8 thoughts on “But I Like Me This Way!

  1. I’ve been told by my supervisor that I’m “scary” to the younger employees that I’m supposed to mentor. My response was “good, they should be scared”. Not the answer he was looking for.


  2. I’ve been doing this shit for 35 years, and who wants me to do what?
    It’s way too late now!
    I’m tired of all this PC shit. The next time somebody asks me why, I’m just gonna say, “because I said so”. Fuk ’em.

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  3. Fuquem and their “check yourself” bullshit. I remember when that shit started – first, it was all about men being men, then of course slid over into racism. Been pretty quiet the last few years, as it’s evolved into a dozen other ways to piss you off.

    You wanna have some fun? Next time an over-officious asshole control-freak tax-feeding bureaucrat gives you a hard time, tell them to “check yourself”. Then watch their head explode.


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