion in a full court all hands on deck fake media false narrative, a true colossal false flag, from the well of hate and envy long primed of racism and racial superiority of White Toxicity as the boogeyman.

          Or they fold abruptly, in totality as the Soviet did in 1989.

          Whats changed and is dawning on a plurality, as Richmond proved beyond doubt, the Deplorable’s are become that indomitable thing, that quashing and lying, creating a vast ugly pejorative the Tea Party people are for lack of one suitable word, are enemy numero uno, Domestic Terrorists. Thinking that will take care of those mouthbreathers, put that great unwashed mass of flyover dirt people in their place. Wrong. They created a monster. The psychopath in a pants suit along with creepy joe, categorically insulting the concern American’s as a Basket of Deplorable’s, and despicable people, pedo-joe’s words, caused the level of vote fraud required, to increase beyond the resources of the elites to rig another election to oust Trump, thus stopping the Deplorable’s.
          Much has changed since Hughe Hewitt’s insightful works. I totally agree with you on his conspiracy in DC theory. Much like Gary North’s amazing outlier Conspiracy in Philadelphia. Ahead of it’s time, so far many are not ready to hear the message. And thats the crux of whats changed. That determined plurality has reached it’s inflection point. It will take more than ballot stuffing and totally rigged entire key precincts and districts to pull off another Lightbringer style election of styrofoam greek columns and fundamental transformation of America to pull the wool over the eyes of all who have withdrawn consent for the statist-quo to accept a sock puppet for TNWO regime oval office figure head.

          I think they believe they can pull off a stunt like this again. Hubris Before The Fall. Something is terribly wrong under the facade, Chuck Schemer’s threats against the SC justices smacks of desperation even for that vile foul swamp thing. Remember he threatened trump with the peeping fucking pedo-perverts, specifically of red diaper baby Brennen’s revenge for the gall of saying BFYTW to the CIA.
          The loss of judicial radical chic activism monopoly is a big key to the power of the swamp and it’s deep state associates. Again they thought she could never lose. The murder of a SC Justice was timed to her stacking the USC, probably one of the most critical keys to the final dissolution of The Republic, most especially both 1st & 2nd Amendments. So too I think of the furtherance of the essence of Roe Verses Wade, sanctioned genocide and Planned Parenthood organ legging industrial pipeline of human trafficked Pizzagate children. One of the more lucrative of their organized crime activities.
          All this shit is outing. Too many dirt people are cognizant of the truths. They have against all odd’s, for the first time since JFK maybe, (does Ronny Raygun count), chosen a leader, their Captain, beat the vote riggers at their own game by a profound act of insurgency and misleading the critical pollsters onto believing they had this, only caught totally with their collective, proverbial pants down the eve of November 8 2016.

          Just how they expect creepy pedo-joe to win against Mr. Trump is beyond me. Even without muh diversity raising it’s head of I am vagina hear me rant lyin’ fauxahauntis is chosen as the suitable VP to creepy joe, a most compromised trojan shadow in waiting POTUS for when pedo-joe is removed.

          As we are discoursing about, how are they going to pull off ousting President Trump and not cause War of Secession from tyrants number III? Really. What are they doing?
          Or do they simply don’t give a rats ass? One way or another. Jump the shark, fuck everything, we rule and thats that, come what may.

          I still think Trump must declare Martial Law, a most legitimate lawfull constitutional relief valve, a perfect path to draining the swamp and denying their international cabal access, physical and economic across our sovereign borders. No more pussy footin’ around with Rule of Law with ones who weaponized it for their personal power and lucre. Send them all back. Sink all the boats. Finish and upgrade all aspects of the big beautiful wall. Clean our institutions of learning of the cultural marxists, ship them to Castro’s Paradise, or better yet, a remote pacific island, with some seeds, a dozen hogs, hand tools, guard it with a multitude of small armed to the teeth gunboats. Let them build their paradise, their Utopia, they deserve nothing more, and thats more than they planned for us.

