Quick! Close The Barn Door!

Shake my fucking head.

This is a secondary effect, the bigger problem was the care givers at the Life Care facility they reference here out spreading this shit all over before they knew what was going on….


Two dozen first responders quarantined for possible coronavirus


KING COUNTY, Wash. — Two dozen emergency workers are off the job as they are being monitored for possible exposure to the coronavirus.

Earlier Saturday evening, KIRO 7 was told it was seven fighters but that number climbed to 25, adding two police officers who are being quarantined.

Fire station 21 in Kirkland has a sign up tell people to keep out, including firefighters based there.

Each firefighter is believed to have possibly come in contact with the coronavirus at Life Care Center.

Now the situation has resources being stretched thin.

To keep families safe during the public health crisis, KIRO 7 was told the department will be relying on neighboring firefighters should anything huge happen.

“We have excellent relationships with our regional fire departments, and we’re making sure we have all the conversations in place, so if we need assistance from our partners, that can be provided,” said Kellie Stickney, with the city of Kirkland.

The partnerships may soon include Kirkland police.

In downtown Kirkland, coronavirus has literally been the talk of the town.

“I’m not sure if we know how it’s been transmitted here, but I do hope we can keep it under control,” visitor Casey Dishman said.

Health works have insisted that none of the quarantined emergency workers have shown any symptoms and said it is just a necessary precaution.

This comes two weeks after Kirkland Fire posted job listings for rescuers.

My bold.

It’s too late darlin’.

It’s in the wild and running free now.

Quarantining these firefighters might help stop it spreading quite as quickly but in the long run it won’t matter.

I keep hearing that this isn’t as bad as all the hype makes it look.

I would like to remind the people saying this that this particular virus was CUSTOMIZED IN A LABORATORY.

Who knows what it will mutate into now that is out in the world FOREVER?


Second death in Washington state from the Corona virus just confirmed.

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  1. Well, I ain’t pazically worried about it, because it’s a virus that seems to have a very nasty vector or two (lives long when outside the body on surfaces, etc.) but has more-than-likely been floating around for more’n three months and a significant amount of the World population has already been exposed. IOW, most likely I’ve been exposed, YOU have been exposed – YOU get a virus, and YOU get a virus, and YOU get a virus…”. Keep Tamiflu handy, keep away from large crowds (always a good idea, BTW), keep away from turd-world people (not easy!), wash your hands (*always* good advice, flu or not)!

    We all will get through this.

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    • Shit, for all I know that could have been what went through here about a month and a half ago when I was sicker than a dog for a week and a half.


            • I will leave that decision to your kindly wisdom and benevolence. You are far more knowledgeable and wise. I would take all, but I am sure you have others clamoring for your tools also…


              • Well, all but the electronics goes to The Middle Daughtersaurus because she is my Tool Girl, the only kid I trust with power tools. However, even though she can read a micrometer like a pro, she couldn’t read a meter or a scope to save her life.

                So, electronics it is!


      • Wife and I had some weird crud a couple of weeks ago. Alcohol kills it. Maybe that’s why we’re OK now.
        By the way, according to the news . . .18,000 folks have died of the regular flu this season in the USA alone, and 32 million have had it and survived. Corona don’t look so bad, unless you think it’s Trumps fault.
        My daughter and her Husband are currently traveling in Europe. I’m more worried about “refugees” than bugs like that. Besides, they’re healthy and young.


  2. Think about it. The leftist controlled shithole cities are plague petri dishes. Imagine all the human feces from their populations of indigents created on purpose, just to destroy civilization. This virus sheds live off of human shit, imagine when summer arrives, nice steamy hot piles, coated with flies, and ones jets thru your window thats recently dined on a steamer, lands on your countertop your using to chop food. Then the dust off of dried out poop on hot pavement floating around.

