The Conservative Tree House Breaks Open a Multi Pronged Conspiracy To Hide Evidence Pointing To The Planned Ouster Of President Trump.

Multi Pronged as in conspiracies between the FBI, The DOJ, The Senate, The major News corporations, Rod Rosenstein, Bob Mueller  and a host of other bad actors.

DOJ Corruption – The Fork in The Road Few Noticed – What Bill Barr Needs to Explain to Everyone…

A small highlight,

As soon as Robert Mueller was going to release his Russia report, the EDVA shut down Assange with the DOJ indictment; in a similar way the DOJ shut down Wolfe with a weak plea agreement.

Again, the key takeaway here is the timing.  Both DOJ operations were taking place at the same time (Fall 2017 through spring/summer 2018).  Both hold a similar purpose.

What we can see from both DOJ operations is an intentional effort by Main Justice not to expose the epicenter of a multi-branch effort against the White House.

Oh you really need to go read this whole article.

Putting these puzzle pieces together with what we already know adds up to almost the entire United States Government, the entire Democratic Party upper echelon and even the Department of Justice for crying out loud, conspiring to get rid of President Donald Trump from the day he announced his decision to run, to the present moment.

From the bottom of my heart I hope Donald Trump exposes every single individual who was even peripherally involved in these criminal acts and tries every single one of them for treason.

This is why there haven’t been any arrests and prosecutions though, the entire Judiciary was rotten also.

This is why Trump has been working non stop to get new judges installed.

Over 150 at last count.

He has been cleaning out a totally corrupt Judiciary on top of everything else.


General Mike Rogers, Military Intelligence and Trump along with his inner circle already know all of this and who did what when, “they have it all”.

You may or may not recall Trump revising the Military Code of Justice a while back.

Can you say Military Tribunals for civilians?

You may or may not have heard about the massive expansion of GITMO.

Also note that the Federal Death Penalty has been reinstated.


This is why it’s Impeach Trump At All Costs.

They know he knows about everything they have done and they know he is coming after their asses.

They are trying to keep him too busy to make progress.

They are going to fail at that also.

Trump is going to have plenty of time to clean this giant cesspool up,

Trump 2020


13 thoughts on “The Conservative Tree House Breaks Open a Multi Pronged Conspiracy To Hide Evidence Pointing To The Planned Ouster Of President Trump.

  1. I’ll believe it when I see Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lorenta and Hitlery and Obozo indicted and perp walked in waist chains and leg shackles. Until then it’s new boss same as the old boss. The recent announcement that McCabe will not be prosecuted should tell one all he/she needs to know about Barr and now gives McCabe a pretty good case to sue Uncle Sam and win. I know that Trump is trying his darndest to drain the swamp, nut until Bill Barr starts perp walking people with ABCNNBCBS in attendance, we might as well be Don Quixote.

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  2. I am also in the ‘I’ll believe it when I see perp walks’ group.

    There is no rule of law in America right now. Not since July 5, 2016.


  3. I’m thinking that Justice is going to land on these rats like the Fist of God, all at once with almost no windup. That way the perps can’t prepare and/or dodge quick enough when it lands.

    That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway…

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    • I think you are entirely correct. It must be a mass event because the trials of each would contaminate the others, otherwise. You are correct, they did rebuild GITMOin anticipation of this Grand Event coming. Stay tuned and help make sure Trump has another term to accomplish the whole Trash-Emptying!


  4. Sometimes you got to go total fucking outlier thinking with bullshit like all this protracted stonewalling.

    Change your thinking:
    These people are never going to be held accountable, because, the system and it’s institutional order, is truthfully and rationally thinking, not able to police itself to begin with.
    In simplest terms organized criminal syndicates are not recognized for following the idea of rule of law. Hint hint…crooks be crooks, all there is to it.

    If you can mentally masticate that and come to the obvious conclusion, what remedies or recourse do you prefer that can be totally effective in removing this organized crime syndicate from within what is our government, meaning Republican form of government, as formed originally.

