Clever But Who The Hell Has Any Spare Change These Days?


I don’t know about anyone else but I noticed just today while I was out getting gas for the lawnmower and a new valve for one of the toilets that I just get nickel dime’d to death everywhere I go.

Most of the time I just use the card but I hit the Old Lady up for some cash today.

What change I had in my pocket disappeared before I got back.

Over a dollar and a half.

One of those things you don’t really notice unless you do use cash.

13 thoughts on “Clever But Who The Hell Has Any Spare Change These Days?

  1. I use cash as much as I can, when ya just got pennies in your pocket, you gotta figure if that is what ya really want before you spend your last nickel.


    • GMTA, Cederq. I use cash as much as possible, watching it quickly fly out of my wallet. Helps slow down the spending, although a simple $35 brake job became a $650 nightmare on my ’89 Taurus SHO… I do all my own work as much as possible, it’s cheaper by 50-60 percent! Labor’s expensive nowadays.


  2. I use cash all the time, and I put the change I get into a 4x4x6 plastic container. When it fills up, about twice a year, i take it to the credit union and cash it in. If it is all the way full to overflowing it gets up to $250.00.

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  3. I have a 5-gallon Sparklets bottle 2/3 filled with pennies, dimes, and nickles.
    The quarters are reserved for doing laundry. When it is full, I intend to buy
    an automatic coin sorter and preformed tubes. In terms of volume, dimes
    are the most valuable. In the end, I might have enough to take a vacation
    and have enough left over for a 17″ HD laptop for my gadget bag for
    photo processing.


    • I had a 5 gal water jug back in the day, dumped my pocket into every evening. Not just change, bills too. There were ones, fives, even a few twenties sprinkled throughout all the pennies and nickels. My plan was to get it full and then make a run to the gun store and buy the nicest 1911 i could afford.

      I had it about 3/4 full when i got married. Came home one day and it was gone. Shit! Asked the wife and she said she was tired of seeing it in the bedroom. So her and her sister counted it all up, cashed it in, and went shopping for clothes. We were living paycheck to paycheck back then, so that was a nice bit of mad money for her.

      The real kicker was having to listen to her complain about how long it took to count and roll all the change. Apparently it was a real chore (eye roll). She acted like she had done me a favor since i didn’t have to count it now. She even expected me to be grateful.

      Been married to her for 25 years now, that still burns me up when i think about it. Especially since i sold my Harley a few months after that to pay off some credit card bills. Typical woman, no recognition of the sacrifices a man makes for his family.


  4. I save all my coins for tough times. At least once a year there’s the inevitable need for something like food and the account is low. Coins, either gleaned or change, fills the need for ’emergency cash.’

    It’s amazing how many people just throw pennies and dimes down on the ground.


  5. We have one of those multi tier plastic coin sorting gizmos, but now we only use it to hold the change until we use one of those supermarket machines to convert the change into a gift certificate that works with a large company named after a forest in Brazil.


  6. If you have a bank account, your bank will accept loose, unsorted coins, run them through its own coin-sorting, coin-counting machine, and give you the paper equivalent and left over coins. It will not charge you for this service.


  7. I have to laugh when I see these fools taking their spare change to the Coinstar. They say “I was saving it for ……..”. I mention they are paying 10+% for their savings. Most don’t get it. I , myself take everything but the pennies to the local Indian casino. They count it for free, I pocket the twenties and the rest is used for beer and a couple of turns on a one armed bandit.


  8. As much as possible, I use cash.
    Mostly because I’m cheap.
    It’s easy to spend money using a debit card.
    Not so much when you have to count out your money.
    As an added bonus, all of the funk on cash keeps your immune system strong.
    That, and the kids always have a quarter from me to use in the gumball machine.


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