    The real virus is the one infesting out country who run those dirty stinking commie shitholes.
    The human extinction movement.
    Nothing is beyond the pale if it contributes to destruction of every good and right, everything has anything to do with Christian Western Men of The West.
    Thats all of us boys.
    We stand in the way of power and money. And if they can’t have it nobody is going to have anything.
    It’s why us old crusty fuckkers spent the last 30-60 years watching them subvert undermine weaponize and destroy everything they can get their festering diseased psycopath meathooks on.
    And now they can see they are losing and everyones plump fed up with their fucking bullshit, and they are pulling the stops out to try bto beat the rush to the final showdown between our great civilization thats the descendent of 2000 years of hard won long learned Athenian Greco Roman civilization.
    We made lots of mistakes over that history, but we are a civilization that is the most viable strongest one in all of history, because as dirt people we actually learned from our mistakes and fought to do better and leave something better than we found before our perpetual dirt naps. No other race and civilization has come close.
    And thats the God’s honest truth.
    They hate, hold us and what we are in utter contempt, they also really really fear us men of the west, us dirt people, because we stand in the way of Armageddon, in fact it all began in Armageddon. Funny how things come full circle, how history has a definite circular feature to it. They very idea it was a natural component of being a man you have that power and ultimate legitimacy to fight and defend yourself and for whats right and good. No longer where dirt people subjects and chattel. That war has been a constant.

    I truly believe we are at a great crossroads, and when we win again, it’s really over for the human extinction movement for a very long time, might be a serious long time. All over the western hemisphere people are had a fucking nuff. The “elites”, who are neither, have failed in every way, their institutional order of tyranny, all it’s sneaky underhanded ways is failing, because people in the hundreds of millions are turning their backs on the scumbags running shit and saying “I Won’t!” and MYOB! Nothing like this has happened before, not even close. All you got to do is squint your eyes a tad and its plain to see, like on Phil’s blog here, hardly anyone comes out and states it in no uncertain terms, but we all almost to a mans had it up to here with the motherfuckers meddling in every facet in the sphere or our lives, fucking with everything, all for the last stinking fucking dollar they can squeeze out of us. We dont hardly have to say anything to each other, that cold anger does the talking, all youse got to do is listen and just by saying nothing you are on the same page its got to that point.
    One day somethings gonna come out of the blue, something that in the beginning you barely give creedence to, but it will be what is like a spark.
    You all we al know this down in our hearts. Don’t have to say nothing. It’s inevitable.
    And I’m not talking bullshit here. I was at Richmond, that thing was like a electric current running thru 50,000 of us more or less. A Legion, it don’t really have to do with guns specifically, but being armed to the fucking teeth, watching all the armed badged leg breakers watching us, you know down to your little toes, one of these days shits going to happen and that whole fucking illegitimate construct of usurpation greed corruption and avarice is going down. Too many times we been gulled into shit and like Lucy yankin’ the ball way at the last second, we been betrayed. Betrayed, guys. Some peoples and things they set up who richly have earned it got some things comin’ to em’.
    All the cycles are closing in on this one junction in time and place.

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    • You ain’t whistling Dixie, you are singing it loudly and proudly! You can look into men’s eyes and see it, listen to their voices and hear it. A true reckoning is forming and it is scaring “them” witless. I believe that when that spark arrives we will know it instinctively, it won’t be broadcast by the msm or on the “Emergency Broadcast System” it will be broadcast by an unseen force of nature and men. On a side note that connections to this is the Marine Commandant stepping on his dick and shooting his foot off all at one time. Southern boys that are in the jughead show I am sure are not liking his diktat. It would not surprise me he has a larger protection detail to counter a possible ossifer fragging. I bet a lot of one tour enlistment are on the books and the Unit Commanders know this. A Southern boy is the ultimate killing machine which is in large part of his Scot-Irish heritage and the pervasive gun and hunting culture. War is hunting except for the two way range, but nature evens that up, things out there can kill you as easy.