    Remember, they hold the keys to all the institutional doors, partial list thereof includes the yellow media and the other 5th column operatives and actors, those controlling the corporate social networkings, comment thread trolls and agent provocateurs, antifart, BLM, false flag operations, from the intelligentsia class infesting our schools to the Praetorian Guard, aka armed badged leg breakers, and other hit men, and the amerikan Nomenklatura managerial class, the level that McCabe and Comey etc swim in.
    It’s a heady list of persons.
    Nothing to be afraid of but an out of control tyrannical regime bent on destruction of our great civilization, our way of life and our codes we live by and honor.

    There’s two things here that bear mention.
    One is if they where not afraid of backlash from us dirt people and Deplorable’s, they would not bother putting on this clown car show of justice.
    One aspect of their actions involves putting us in our place, according to how they see themselves in the hierarchy. This clown car show is for us, one of it’s intended purposes is to create dismay, feelings of futility, rub our faces in getting away scott free right in front of our eyes. Why it is taking so long with Bill Barr’s traveling circus, is there is no jurisprudence going on. Period. It is satire. Crowd manipulation. See here, you dirt people, we are omnipotent, untouchable, eat shit you rubes, and obey. We are nothing to these people. And that is a great weapon, thing is it only works with willing slaves and useful dupes, ignorant and highly opinionated minds that refuse to observe the obvious, for whatever reasons, this is a plurality in and of it’s self, that provides an air of legitimacy, you see them all around. They don’t want to know the truth, they are happy asa things stand. Sounds obvious?

    The “good guys” in all this, Q belongs in this group, are playing us too. The motivations and objectives you could say are more in line with constitutionalism and rule of law, but, but they are a power-block also.
    Remember, it all comes down to guns.
    Revolves around guns.
    Why? Because all power, in our age, grows from the barrel of the gun.
    Why? Why because the truth of that above is they don’t want us dirt people to have any guns is why.
    Obvious? Sure. They don’t want us assaulting them with our rifles for what they are doing to us. It doesn’t get any more basic than that.
    Even more so, without our Rifles we are without the excellent means of shooting and killing these pieces of human garbage. Which ties into the first part of demoralizing us with their impunity and immunity from comeuppance for their crimes.
    This is war of Hearts & Minds. And it is our hearts and our minds, what is in them, that decides our fate, individually and as a whole.

    Barr is a fixer, a master fixer, anyone who could have spun and deceived most of America into seeing Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidian’s as the culprits if evil, after the unmitigated fucking disaster the ATF, DOJ and FBI made out of these lethal bloody acts of tyranny against we the people, is ac master manipulator. Nobody paid for those crimes of cold blooded sanctioned murder. Nobody will for putting the hit on LeVoy Finnicum and his cold blooded murder.

    Here’s the thing, the outlier, it’s subtle but then it’s not.
    The power these actors wield is unique. It is unique because it is derived from what is called Consent of the people. A most elusive and difficult thing to pin down succinctly in language, nonetheless that in no way diminishes this power.
    What is at risk here is that consent is become mostly, and for intent and purposes, sourced by way of tacit consent, along with an illusion of legitimacy which demands consent of the governed. Sounds complex, but it ain’t. Hard to describe, but nothing is hard about it.

    See the trick there, “demands consent of the governed”???
    You can’t demand consent, for then it isn’t consent, because your and my consent is something that only can be given, without force, without coercion, without using lies and subterfuge, without using threat or use of violence, if you refuse to consent.
    This is power.
    Both Consent, and tacit consent, is power.
    Tacit consent comes from a myriad of sources, from the free shit army, all they way to a FICA court judge who is under extortion and blackmail for letting themselves become part of the blackmail system we call #Pizzagate.
    Why do you think there is this full court press right now, as whats going down in Virginia with the hoplophobes trying to outlaw armed Freemen?
    The armed dirt people of Virginia are Not Consent.
    I went, best thing I ever did in my life, it was Not Consent. by 50,000, who refuse to consent. That’s real power. To steal a line from another regime, “That’s talking truth to power”
    It is the only power, all other power is an illusion of power, and very importantly an illusion of legitimacy derived from tacit illusion of consent.
    In the end all there is is power.
    It isn’t about liberty, or legitimacy of government, not about left verses right, Christians verses the human extinction movement, faggots verses straight, sovereign states/counties verses the feds, it is about power. And us armed to the teeth dirt people are the most powerful power there is. Things like Liberty are for after you win.