          If you haven’t noticed my political orientation is somewhere right of Genghis Khan and General Pinoche’. Make Helicopter Rides Great Again. We once again must learn to drink from the skulls of our enemies. Take from them everything, leave them nothing, they planned less for us. Make The Militia Great Again. The Swiss model of armed and trained manhood, a Militia of citizen solders, where a polite armed to the fucking teeth peoples militia is and creates polite civilization around it. Bring back The Rail, tar & feathers, Scripture as a pre-requisite for holding any office. The hard won long learned function of The Justice of The Peace within the Precinct System. Local Local Local. Patriarchy and Matriarchy. Rise Men of The West. Serious thought to a Constitutional Dual Monarchy. Or as the Compact and later the Confederacy created, small, prosperous, anti-fragile sovereign Nation States, whom construct a confederacy of mutual support.
          Ordered Liberty, an incredible advent, a most beautiful Paradigm, and still evolving, is a complex thing. There needs to be generational long procession of safeguards, something living, and not only a piece of parchment, to protect it from later generations who naturally become lazy, slothful, easily brainwashed, not self reliant or self determining.

          Not this piece of fucking Swiss cheese infested with rats and traitors posing as a Constitutional Republic in name only by those running it.


    • Yeah, but how much is liquid assets as in ready cash.
      “It’s Men in Denim who built this country, and men in suits who destroy it”

      Hopefully we can return some way to a time when a man’s worth was determined by his fellows by something of intrinsic value essential to his character and his work ethics or skills.
      Bloomberg is possessed with denying me what he claims is his because his social stature is better than mine. Who the fuck does the asshole think he is, god or something?
      Aside from many of his ilk inflate the size of their tiny dicks, oops my bad, the size of their portfolios, they play my pecker, oops there I go again!, I’m wealthier than you all the time with each-other. It’s Billionaire commie virtue signaling.
      I suspect many of them are wanna be neo-bolsheviks with delusions or visions of being part of the inner circle of the next October Revolution or something. They all seem to believe they have divine rights as kings or something like that.

      Hard to admire men, owe that hurts to call them Men, who have such riches by running whats essentially wealth transfer/skimming racketeering casino.
      I don’t see a one of them ever made something from nothing, like actually creating something with labor skills, craft, critical thinking professions like an engineer or a Doctor, the only place wealth is created. Period. All other forms of acquiring wealth comes from taking it thru various schemes from those who create it.
      Thats what Fiat, debt money, is for, and fractional banking.
      Bloomberg walks around like king shit, he’s special cause he is good at manipulating a system what is basically theft set up as legal. A bank is a loan shark who gives out toasters and 1% interest then charge back fee’s that take the interest. All nice and “legal”.
      They are admired in our society as Men of stature and high prominence, they have provenance, and class. The con is complete.

      A fucking thief is a fucking thief, no matter how’s he’s dressed up.

      I go to work every day of my life. I steal nothing. I make it thru every day without stealing other peoples personal wealth.
      My labor and my long learned hard win skills as a welder, create something of value out of raw materials, other honest men dug from the earth by the sweat of their muscles and bones, others work other dangerous lethal jobs, smelting, rolling and forming into complex high grade alloy metals, and so on.
      Bloomberg, he hedges his already grifted money on more and more market manipulations and rank artificial price discovery schemes thru the power of the federal Reserve central bank, which is neither, but 12 family cartel of money changers and thieves who drink high dollar champagne with their pinkies in the air while they nurse and herd the debt slaves classes and look down on the great unwashed masses slaving for minimum wage or slave wages in foreign dictatorships.

      I think the jig is up. Not just for the midget con, though he couldn’t buy American votes in an already totally rigged primary circle jerk, they gave him some token fuck you very little votes, thanks for the half billion sucker, go away and chase salt crime and soda pop violators, a suckers consolation insult vote from a tiny island in the pacific, and denied him Virginia where he has invested millions in failed arms confiscation.

      Trump again gets the last laugh.


  3. Lets see…..spent $500 million on that dubious “campaign”……there’s about 350 million people in the USA…..he could have given us all $1,000,000 and had a better impact!!! And he would still have money leftover!!!



  4. I guess my TV will actually survive to see another day.

    Every time one of Mini Mike’s commercials came on, it took everything I had not to throw something through my TV!!!!! My wife had to physically restrain me when he made his claim about getting NYC through 9-11!!!! That was Rudy, you lying piece of Barbara Streisand!!!!!!


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