      • Make fragging great again!
        Is there really an adequate definition of Can’t fix that kind of stupid? Even of the patently intentional kind? Which come to mention it is a special level of its own.
        Noticed the Army pipped right up and proclaimed they had zero intention of committing that kind of convergence.

        Wondered where you went to. Send you a note.


  3. There is no evidence that the corona virus is manufactured. China itself is a respiratory virus factory. There are thousands of square miles of rice paddies in China with people and migratory birds in them and pigs, chickens and water buffalo next to them. Bird, pig, and human viruses mix and match, mutate and produce new diseases every year. A few years ago we got SARS. Last year there was pig flu, and China lost most of its pigs. Some years all the Chinese chickens die. Every year we get a novel flu. 1918 was really bad, and tens of millions died. It stopped WW I.

    So far, this corona virus is a bad one. It undoubtedly will spread everywhere. But whether it is another 1918 can be doubted.

    Hysteria is not called for.


      • I don’t subscribe to the conspiracy theorists and their theory
        about the origins of Coronavirus. In pre-revolutionary times,
        the colonists and the Brits were in a bloody war with the
        Indians (Woo-woo, not red dot.) Someone came up with the
        idea of using disease-infected blankets against the Indians.
        It was rejected out of hand because once loose, a pathogen
        does not discriminate. They knew long before modern germ
        and virus theory that it could get out of hand.

        Another issue is that if a country attempted to use such a
        weapon, they would have delivered it to their target and not
        released it domestically. These things come and go with most
        of them fizzling out all by themselves. Despite the best health
        care system in the world, generic Flu’s kill between 30,000 to
        60,000 Americans every year.

        It is unfortunate that the breakout in Washington hit a geezer
        hospital, but the real question is who were they in contact
        with, which is impossible considering the incubation period
        and easy access to international travel. It could have been
        in America for a month or more before the CDC connected
        the dots.


    • It is inconsequential if its artificial or natural.
      It don’t mean shit.

      Occams Razor.
      For when the obvious is trying to tell you something.
      If that matters now, what it’s origins are. Which it don’t.

      It no longer is important if it is or is not artificially produced or introduced nor is it natural.
      Thats where everyone is confusing what matters. Other than people dying of course, that always matters.


      Take example of reasoned non evil ulterior motive driven leadership.
      What is the god emperor espousing, what is he saying what is he doing by leading by example?
      Remember, you elected a leader, not a despot.
      Me. Trump as a honorable man and leader of men espouses calm, reason, faith.
      Ain’t that why we voted for the dude, instead of an anal coke on the dick sucking sock puppet of the new world order?

      In all war, and this is war by other means waged upon us, not necessarily by design in regards specifically to a intended pandemic artificially grown, it does not matter if it’s natural evolutionary in origins, what does is power to control lots of people in a hurry, but what you do to use pandemic as a an instrument to project that power, thru it’s effects, a weapon indeed if you are very powerful wealthy and are seriously sick in the head and drunk on raw naked power over lots of people, say Bill Gates and his fellow cabal, a true Fabian homoglobo in every respect: this is a global conflict. That is the pandemic. Not a microscopic organism. A global organism, a global virus of truly sick fucks.

      Now the great thing, the really great thing, of course if you want to win when war is waged against you and the outcome is in doubt, is not to loose your nerve. Not loose your cool, your observational reasoning, critical thinking, and get lost in the swamp fighting the alligators.

      They want you to loose your nerve, clouded in doubt, uncertainty, its the purpose of crisis as a means, to get people to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Get them arguing between them, pointing fingers, trying to find the truth, consumed by it. In a word Panic!
      And fear, the most useful of all tools in the management, care and feeding of your useful dupes.
      The social media and yellow media complexes are fear mongers, they have created fear and outrage porn into a global pandemic for the mind.