    Part of Barr’s job, and Q also, is to run social engineering operations, both try to manipulate us, our consent, in their desired direction. The commies call it nudging. I call it mind fucking. What happens, is instead of thinking about what you want personally for yourself, they all get you thinking about what they want you to think.
    What destroys everything but oneself and your dignity of liberty is thinking you indeed, along with 50,000 like minded Deplorable’s, I have the power, we have the power, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop us.
    That is power the tyrants running shit dream of, but they can never have such incredible indomitable power, because it is not power from consent, it is only power thru the barrel of the gun, but what really fucks with them is we are the most legitimate thjing imaginable, our power comes from both places, Consent and the barrel of the gun.

    What brings these clowns running things down is withdrawal of our consent, and picking up our Rifles and waving them in these tyrants faces.
    The system can not fix itself because the system has purposefully been broken so that can not happen. The proof could not be more obvious. But, it can run along on smaller and smaller levels of tacit consent, and it has, it does, the thing is pretty soon there won’t be enough tacit and illusionary consent. The power that derives from this pseudo consent folds, all of a sudden, and completely.
    These clowns may win against rule of law and remain as rulers of men, but it’s not victory, because in the end it is themselves and what they are that will bring down the entire rotten edifice.
    It is Withdrawal of Consent that precipitates their demise.
    That is already happening.
    Plus we got a little back on them.
    50,000 Freemen armed to the fucking teeth showed up and waved our rifles in these tyrants faces. Right in their safe place, right in their backyard.
    I guarantee you it sent shockwaves thru these scumbags hearts and minds.
    It did more than that. It showed the fuckers we will not comply any longer.
    We withdrew our consent in totality.
    We waved our Rifles in these criminal clowns faces.
    And thats all they really are. Criminals. Strip away the facade, and what is left is crooks liars and thieves running an organized crime syndicate.
    How legitimate is that?


  5. I created a monster, guys. I exposed my lifelong developmentally disabled
    buddy to conservative talk radio. Imagine a 60-year-old man with the
    innocence of a child. He has been watching this shit-show play out for
    over 3 years and he is getting frustrated as fuck that mass perp-walks
    are not being held by now. I keep telling him that he needs to remain
    patient because this is too serious to ignore.

    In the early days of the Russian collusion hoax, I made the mistake of
    underestimating the scope of the conspiracy. I estimated 50-100 or
    so low-level staffers in addition to political appointees and mid and
    high-level management in a half-dozen agencies. (this does not
    include Ubangi, Felonia von Pantsuit, and other former administration

    These Keystone Cops violated the first rule of conspiracies, if you
    don’t want to get caught, do not involve too many people. As the Russian
    collusion hoax was unraveling, the names of the major players were
    being made public. One element has stuck in my mind from the beginning:
    If we know who they were, the White House knows a hell of a lot more than
    we do!

    Along came Dan Bongino who (at a book signing) described how President
    Trump was told that his campaign HQ was riddled with bugs and FBI spies
    while he was still on the campaign trail. Bongino later stated that he would
    be shocked if the Trump administration was not running a rat hunt from the
    beginning. That is when I got hit in the head by a 2×4. The best way to
    defeat an enemy is to use his own tactics against him. Look forward to
    seeing the mother of all September or October surprises before the
    November elections.

    We just found out that Ubangi doubled the number of NSC staffers at the
    White House just before he left office. 70 NSC rats were just shown the
    door and the Donks, as well as their kept whores in the media, were
    conspicuously silent. This suggests the White House had the goods
    on them.

    Sorry Chairman Ann, President Trump really is a strategic thinker who
    is playing Star Trek chess against people who have yet to master
    Tiddlywinks. I have a gut feeling that some serious shit is going to
    happen in the Fall!

