First Death From Corona Virus Reported In Washington State

The Wifely Unit was just flipping through the channels looking for anything Football related and I see VP Mike Pence flapping his gums about what Teh Government is doing to stop the spread of this virus after the first death in Washington state was reported.

Banning anyone from Iran traveling to the U.S.

Top Men…..

I see yesterday that they are monitoring 12 people here in the county we are in for signs of having contracted it.


Let’s face it folks, it’s out there, it’s spreading and anything Teh Government says otherwise is complete bullshit at this point.

Being an Old Geezer and a smoker to boot, contracting that motherfucker could be fatal for me.

It is what it is.

All I can do is to try and stay away from the general population at large, use hand sanitizer at every opportunity at work and hope for the best.

This is going to get worse you can fucking guarantee it.

There are already confirmed cases out there of people who have it and have had no known contact with anyone else to get it from.

That tells me all I need to know about any efforts to try and contain it.

I can see Corona Virus Hysteria being the Emergency Du Jour for the foreseeable future.

9 thoughts on “First Death From Corona Virus Reported In Washington State

  1. Here is my prediction;

    Third-world shit holes with socialized or nonexistent health care systems will get
    shit-hammered. If the virus spreads to America, liberal governed cities will get
    hit hard but the virus will fizzle out just like the last 6 pandemic scares did. Why
    will liberal governed cities be hit worst? Go back to Hurricane Katrina. Every
    city in America has disaster preparedness plans. Democrats governors and
    mayors appoint campaign donors, supporters, and cronies to executive
    positions, and most never even bother to open the books.

    We’ve had several major hurricanes hit Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama
    and we saw none of the chaos we did in New Orleans. Add to this the unsanitary
    conditions in San Franfagshow, Seattle, Los Angeles, etc. The Bubonic Plague
    hit Medieval Europe hundreds of years before anyone knew jack shit about
    virus and germ theory were known and it too burned out.

    No matter how badly American health care was damaged by Ubangi-care, we
    still have the greatest health care system on the planet. One pharmaceutical
    company is predicting clinical trials by April and the Israelis claim to be able
    to produce a vaccine even sooner!

    Be cautious, take reasonable measures, but do not panic.

    PS Generic Flu’s kill about 60,000 people in America each year.

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  2. Actually, smoking may not hurt you. I smoked 2 packs a day for 35 years and I rarely got sick. Had the flu twice during that time. No colds, nothing else. Remember, nothing can survive in those lungs, not even diseases. Hell, I quit in 2007 and have been a mess ever since. The money I have saved on cigarettes I have spent on health care.
    BTW, I am a fellow Oregonian currently living in Japan. It isn’t a big deal. Look at the stats. The great majority of deaths are people over 70, and many of those have preexisting health problems. Fuck the media BS, it is just another flu.


  3. Life is fleeting. Live like each day is your last. Put up with as little BS as you can. Enjoy each meal like it’s your best and last. Love like there’s no tomorrow. Remember to actually LIVE and not be a zombie.

    Or just watch the TeeVee and get to bed early.


  4. It’s already a shitshow out there. We were not aware that our noble leader, hairlipped retard Inslee had made a statement about Covid19. We were at Costco and it was PACKED! You would think the world was coming to an end. It really bothered the wife. I’m just going to stay home and be a hermit.


  5. After the last two Ebola scares and my general paranoia, I’m ready to go. What concerns me is the reactions of stupid people and the .gov. Probably repeating myself.
    Like Mr. Jones says here and if I’m not mistaken, also at Irish’s place, do the math.
    I know I’m not slowing down at all. Hell, those assholes at work have me working several doubles this week (16hr days) while it seems people are dropping like flies from exhaustion around me.
    No, really. Had one guy stroke out on me and another get carted away for chest pains.
    No one here gets out alive.
    Great, now I’m starting to sound like tfat.


  6. Friday, I get my semi-annual $45.00 order of Chinese take out. As I’m leaving the restaurant with my bag of food, I’m thinking “I hope nobody that works there spent the holidays at home in China”. (everyone that works in this joint is Oriental and they all barely speak English, food is outstanding!). Yesterday, I wake and as soon as my feet hit the floor, I felt the back of my throat start to buzz and I start sneezing. I’m thinking OH SHIT! As I’m making my first cup of covfefe, I look at the Vit C bottle siting on the counter and I say to myself fuck it two more won’t hurt. So I take two 500cc tabs along with the rest of my morning meds (I usually take that dose at night with my night meds). Never sneezed or coughed the rest of the day and I woke this morning feeling like normal (for me). So, it was probably nothing.


  7. Flu kills 60-80K/year. Every year. Why no panic there? COVID-19 death rate under 2%, well under 1% for those without significant health problems. Trump is right, this is being amplified for political purposes. So pass the DimSum.


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