      One world order globohomo thrives on using fear as a tool to control people. It is their go to default SOP. Very useful. Lots of useful scared people. A world monopolizing media complex owned and operated by the same organization, primes the pump, lights the gasoline, fans the flames, it becomes a pandemic in itself, set back wait for effects to begin to replace common sense and courage at all levels, the tail begins to wag the dog, there you go, power to do many things, not possible any other way.
      They used to call it order out of chaos.
      Social Engineering by this organization IS the virus.
      Every 100 years give or take 30-40, a world effecting global war or other manufactured body of events is implemented by same organization to restructure or destroy people, elements, movements, because the cycle of activity of dirt people tends towards self determinism, self reliance, as a whole they begin to smell a rat, and when a certain level of a plurality begins to catch on, a gestalt and create a paradigm, naturally, out of self preservation and natural instincts of survival of the fittest to simply being fed up with being used as sources of wealth strip mining by homoglobo, as is most obvious, it’s time to pull the plug and cause so much shit that no one has time or resources or energy to do much much deal with the chaos, you use the time and circumstances to restructure your world spanning organization as the obvious advantages of your turmoil, chaos present opportunities. People are fairly predictable in certain ways. Till they aren’t. Then you get events like the birth of ordered Liberty, the war of northern aggression against the South, and now the rise of the tea party people and the parallel resistance to this globohomo tyranny all over the earth.
      The Chinks running shit are in a serious pickle, their wage slave population is not only no longer afraid of the ruling regime, they no longer care if they are killed for resisting, it’s a quiet oriental kind of fatalism, feckless, very dangerous stuff to the regiime, they are tied into the western globohomo’s world order, another faction really, but in too deep to avoid the earth wide dirt people Mandate of Heaven.
      One constant of globohomo is the right balance of world population, they require enough slaves to maintain their hegemony, but not too many as the ability to control people past a certain population level becomes problematic, and it’s necessary to cull the herd of serfs to manageable levels, and far more germane, to reduce the depletion rate of resources, land, and mouths to feed, these bums take the loooong view, they are generational, they are stone cold psychopaths like nothing in human history, bred and born into this ruling oligarchy.

      Let no good crisis go to waste.
      Crisis is always a means.
      War and other plague are useful, but power thru economic conflict is war by other means.
      The White Christian West is globohomo’s reason for being, to destroy the West and us Men of The West, because from our birth as Freemen and the unprecedented rise of ordered liberty, and subsequently the birth of a true nation of sovereign individual men, a Republic of good government, no matter our foibles, we are all which stands in the way of their precious fucking one world order. Don’t bullshit yourself. You are their only real enemy. The only thing they fear. Freemen united and prosperous, who are self determining and self reliant are a beacon to the world of the dirt people, never mind such a sovereign people are in the way of obtaining total raw naked power over the dominion of men.

      One important aspect, is these maniacs are not capable of picking up a rifle like we Freemen of the west, and fighting, the age of large standing state armies is over, it’s back to the original warfare, now called 4th Generation Warfare, really it is first generation, but when the classes of warfare was created tribal warfare style war wasn’t recognized as such. Hard to get large armies, fund them, train them, move them supply etc now. Think Afghanistan, thats is 4th G war verses 3rd G war, even Vietnam, which was a brilliant tactical success, the finest example of counter 4th G warfare, its not recognized as that, it was “lost” because the same yellow media complex waged a war to control hearts minds and most critical, perceptions of losing.
      Order out of chaos.

      People wasting their mind energy debating over this virus’s origins is very useful. It distract us from the stuff that matters thus it keeps us weak, vulnerable, unable to form anti fragile bonds of trust and brotherhood, unity, most of all…

      A Legion armed to the fucking teeth out for blood and honor to get the fuckers fucking with us all this time.

      You might not realize that, but they do. Oh boy do they ever.
      It is no unrelated unintended innocent isolated accident this happened right now. 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Freemen who had enough a few miles south of the fucking shithole swamp and globohomo central west, pandemic has been foisted on us by the yellow fake media complex globohomo owns, the propaganda department of the new world order.
      Oh Yeah.

