For Reference Only

Countries that use the Metric System and try to convert their stuff to Standard measurements run into problems with the residual discrepancies in the conversion.

Be aware of this when using the Chinesium Measuring Tapes!




26 thoughts on “For Reference Only

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  2. You gotta watch how they rivet the tang on those chinesium tape measures as well’
    Ask me how I know.


    • My wife mentioned the Bart’s little sister on a recent Simpsons in a school homework assignment skit got up in front of her class…
      “Don’t worry, the corona virus was made in China it won’t last long”

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      • Outstanding! I remember a time when Harbor Freight carried SK,
        Ridgid, deWalt, Ingersoll Rand, Makita, etc. Now you can’t find
        anything that isn’t made Coronaville. While they do sell some
        seemingly quality items, most of their shit is junk. I bought a
        set of SDS bits for my cordless hammer drill, and they were
        all undersized, making them useless for anchoring jobs. They
        still sell some good grinder discs, flapper and cut-off wheels
        but most of their stuff is Joe Homeowner quality.


    • 5 thumbs up!

      Starrett is like traveling back in time. Hard earned bucks spent on tools that are a a mans investment.
      A “Last Word Indicator” I bought in 1979 still like the day it was new, the case is gutted from using it, it satill indicates to .0001 to almost .00005, same with a 24 inch hardened square set, bought it with my first welding paycheck, the one with the protractor you can use both sides of zero degrees. I never seen another company makes one. Must have soap stoned a couple thousand car ship channels for welding on pan cleats with it. Still like new, still can read the rule engravings. Tap handles, scribes, punches, machinist levels, everything I ever got from Starrett superbly crafted. Their small stuff like scales, pin punches, hammers, 4 and 6 inch squares, i think they are by far an incredible bargain.
      Starrett changed the world because they made super precision obtainable to everyone. I think they invented the precision square actually which made making the tools to make the tools possible.


      • my pride and joy is a CRES forty eight inch Starrett machinist(?) rule etched from one tenth inch to one hundredth inch on one side. etched must be kept at 59 degrees F to be accurate. 1968 manf date. bought at a defense logistics surplus sale at McClellan AFB.
        I have an unopened sixty some piece tap and die set I picked up for fifteen dollars from a garage sale in the early 1970’s that I once considered opening and using. that thought was smashed back down as hard as I could manage it.
        not finding such goodies anymore.


  3. Naw, that’s just the difference between British inches and American inches.

    Same as for short ton and long ton (tonne) 😉


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