5 thoughts on “Democrats After Trump Gets Re Elected

  1. Those BASE jumpers are nucking futz, and even though I’ve done skydiving I wouldn’t do 10 percent of the “normal” things they jump from. I’ve gotta be at least 10K AGL before I would jump… guess I’m a weenie!


  2. We will see a full-blown case of mass psychosis when Trump is reelected.
    I just posted a message on another site about the cluster of dunces that
    makes up the Democrat presidential candidates. It was bad enough that
    all of the candidates were packing enough baggage to fill the cargo hold
    of a 747, then along comes Doomberg with is plans to buy the presidency.

    All of a sudden, we are being treated to a taste of Doomberg’s baggage.
    If this keeps up, he will be able to fill the hold of that monstrous Russian
    cargo plane. Could it be that the DNC is intentionally torpedoing their
    own candidates? Could this be a replay of the 2016 campaign? I am
    beginning to think that the Donks are headed to a brokered convention.
    Hitlery just had a session at Dr. Finklestein’s plastic surgery clinic. It
    sure looks like she will come riding in on a white horse to gain the

    The Democrats campaign strategies have not varied in 50 years and
    neither have their smear campaigns. This time around, it will blow-
    back in their faces. The Antifa types and the Bernie Boys will hit the
    streets, the Bootygig fans will be in a snit, Biteme has already
    destroyed himself, and Princess Gray Beaver’s voters will be burning
    their bras. What is worse, Democrat voters generally suffering from
    Hitlery fatigue!

    All they have left would be Klobuchar and she is in the single digits.
    If a brokered convention is their plan, and Ferlonia von Pantsuit is
    not their champion, it will be yet another unknown empty suit like
    Ubangi who will present his or herself as the great moderate hope!
    Either way, I’ll give the odds that the lesbian in the 12 thousand
    dollar Hoover vacuum coat will be the choice for veep at 60-40.


  3. Nah, they’ll threaten and all, but they won’t do it.

    How many promised to move to Canada or wherever and then quickly figured out that even with Trump leading , the US was still better.


  4. Phil’s right.
    All together now…
    Jump You Fuckers!

    β€œIn individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    And if your a leftist they are going to have to invent a new name for how fucked in the head you are.


  5. We can only hope. A buttload of them promised to leave the country if he won the first time….. that hasn’t happened so I doubt we’ll be rid of any that easily.


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