      Occams Razor.
      What is most obvious is usually the most viable answer.

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  4. Interesting how the death rate is low, around 1%.
    Under 15 years of age, no known cases.
    Most who die seem to have an existing health issue which has weakened their ability to fight the virus, or are weaker elderly people, malnourished etc.

    Read this, interesting:

    No more Chinese take out buffet.
    Like the fat lady who fills two trays where the cover can’t cover what she has piled on.
    You take too much. You go home now!


    “…The coronavirus has been circulating undetected and has possibly infected scores of people over the past six weeks in Washington state, according to a genetic analysis of virus samples that has sobering implications for the entire country amid heightening anxiety about the likely spread of the disease.

    The researchers conducted genetic sequencing of two virus samples. One is from a patient who traveled from China to Snohomish County in mid-January and was the first person diagnosed with the disease in the United States. The other came from a recently diagnosed patient in the same county, a high school student with no travel-related or other known exposure to the coronavirus. The two samples look almost identical genetically, said Trevor Bedford, a computational biologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle who announced the results of the research on Twitter late Saturday night.

    “This strongly suggests that there has been cryptic transmission in Washington State for the past 6 weeks,” Bedford wrote. “I believe we’re facing an already substantial outbreak in Washington State that was not detected until now due to narrow case definition requiring direct travel to China…”


    • Excellent point in the first paragraph Phil. 6 dead, none under
      15 in a case where thousands may have contracted the virus
      is good news! This makes for a low mortality rate especially
      considering the fact that the six fatalities were in a Geriatric

      I will start to worry when the Corona mortality rates approach
      the annual death rate in America from generic Flu’s


      • “The most dangerous thing about coronavirus is the hysteria.”
        Be good if so.
        In the other hand, this panic screens out the actual facts. Once the panic porn dies down a spell the truth will start outing.
        Might be when the serious panic will begin. The seeming dirge of concrete verifiable information in itself is something to take note of.
        Either there’s truly a shit ton of conflicting information, or the virus has fast mutating features, and or, it has many unusual features never seen before that indeed take time to be discovered for what they are, but, but, that isn’t readily apparent this early and because of the conflicting “news” about it looks like conflicting rumor etc?

        Slice it any ways it’s all FUBAR for now.

        One thing looking pretty clear there’s lots of economic turmoil in the wind. That might be the worst feature of it all. SHTF is SHTF actual pandemic or not. At some point in the repercussions of panic it reaches point of inflection and the fiat/debt/globohomo chickens are coming home to roost. They where eventually, inevitable.
        The unintended consequences of staving off the end have been put off so long the 2nd-3rd order effects of some cultish like dumb panic that in normal natural price discovery economic activity times would be rather benign. Eventually something was going to be the black swan of the collapse of fiat.

        Me personally, the economic activity collapse of the debt racket is what I’m watching and hopefully can stay far away from it’s effects thru prudence and common sense. Not by any means do I have monetary interests beyond being a buying customer of consumer products, no debt at all, useful land and homestead secured free and clear. But SHTF is SHTF.
        Probably begin with lots of local business’s closing their doors, from there at a certain point collapse begins to cascade failure outwards. Certainly preference cascade of people away from the institutional order of globohomo and it’s ways creates a chilling effect now. Trump has upset their once tidy off shore wealth transfer racketeering. Globalization in unique respects has created a tempest in a teapot, it’s it’s own worst enemy to start with. You can’t play artificial price discovery shakedown on that global scale and stop the law of unintended consequences.
        Where or what ends with all that is more uncertain than the corona virus. It might end up gets so bad more folks take the dirt nap because of it than a plague could kill.

        Lot of shit in the wind now.
        Aragon in Return of The King said “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it nor not.”
        Thats not panic. It’s prudence.


