Let Me Point Something Out Here

I’m sure we have all seen hundreds of unmarked cop cars over the years.

Has anyone else noticed that they really like Pick Ups too lately?

I noticed it a few years ago when I was coming home from work late at night, went to pull into a double left turn lane and all of a sudden the black pickup next to me lit the fuck up behind a car  sitting in front of it at a light. I was taking a buddy home from work. I stopped behind and to the right of this cop because I didn’t want to pull up next to the car he just lit up. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the front of a tan colored Suburban. The next thing I know, it whips around me, pulls sideways in front of me and it flips on the bubble gum machine too.

Here I am right in the middle of some kind of bust and all I could do was back up and go around the assholes.

I’m betting most people don’t pay the slightest bit of attention to pick ups.

This right here might open some eyes, 4 of them at work trapping a runner.

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12 thoughts on “Let Me Point Something Out Here

  1. they quit making the crown victoria and the police package chevys are too expensive to import from Australia. the pickup truck was the less expensive option otherwise its the ford compact sedan , they dont have enough trunk space for all the crap that supposed to go into a patrol vehicle.

    simple economics.


  2. They do this big time in Florida. I got stopped one afternoon, by a group of them. Those fuckers didn’t even have FLA plates they had South Carolina on their ford ranger man was i pissed. You really need to pay attention. The latest her in MN is ghost paint. You shine lights on it at night and its like regular white lettering, but during daylight its very hard to see. If your not sure use extra caution


  3. Some jurisdictions in TX have lineman trucks to do surveillance and drug/prostitution stings. Thats on top of the ghost painted and seized vehicles


  4. It actually makes sense if you think about it. For decades, undercover cars
    were the exact same make and model as their cruisers, and the dead giveaway
    was the E for Exempt on their license plates. If you really want to blend in,
    a truck, van, or SUV would be the way to go. An old school or retro muscle
    car would make a good pursuit vehicle. How about Snap-On tool trucks for
    Paddy Wagons? Who would suspect a truck with a utility box and fake
    company logo of being a cop car?


  5. Quite frankly, look at what are the most popular vehicle classes on the roads today, and then cross-reference with vehicles that can take high-output alternators.

    And seriously, mid or compact cars are just as expensive or more expensive than budget SUVs or Light Trucks, and you can’t fit a 200amp alternator in a Prius.

    Not to mention, body room. Seriously. Body Room. Most cops are on the hefty side to begin with, especially ones that migrate off of street crimes to undercover work. And then add a vest, maybe a plate carrier, all the baggy clothes that go with your undercover work, a gun and holster, etc. If the cop is wearing a uniform, add all the deluxe utility belt stuff like radio, flashlight, extra mags, 2-3 cuffs, flexcuffs, facemask, rubber glove holder, more mags, tac knife, extra flashlight, baton or ASP, and top it off with a vest and plate carrier and and and… There’s no room in a standard car for a ‘normal’ person outfitted with all the gear, let alone some more-rotund example of LEO.

    Trucks and SUVs have room. Room for equipment, room for body carried stuff, room for a dog or a partner or whatever.

    Plus, they have a far better chance at surviving ‘Cop Bumper Car.’

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  6. The Ottawa police have a couple of unmarked F150s that patrol for cellphone users. The officer in the passenger seat can look down and see the cellphone in the driver’s lap that they’re texting with.


  7. I’ve noticed a good amount of “almost flat black” SUVs as undercover PD and sheriff vehicles, with “regular” license plates. Tinted windows all around, but it’s still easy to spot their PC’s mounted high up in the area of the console. And can’t quite get the tech to complety hide the hidden blue and red lights pressed up against (on the interior facing outwards) of the rear windshields.


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