24 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

    • Think twice i.e. think practical: a girl wearing a chastity belt always wears it since otherwise it would be useless.
      She always wears it – very hour, every minute of the day…
      You really wanna munch through THAT??


  1. There is a classic King Arthur joke in this post. Before King Arthur took a
    journey, he placed a chastity belt on his Queen that would chop off the member
    of anyone who attempted to violate her. Upon his return, he assembled the
    Knights of the Round Table and ordered a short arms inspection. All but
    Sir Lancelot was missing his dick. King Arthur praised his one trustworthy
    knight and told him he would be rewarded for his loyalty. Just speak and
    you will have anything you want!

    Sir Lancelot: Mlfwbew

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  2. Ha! A Chinese lock pick set could open that in seconds. I know because I have learned how to use one. Surprisingly, padlocks are very easy to pick.

    Still a funny picture though.


  3. PS The mechanic in me thinks this is a job for my 4-1/2″ cordless angle
    grinder. It might get a bit messy if it kicks back and hits her leg but I
    might want to earn my red wings!


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