  5. A few notable things:

    Bill Gates is acquainted with a couple I know in Canada per their comments talking about their associations, back in 2004. Way above my dirt person life. I built a couple road race bikes for them, knew them from racing in NH. They are very wealthy. Family pharmaceuticals related wealth on the wifes side, the husband is a banker, owns a bank that lends money only to other banks in VT. Give you an idea, he raced CanAm cars in the late part of the CanAm series. Hads two big block Chevy rear engine Lola’s he had constructed for him. 1500hp in a 1200lb rear engine chassis, those honkin Hillborn injection stacks sticking out of hand formed aluminum bodywork. Spaghetti 180 header pipes out the back, Lockheed brakes, everything magnesium and chrome moly. One open cockpit the other enclosed. Probably worth quarter mil apiece back then. Kept in air conditioned garages. Must be nice. Sold one gave his son the money so he could race, hired me to teach him how to road race for 2 seasons. They flew me first class around to tracks, the kids gear and bikes delivered in a drop and go enclosed 5th wheel trailer/workshop and living quarters. Freezers full of the finest steaks and other barbeque food I ever ate, beer fridge. 1st class baby.
    At Daytona I crashed and had an awful head injury, shatterd my shulder bones, broke all but 2 ribs, all my fingers on both hands except thumbs. I was a mess. They paid all my hospital bills, hired a stewardess to sit with me in first class back to NH., because the brain bleeding I could not be allowed to fall asleep or I’d go into a coma and die. Bought me new custom leathers and 800 dollar hand made Japanese boron fiber race helmet. Treated me like family tell you what.
    They have a big ass farm up in Canada, one day they wanted to show me something. Everything changed for me when I seen it.
    They had pigs chickens ducks and beef/dairy livestock quarantined inside 3 very large metal buildings. Everything was stainless steel and sealed glass doors, concrete epoxy coated floors, stalls, frost walls, environmental isolated air systems with class III level HEPA filtration systems enclosed, water electricity all self contained off grid, even a 10,000 watt wind turbine and solar panel farm. You don’t understand the meaning of limitless wealth till you see the details. Imagine what they weren’t shoeing me pops in my head.

    They told me there was a world pandemic coming, it would jump all mammal species. They where going to survive with isolated livestock and hydroponic growing systems. My wife and I where asked if we would move up and work for them, they would have us live on their complex. They needed people trustworthy. I think they hod none tell the truth, hired help on the farm, but nobody I saw close to them like. They kept telling us we should think about it, like hint hint.
    Had to cost many millions to build. It was isolated in the middle of 10,000 acres of open flat plain crop land. Total clear fields of fire. Fenced crop and pasture sections to all get out. It was an open air bunker complex.
    We moved to WV instead. It was tempting, but nothing would be ours, we would be beholden to people who never had to worry about grocery money or enough gas to get to work till next paycheck. There’s a void a hundred miles wide in there between those two cultures.
    After a whiles we could not help but get not a warm fuzzy slinking around under the facade of nice and generous, something not right. Like that sense you get in the deep close woods, some places somethings telling you don’t go there. Spent my life in the bush, i don’t know, sptits, tree ents, fertile imagination? Regardless, one old crusty curmudgeon lesson is your hunches are your subconscious trying to tell you something. And these folks, they never but treated us rightly, but something was missing or lurking, you can’t ignore it after a time.

