10 thoughts on “Genius

  1. I find it very hard to understand how anyone can be that fucking stupid. But then it’s understandable when you consider that I recently read that we are living with the “helpless generation”. Basically those under the age of about 25 or so have to have help changing a fucking lightbulb….. they are that incompetent…… Scary is that they now are able to vote….. Which explains a lot….


    • There is a recent story from the UK about how brain-dead the
      Millennials are. It lamented the fact that older generations had
      no problem doing DIY jobs around their houses, while the worst
      generation does not even know how to change a lightbulb.
      They have to ask other people how to do the simplest of

      It’s not going to take a Zombie Apocalypse to starve these
      morons to death, a simple natural disaster or virus will do
      the job if the store shelves go bare from panic buying. My
      Mother used to can her own preserves, make bread from
      scratch, and always had a supply of canned and dry goods
      on hand. Most of these idiots cannot even cook for themselves.


  2. He had to have had it up on the jack taking most of the weight off the tire, but likely not in a very stable position/location under the car. Some props to him at least for even attempting to change the tire. Not really.


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