Fold The Towels?


The Wifely Unit has literally tried to tell me how to change a fucking light bulb before.


She has even had the gall to try and tell me how to work on her fucking car!

The Know It All condescending tone she uses at these times causes me to grind my teeth together and my blood pressure to spike.

I will usually tolerate a few comments and then go off.

Get back in the fucking kitchen woman.

I forgot more about this shit twenty years ago than you will ever know.

She’s an ornery bitch sometimes. We are a good match.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death but a man has to know his limitations.



14 thoughts on “Fold The Towels?

    • John Updike said:
      “I like old men. They can be wonderful bastards because they have nothing to lose. The only people who can be themselves are babies and old bastards.”

      Yeah (Children, & Old Men Like Phil Do Not Dissimulate. One is innocent & incapable, the other can’t be bothered with Stupid Fuckin’ Horse Shit):
      Some of us are dangerous Men. The “woke” see us as an existential danger to their precious snowflake fantasy world. Get a life ya retarded numbnuts.

      I drive an old Chevy truck, got it in 1996 from a dude who raced Bush Cup up at NH International Speedway, used it to pull his 2 car hauler, had 16,000 miles on it, for $1600 bucks because the frame was racked from the previous owner slid into a power pole and it was totalled out by his insurance. I found a shopping mall parking lot where a train crossed it, big ass concrete 6ft diameter caissons for the old RR Crossing Flags when it once was a road crossing, hooked some 1/2 inch hi tensile chains to the frame in various places to the frame and concrete and proceeded to backing up or going forward with the necessary inertia with the chain slack to get a run going and yanking with all that momentum of 6000lb empty vehile weight till I got that frame straightened. Bingo! Almost brand new Chebby pick up for 1600 clams!
      No: airbags, traction control, ani-lock-up braking, CIA Onstar spygadget. Every body panel has a dent or more, the inside door latches broke years ago gotta roll down the window to reach the outside latch, lost the tail gate about 2001, shit, the defroster gave up the ghost at 97 thousand miles in 2005, speedometer don’t work, only one instrument illumination lamp works anyways, i put one of those indestructable NV 4500 5 speed tranny’s from a Dodge Cummins diesel in it, ripped out the TBI and run a Davis U. I. one wire race HEI ignition and Holley 2 bbl induction on an intake I fabricated, welded up a heads to step bumper 304 stainless steel exhaust, fucker went from 9mpg to 18 mpg, it’s a 89 “super duty” K2500, 9000gvw 3/4 ton, has monster GM HD front brake calipers and rotors with factory 5th wheel suspension option driveline and frame, running it with a crate 350 put in a few years ago, rebuilt the entire driveline and suspension with all new parts, bushings, ball joints, springs tortion bars etc in 2008, and keep a gas drive Lincoln Pipeliner welder in the bed for odd weld jobs, mostly for getting to a log landing to trade weld repair for cord wood. In the summer the doors come off and quick disconnect door bars go on. My wife calls it the beast. I drive it with old white guy delight and i’ll shoot the 1st fucking politician who tries to outlaw it like an AR15, because what it is about, and I figure most of you fella’s agree in some way guys like us want to die like Men. BFYTW).

      Now if I could only find a sweet G body El-Camino like Phil’s I can hotrod, (build a IMSHA/NASCAR Truck chassis for the street, go full circle track under the stock body, the race parts are as cheap as OEM like from Speedway Motors ), I’d die a happy old stinky goat.

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      • Dude, you fly out here with 3 Grand cash and not only will I sell you this thing, I’ll throw in a low mile 350 long block, an almost new Torquer manifold and a new Edelbrock 4 barrel.
        I would almost guarantee you could drive this thing back without any problems at 20mpg.
        Just because I like you, I’d even empty out the ash tray first.