    Bill Gates got some history. He is so wealthy he is protected from being found out, he just don’t give a rats ass about dirt people, or what unintended consequences such power creates, made his, thank you very little, fuck the rest of us unwashed who made him wealthy.
    He funds a biological lab in Canada, not very far from the above farm. Whats an American National doing involved in a Canadian State military biological warfare lab, and essentially the same on the dark continent labs in the worst shithole locations where all the really nasty bugs seem to show up.
    Read a month ago he was in Yuhan just before news of coronavirus begins. His wife and him are heavily involved in “World Virus defense in the turd world, and of course with the Clinton crime syndicate, into every turd world shithole “Child saving” NGO out there, funnelking and conduiting rural children and child bearing woman into the west for all the satanic and other vile organ legging operations that create more wealth than arms dealing and illicit/legal drugs combined. It’s big business fun and profit for these creatures.
    All the globohomo characteristics of ordered Fabian proscribed genocide. Anecdotal sure, but there are no unrelated unconnected isolated spontaneous genuine innocent events under their regency and influence. From Bill Gates to Bill Ayers and from all the factions of globohomo, genocide is not a crime against humanity persay, it is a device, an instrument for control and a ordered path to power and preservation of that totalitarian rule over the dominion of God’s green Earth and his creatures, including God.
    JRR Tolkien was right, he was always right.
    Gates, Clinton’s, Soros, they are like the Ring Wraiths, like the 7 kings drawn to the power of The One. One ring to draw them, one ring to bind them, and in the darkness rule them

    No coincidences in globohomo world my friends. They have too much power and influence at the level of power their wealth provides not to have control of world ranging events. These scumbags are all about protecting what they got, there is no other way about it, they can not hold onto all that otherwise, there is always others waiting to depose them and take their place in the hierarchy. That is part of why they are ruthless. Don’t give a shit bout you or I. We are not even something you scrape of your shoe.

    Read this last in the wee hours:

    “Bill Gates is still trying to make people think that he’s trying to STOP infectious disease rather than spread it.
    Let’s not forget, we’re talking about a ruthless billionaire who advocates radical depopulation and just two weeks before news of the coronavirus news broke, ran a simulation of a deadly pandemic originating in China.”

    From the guy who coined and defines 4th G war. WS Lind. If your not reading Lind and Martin van Creveld’s works your missing the most essential information and knowledge available to us dirt people, the stuff under it all you need to know to be a aware prepared free Man of The West, ( think on it, what do you do to get rid of Trump and the legion who defied your rule of the world. Answer is you cause an economic melt down of the dirt peoples economy, you crash it to crush them, you have no need of that economy, your already totally insulated from its effects, but Trump and 100 million American Deplorable’s, you can stop them dead in their tracks. Or so in your unequaled hubris you think you, your riches, your power, your life is untouchable. Thats where guys like Lind and van Creveld come in, they understand 4th G, its not just war of guns, its war of hearts and minds that these “elites” got to be worried about. Keep in mind they always project, they always use minions for their wet work, they are totally dependent on the world they insulate themselves in. Imagine the psychopath in a pants suit with an AR15 defending herself from the great unwashed rising up against her and her ilk?. Pretty pathetic ) :

    “A spectre is haunting the world, the spectre of a world-wide debt crisis. Could the coronavirus epidemic in China be the trigger?

    World debt levels, both public and private, have reached undreamed heights. The United States is now running deficits of a trillion dollars a year. Other countries have higher deficits proportional to the size of their economies. Private individuals here and elsewhere find they can only maintain a middle class standard of living by taking on ever more debt. Where does it end? In a debt crisis.

    A debt crisis occurs when lenders get sufficiently scared of losing their principal that they refuse to lend, or at least to lend at affordable rates of interest. Like all market dynamics, this is not a rational calculation. Markets are forever balanced on a knife edge between greed and fear. Under normal circumstances, greed wins and people continue to invest. But when fear takes over, the plunge can come with remarkable speed. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was not exaggerating in 2008 when he said the United States was within 48 hours of not having an economy. If lending stops cold, so does everything else.

    The question is not whether a world debt crisis is coming. The question is where and when it starts. My bet has long been on China. China has towering levels of debt, public and private. To keep its economy growing, China has built whole cities that have no inhabitants. Municipal governments have made enormous loans to overbuild because they wanted the construction jobs. The overbuilding has gone on at the same time individual Chinese have overpaid for their residences. The intersection of those two facts will mean a debt crisis in China. Given China’s large role in the world economy, a debt crisis in China will soon spread…”
    Lots more here:

    The View From Olympus: The Big One

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  6. Taken from my post on A/C

    JAG says:
    March 1, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    An important Virus Vector that most people do not think about is your daily mail. Everyone gets mail of some sort being junk or otherwise.

