6 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

  1. Thats got some similarities to voting for a corrupt lyin’ sack of shit 60’s pot head hippy dirty stinking Che loving commie for your Prez and wondering why you end up inside a cattle box car heading for a FEMA camp in North Dakota.


      • It’s too bad the permanent leadership of the human extinction movement is vote fraud-ing the dirty stinking commie out of the primaries. This is an example of what would be voting to stop MAGA. Get a gander on what the college brain washing factories are producing. Little snowflake neo-bolshevik freak picture show:

        ‘Some interesting posting going on over on r/SandersForPresident’

        After watching the corrupt little fuck and his convicted felon wife over the years it’s evident he has no real intentions of winning, mostly it’s about filling offshore accounts and laundering campaign funds every 4 years. A family organized crime business.

        If you give it a think it’s a perfect grift. There’s no chance you really ending up POTUS, which defines everything, it’s a guaranteed income from what, millions?
        Lord knows there an endless stream of useful dupes the complicit Intelligentsia class running “higher” re-education camps produce in the tens of thousands.
        It’s shakedown politics for fun and profit employing an intellectual farce called an ideology as your platform, which is nothing but organized crime using the hollowed out shell of a once legitimate government to hide your organized extortion and theft activities and other crimes against humanity.
        The dirty stinking commies only let him run because he’s a guaranteed cash cow. They all are into the skim action, it’s part of the whole. Follow the money as usual. Everything is about that. The politics is the grease keeps the con running smooth, the whole of it is theater.

        Just imagine how much money Saunders and his old lady are skimming. That aspect of the election process is structured now to be able to “legally” siphon off vast sums safely which are accrued over what 2-4 years, hundreds of millions there for the taking.

        Took me decades to try and figure out what the fuck is wrong with these people. Honestly, I’m not being a wise ass here, it’s perplexed me since my early twenties when it began to dawn on my slow wit gray matter, there is really something wrong with this componant of our civilization, they are self destructive and have a mania where it’s a driving need to take everything and everyone with them in their deep abiding misery of hate and envy for others and things that are positive and happy, why that saying, “this is why the rest of us can’t have nice things” applies.

        These brainless idiots are double and triple useful dupes. No wonder they grow into such disaffected members of the human extinction movement, they have been lied to and conned in the worst way, their whole world an ideological farce, they end up not being able to accept this reality they are completely been played for suckers to make a bunch of corrupt bullshit artists wealthy beyond most of the rest of our understanding. They reject the reality, and live in that NPC hive, socialize in an echo chamber, it’s herd safety for never having to face the cold hard reality. Collective insanity.

        Whats the minimum funding up to now required these days to run in the presidential? It’s campaign cash loophole city how the game is rigged. “Share the wealth” Yeah. Got that right.

        In a sane Republic…


  2. That picture on Wirecutter’s ‘Shit I post of Facebook’ with the 9v battery under the nose piercing – that is funny as hell. The above is funny too.


    • Comes to mind the humor of The Simpsons is prologue.

      Alynski’s Rules for Radical’s are like tracers, they work both ways.
      Alynski’s rule about ridiculing the enemy, that works in reverse, comes as a shock to them, much more so coming back at them. White Christian civilized people are not supposed to fight back against such moral muh diversity, after all, they wear skin suits made of that false virtue, kind of rends them stark naked, when they are exposed, and they run screaming about that being raaaacist or something about White Privilege. It sure is, the natural privilege for sticking up for your codes and culture. It’s called fighting back and BFYTW.
      They have a real serious hard time being made fun of and end up having tantrums, their diapers need changing. And given the ninny bottle.
      Besides they can’t meme for shit to save their useless hides. Andrew Breitbart, bless his soul, in his political brilliance showed us that. As he said Culture is upstream of all politics and it’s rhetoric. How they can win the rhetorical but it’s devoid of substance, just fancy platitudes and dog whistles, can not win the cultural, because we have guns, really, how that is the center of our history just as Christianity is, our codes of which actually, and that is what matters.

      They can’t meme, nor laugh at themselves, (or step outside their faults and themselves as rational true men of the west can and do, being a wonderful savings grace), when everything depends on maintaining a self bullshit mentality to prop up this shared collective total lack of self esteem, when their codes change at a political whim, and are based on virtue signaling a permanent victim stance. Which for all thats worth, is a powerful one.

      This is what is being imprinted upon their intellects and thought processes. Victim status. A most useful weapon. These kids have been weaponized. The classic reference is idealogical cannon fodder. But they are denied the knowledge of the truth of the farce called marxism that the whole object of the various communism’s is to kill all who do not come to its siren call. Then kill those who do, because they are so incredibly stupid they can never be trusted once their usefulness is used up. It’s a great tragedy, maybe the greatest in all human activity.

      There’s only one inevitable outcome to maintaining a life based on the NPC seal training of the permanent victim stance.


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