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    • Well said Leonard!
      Lets hope. Be a really great thing.
      No matter what happens though, we can never loose faith we will win against these tyrants and crooks in the end.
      Me, I thinks they are toast already. The unintended consequences of such evil are now past any point that their illegitimate power can stop. It is basically only a matter of time. Their system of plausible deniability is in tatters, nobody who cares about our great Republic believes anything the propaganda arm of their organized crime syndicate spews from that cesspool of Quislings.

      The cats out of the bag, too many know how crooked and corrupt these people are now. They have always had to rely on being hidden behind a false illusion of legitimacy, thats where they derive their power and influence, never mind lucre, yet regardless always, the will of the dirt people really matters, it always has, it is why to start with they deceive and dissimulate, they have kept that truth from being revealed also, but once a plurality of people see whats going on everything changes, and we are looking in real time those changes taking place. Sure things look FUBAR beyond anyones experience, but that is an indication of how desperate these clowns are to retain power. Their downfall is a process of collapse, it’s not like a on-off light switch, though when they fold finally it will appear to come out of the wild blue, and happen so quickly if your not looking right at it you miss it happening. Look at the bolsheviks of the old Soviet, one day the worlds super power before that day is closed there is no Soviet with it’s iron fist control. Nobody seen it coming.
      That is the nature of being an illegitimate power, it’s structure is constantly decaying, and it requires constant resources to prop it from falling down, until so much resources go into maintaining the illusion of legitimacy thats all the actors running it can accomplish. Like the dike that keeps springing leaks, there’s not enough elitists’s fingers to plug the holes, and eventually one leak turns into a gusher, then it takes the dike with it very quickly. A massive damn burst.

      It will be pretty fascinating watching them try to stay out of prison, because they can’t risk it happening, even if it’s a long shot, and in the process they will out each-other and tell on themselves more and more as time pass’s, and we will get to see even more just how crooked and vile these scumbags are.
      They can’t help themselves. They have always been their own worst enemies.

      And we still got guns. Lots of guns.
      Arm yourself to the fucking teeth.


      • Yours was an excellent post with far more eloquence than I can
        muster. I liken the deep state to an organized crime syndicate like
        the Mafia. Both involve massive criminal conspiracies, but the
        deep state players (most of them anyway) are hardly hardened
        criminals. These are the Walter Mitty’s of criminal conspiracies,
        who will shit their pants when faced with serious prison sentences.
        The soldiers in the Mafia know little about what is going on in the
        upper echelons. With the Deep state operators, low-level staffers
        were taking marching orders directly from the Capos.

        They will fall all over themselves to produce e-mails, memos,
        recordings, anything to mitigate their sentences or to gain
        immunity. You are absolutely correct about the end coming
        quickly. Whether or not one subscribes to the Hillary body
        count narrative, there is a huge difference between the Mafia
        and the deep state. Faced with exposure, the Mafia will
        kill you. The deep state has too many low-level players
        to kill them all. Think of it like the Mafia without Omerta.

        They made so many mistakes that they left a trail even
        Mr. Magoo could follow. Whole books have been written about
        their inconsistencies and time-line errors. Even with the help
        of the intelligence community, this undertaking was doomed
        from the start!

        All it will take is for a Henry Hill to talk and give up a Joe
        Valachi who in turn blabs and the house of cards will collapse.


        • No flies on what you said.
          Yeah, the greatest organized crime syndicate in history.
          They dress up their crooked shit in nice sounding things like globalism.


    • Leonard, your sooooo correct. Everyone who doesn’t believe you needs to read The Art of War, by Gen. Sun Tzu. That is Trump’s Playbook and he’s sticking to it., perfectly, with EVERY move he makes and ever word he says. TIMING is EVERYTHING! Which means our job is to be patient and help him get elected in November because the Democrats are going to ramp up their Corruption like never before!


  6. I have been praying for years that God will clean out thecorruption in government. He is the onlyOne powerful enough to clean out these Augean stables. Keep praying, please,


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