      • My Chevy truck is a 2000 C3500 Single cab with 260000 on the original 350 and auto. I baby my truck, but treat it like a truck. Doesn’t have airbags, last year of HD 3500 Fleet truck didn’t have to have airbags. It is the old classic style so parts are available till doomsday. I do have ABS, but if ya know how to drive it, it works fine. No rust. Does have a ‘puter, but it was the last year you can put an old style distro in it and wire up one wire to have it run. I agree with ya on old men, I find I want their company better then a woman most of the time. I am 61 and there is a reason most women our age is single. I have no desire for drama and BS. I have TBI and I get about 15mpg with a 4:11 rear end. I wish I got 18mpg. It will pull stumps all day but doesn’t like going fast which is okay with me, I ain’t gotta be anywhere anymore fast. I agree with ya about snowflakes and the woke bastards, they are scared shitless with us, can’t bambozzles us and we would just as soon shoot ya as to spit. Yet, we are the inglorious bastards that can teach them to continue civilization, to fix shit and repair the infrastructure and lay down new infrastructure. They think watch yube tube will tell them all they need to know or computers and fucking robots will do the work, good luck with that. What we know we learned with cut and bruised knuckles, in fucking cold and fucking heat that would melt a flalking snodflake. I really don’t see our society going into the future except as serfs and beggars learning shit all over again. Fuck. I’ll be dead.


        • Yeah but us smelly old warriors get the last laugh. By the time they get half way to the grave when you really need to get by on your druthers and all that old dead white guy shit they talk smack about and find out what a total fucking disaster they made out of their lives because they never got the life experience to figure out why a left hand thread nut won’t come off, well if any of em aren’t brain dead from their cognitive dissonance based mental retardation, there be that little voice telling them maybe all the “Olds” they let themselves be brainwashed to destroy wasn’t such a hot idea.

          You fuckin’ Inglorious Bastardges you.


        • I hear you. Detroit Iron. No spam in a can for us.
          Yours model truck still came with a cast iron Vortec engine and fuel injection?
          I kept hearing its worth an extra 50 plus rearwheel HP going to a 1 wire Delco HEI and a high quality intake with a Holley 2 bbl or small 4bbl like a 625cfm Street Demon.
          It was more than that, a world of difference changing to carb intake.
          I got a 71 Beetle Bug, aircooled, 2 valve push rod heads, design by F. Porch in WWII, fucker gets 45 miles to the gallon if you are nice to the pedal on the right. And the only electronics on the whole vehicle is a distributer points condenser, is a ignition coil electronics? Even the voltage regulator is a mechanical relay type. The generator has a commutator and brushes. No radio. OH! Replaced the original equipment blinker relay with a solid state one.

          So is FI really all that good performance wise? Still not many cars can go as fast as a Ford race 1966 Lemans GT40, all analog on that sweet baby.
          I know its EPA regulatory tyranny diktat shoved all this crap right up our arses, because the earth will be destroyed, glo-bullshit colding hope & change, or some-thing.
          Is sulfuric acid rain really better than carbon monoxide? Oh yeah, carbon, it’s a toxic substance…all life on earth is based upon carbon.
          Them youngin’s I tell you, after brainwashing in gender studies, they can change the laws of physics, because muh darvirshity or white racists or something.

