I Know What I Would Do In This Situation.


It’s pretty obvious you ain’t backing up to take another shot at it.

Get out of the truck.

Drop that ramp so you can use it to stabilize everything and use it for a tail skid.

Fire up the little Track Hoe.

Swing it over the side and extend/ drop the boom down until the bucket is pushing down on the bank next to the back tire on the trailer just enough to push the trailer up a smidge using the rear bumper as a teeter totter on the edge of the pavement it’s dragging on and then pull the trailer forward a bit.

That should be enough to keep it from tipping over and get that front axle up onto the bank a bit to steady the trailer.

Reset the bucket and do it again.

Pick up the ramps.

Repeat holding the inner side up with the bucket until the rear axle has that  rear wheel on the bank so the thing can’t tip over then stow the bucket.

Yer gonna drag the ass of the trailer but it will get you out of the hole and back onto the pavement at least.

16 thoughts on “I Know What I Would Do In This Situation.

    • Hey man, sent you those 2 books last year, never heard back from you or if you received the package. Right about the time they deleted dirt people blog. Wondered if you all are OK up in the great white north.

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  1. Phil I doubt you would put yourself in that situation.

    Now is he time for trained, experienced professionals to safely resolve the issue.


    • “Phil I doubt you would put yourself in that situation.”
      Yeah. Well said. Pitch Perfect. What matters.

      Every day as society spirals in I get to more and more thinking:
      Make Survival of The Fittest Great Again. Bring back natural selection to the species of homo-sapiens.

      Maybe thats what Busted Knuckles is really about. Aside of course the important shit like fast cars loose woman never say die, the car brand Found On Road Dead, and BFYTW.

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  2. Had he stayed off of US-129 to start with, he’d probably not had that problem. Had he read the signs all over the route in, he’d probably not had that problem. With the fines he’ll get when the cops are done writing tickets, I’m sure he’ll wish he’d done both and might think about it before he does it again. And, if he’s really lucky, he didn’t kill someone else on that road.
    Imagine being on a motorcycle, coming around a corner and seeing a truck across both lanes and berms….then you’ll realize why US-129 doesn’t like trucks on that road.


  3. Might even work leave the hoe chained down, add a few more ratchets and chains, swing that bucket to the inside and lift the back end of the lowboy as the truck moves forward, while you turn the boom and uncurl the bucket giving the whole rig a push. At least lift the lowboy level, off the ditch berm. A good Hoe Daddy can do some pretty cool shit with those track hoes.


  4. I know from millions of mies of past experience that lowboys are notoriously hard to keep on a road, especially on hairpin turns. And this one ain’t all that bad. Sometimes you have to put the tractor up on the bank or down in the ditch as much as possible to make the turn or jockey around before entering the turn, or not even attempt it to begin with.
    His best option, since the machine is not big enough to lift itself up as well as the trailer, especially on a downward sloping bank, is to completely unload it (it appears stable enough for that), then use the machine to pick up and reposition the trailer, then re-load machine. Trying to back or pull ahead will only increase the problem you’re already in. The problem is solvable but will require lots of fucking around and some sweat equity. Been there done that more times than I care to count. And with 9 axle or 3 axle with swinging trailer rear axle and detachable gooseneck it makes it even harder. Sometimes you are destined to simply hope & pray for the best and try and go over the high side. With raised center frame lowboys, all but impossible. Anyone seen a crane running around ???


    • You made me think of something there with your comment.
      On underground coal shuttle cars, big dozers, large wheel loaders, high tonnage heavy earth moving/mining equipment, they use a trunnion, they don’t move much, like inches, but they move because of those same torque effects that cause low boys to ground out on hairpins, cause a wheel to lift on a loader, keeps a D11 from breaking it’s mainframe and keep both tracks contacting the ground under high load turning. I’ve seen on a super heavy lowboy, had 18 sets of wheels, like for 75 and up ton movers. We had one for a Highwall Coal Miner, weighed 235 tons, we would use it move to various locations on contour mining benches, thats all humps and kiss your ass turns. Without the trunnion it would have dragged and hung up everywhere. The coal mine built a tug with tri-axles and a front diff, twin 24 inch H beam home made frame, with a old Diamond Reo driveline, engine looked like it was made in the style of an old twin stick Mack, had a fabricated sheetmetal one seat size, outhouse cab. Somebody with a artist hand painted “little heavy” and a Penguin with a top hat scarf and cane giving a salute, painted on the sides No brakes, didn’t need them. I moved it a few times helping set up, tried various gears, nothing geared higher than you could jog beside it, and the lowest range it moved like inches a minute, it had to carrying that Highwall Miner system, required two CAT D10’s or D11’s as brakes attached by 3 inch cable bridles.
      It was a trick how well the trunnion worked, as a couple inches of movement seems like a fart in a hurricane compared to the weight and size of this gear.


  5. My boss bought a JD 690B. The lowboy driver had to pull into a side shoot of the lil’ dirt road for delivery. Long story short. Left drive wheels sunk in a hole. Yep, un chained the bucket and pushed. Worked like a charm?


  6. That won’t work, too unstable. The only way out is open the drivers door, unbuckle seatbelt, put in gear, turn wheel to the left and give it gas until it either rides itself out of there OR you are forced to jump out as it goes over.


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