    Anyone within the chain of custody of that mail starting with the printers or original senders is a hazard if they contract the virus. Better yet, all the mail is bundled together at the main and local post offices for delivery so now you can have a contact transmission to other mail not to mention the mail carriers who deliver it. They do not wash their hands between deliveries so if your carrier comes in contact with infected mail, they are now a delivery vector as well.

    So if you think you’ll just sit it out at home if the virus arrives in your AO, you better be using gloves or other precautions when picking up your mail and opening it. It will arrive to you from other AO’s whether it is in your area or not via the US Postal Service.

    I have a suspicion this may have been the transmission vector for the new West Coast cases as they have found no other correlations vectors of infection and I hope the idjits investigating these new cases would think of this but it is very innocuous and simple that I’m not sure.

    Something to consider

    Anonymous Conservative says:
    March 1, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Excellent point. I am already putting all mail in the oven at 150 for about an hour and then leaving it as long as I can, and spraying dilute bleach on boxes that arrive while outside, before washing hands like crazy. My own opinion is exposure is fairly likely before it looks like it is likely because they will delay releasing when ti is in areas and minimize the extent.

    And now I found this morning:

    I have no affiliation with the opinions or aggregation of A/C but it should be a daily read for all as he finds shit that most of us never see.



    • I should also not that there is no clear evidence of the half life of the virus on physical items such as metal, paper, plastics and so on. Some/many places on the internet claim it becomes dormant from hours to weeks. They just don’t know yet. Not trying to sow panic here but use precautions and wash yer damn hands.

      That is all…


  7. The world lost the chance to control Covid 19 when it failed to ban ALL travel leaving China when this first surfaced. Once it climbed on a plane it was too late. This virus is going to do what ALL respiratory viruses do…..spread essentially unchecked and uncheckable. We are just lucky this BIOWEAPON isn’t particularly lethal. The biggest danger this disease poses is not physical… it’s from the fear being trumpeted by the media whores and the political parasites seeking to profit and gain power from this event.


    • Might come to pass its revealed there was no border control that would be effective, because patient zero’s where salted across civilization before efforts of isolation and containment went into effect.
      Why are all these infected people showing up who had no signs for weeks or months, better yet to ask, how come there are patient zero’s in abundance before the virus spreads into the same places the patient zero’s show up?

      Something isn’t adding up here. Is that circular logic or intuition? Too many strange things. A Bio weapons lab in the district the virus first shows up, in a totalitarian marxist state, a lob run by a military that self funds itself thru a myriad of illicit and illegal activities and sources, that is renown for infiltrating western nations and stealing trade secrets and national secret weapons technology, who also have a very high level of political autonomy within the Chinese Soviet.

      A very rich self proclaimed one worlder who with his wife is heavily involved in viral and other potential pandemic diseases shows up in the corona virus timeline multiple times.

      The virus is claimed thru various research to possess a number of features in it’s genetic genome code that only could have showed up thru the hand of men and not in the time frame thru even the craziest natural mutation evolution, features that other viruses like Aids and SAR’s possess.

      Certain actors of the deep state, like Rod Rosenstien’s sister, by a married last name, and from the CDC and state department, serious actors who hold President Trump in total contempt, have perpetrated crimes of violation of every common sense concept of prudent containment allowing infected American’s to pass freely back into the US. Even after explicitly ordered to not take any action without White House clearance first. They never even let Trump know what they where doing in contradiction to every concept of chain of command.

      I could wear out my finger with this kind of bullshit.

      No matter how anecdotal Stuff just don’t add up to a natural occurring event.
      In the time we live in?
      With the power struggle going on across the west?
      What else could it all be?
      How obvious do things need to be before conspiracy theory is conspiracy fact in a time of total conspiracy of the grandest kind is what crossing my mind.


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