          Gave it a good think why I suspect 18mpg on a 6100lb, thats 3 tons, empty weight vehicle. I’m using a 350cfm Holley instead of the 500 cfm model, called Holley tech up, with how I set things up they suggested power valves and a race metering plate, jets accel pump cams bleeds air correction jets etc. Played around with various size bits till it seemed to hit a sweet spot. Certainly WAAAY more power acceleration wise than the TBI. Strange to smell pre catalytic converter exhaust, talk about going back to the day!
          And it pulls in higher gears that before it would lug out if you didnt down shift. Guess its basically more efficient/improved set up intake velocity wise, due to the smaller cfm carb and the longer but smaller intake ducts I fabricated for the manifold. The crate motor has the 196 lift 403 duration factory roller, thats a low rpm stump puller cam.
          I made tapered headers, go from port size on the ID, think it was 1.400 inches, square ports, and after a straight diameter 3 inch run, they taper out to 1.875 OD, by 34 inches long, and long merge collectors, into one secondary 3 inch pipe, with a reverse cone meg, into a volume box that is 12 times 1 cylinder volume, then a straight thru 3 inch perf core muff mounted all the way to the rear bumper.
          The primary pipe taper formula is from the back of the exhaust vale to the end of the taper you make it 1 cylinder volume, measured wet in CC’s, I used WD40 because its thin and most drains out gets you a precise measurement and no oily mess. You have to cut out the required amount of taper along the bend, its funky, but it works pretty well. The principle is it acts like a reverse supercharger, causes a much higher intake velocity pulse because the low pressure pulse from the taper in the ex pipe, hence increase in volumetric efficiency, =’s more power. After all, all a normally aspirated 4 stroke engine is is an air compressor, and at best there’s 14.7lbs atmospheric pressure, before all the shit the intake charge has to go thru around and into. Anything you can do to boost the intake charge increases efficiency, to a point.
          What I understand, the exhaust gas pulse as it rapidly cools as it exits the ex port, it wants to expand violently to approx 12 times it’s hottest temp volume, the little taper, about 9 inches long is basically a tiny megaphone, amplifies the sonic pulse too, and keeps the ex gas speed higher than a straight primary pipe, the gas ain’t fighting the drag and hold back of a smaller pipe ID.
          Used this on my race bike exhaust systems to great effect. Just dumping into a too large primary pipe the gas velocity speed drops off quickly and it shortens up you power and torque curve.

          I think that Dodge Cummins NV 4500 transmission has an efficient torque path thru it. Anything was better than that granny low gear Saginaw 3 speed. And or by luck, might be it ended up being complimentary to the 373 gear ratios that came from the factory on the truck, most of the super duty chevy’s have 4:11’s. Had a tough time finding a 3/4 ton used front diff in 373.
          Anyways, after swapping out the old OEM clunky Saginaw 3 speed, 1st is that granny gear, felt like it freed up 100hp I that the Saginaw chewed up before it got to wheels.

          Changing the rear diff oil the first time, took the pumpkin cover off and was looking at the strangest gismo i ever seen, its a like a complex clutch pack locker, very thin drive and driven plate stack, lots of plates. Has a crazy hit or miss looking flyweight runs on a shaft thats about half inch dia, driven by a circular rack on the ring gear part of the clutch pack just inboard of the ring gear. Somebody told me it causes the clutch to lock up tighter the more torque is applied. Like what a Spicer True Track diff does, but clutches instead of complex planetary gears. I never seen it before. It lets you know when the limited slip additive needs refreshing, sounds like the ring gear bolts are loose when you corner. Maybe Phil seen them on Ford Super Duty’s. I think it’s a Dana rear end. Semi floating axles.

          What you figure the intrinsic value of your truck is worth to you?
          I know mine, probably cost about 65 large, plus tax and insurance, to replace it with new.
          !??? WTF ???!
          My house and 5 acres cost me $46,500. The WV county we live in grants you Homestead Rights after 60, for 10 acres or less and your castle, zero property tax.
          That brandy new truck loses what, 20% when you drive it out the car dealer lot?
          I might be an old white toxic rascist white guy, but even me ain’t that stupid.

          Old Trucks. Old Guys. BFYTW


  1. My *favorite* thing to do is look at the wife with That Look and say, “Are you trying to teach your grandmother how to suck eggs again??”

    That puts an end to the “helpful advice”. Used to do it with my kids as well.

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  2. My father-in-law was a mechanical genius with an 8th grade education and a whale of a self-taught machinist. He designed, built and sold his own silage harvesters until selling the design to a large manufacturer you’ve all heard of. When they quit building it, he designed, built and sold another before selling that design to yet another large manufacturer you’ve all heard of. Built his own metal rolling machines and whatnot. That kinda guy.

    His daughter barely knows which end of the screwdriver turns the screw. Put new string in the string trimmer? With instructions. No way. How the hell did that happen?


  3. I worked in restaurants for nearly a decade. Did every job there is, up to general manager. Worked for Marriott for a time, went through an extensive training program.
    Last month the wife told me I was loading the dishwasher wrong.


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