window shopping

You’re not “Lost”, you are “Window Shopping”.

I love wandering around in hardware stores, especially REAL ones and not the Big Box kind.

Sometimes I find the most amazing things. Stuff I didn’t think anyone made anymore, stuff that I had been looking for earlier and best of all, things that I know I am going to be needing soon for some project and didn’t think I was going to be able to find locally.


Besides that, if I am in a hurry or need to get in and out, I have absolutely no problem asking where something is.

The funny thing about that I have noticed over the last few years?

The chicks that work in these places know where EVERYTHING is at.



10 thoughts on “Rookie

  1. There’s an old Tru-Value hardware store nearby that I know has been there for way more than the 30 years I’ve lived in the area. It’s a magical place with more rooms, nooks and crannies than I can count. If they don’t have it, it hasn’t been invented.


  2. Yeah, I have noticed that there is a certain strata of ladies that is really into knowing techincal stuff and they gravitate to car parts counters and hardware stores. But it is not universal.

    Big box stores in particular, most only know a segment of the store, the part they are responsible for stocking, the rest is “there be dragons here”. When I need help (rarely as I have most stores in a 40 mile radius memorized) I seek out the oldest grey hair with tradesman hands, that is the guy that knows stuff.

    Skinny soyboy types or former history majors (some overlap) enjoying a layoff hiatus, generally do not pay attention to what they are doing, won’t remember a thing from Tuesday to Wednesday.,


  3. There was a ‘classic’ hardware store in the nearby town up til about 10 years ago. Had everything. Definitely not a big box in any way. When they closed they sold their hardware inventory to a local building supply who set it up and kept it about the same before that business was gobbled up by a regional lumber/home supply outfit who changed everything. I guess when you find a good store you should enjoy it while it still exists.

    As to women in stores like Lowes or auto parts stores, I have found most of them are very knowledgeable about their wares. A while ago there were three young women who worked at the same autoparts stores back 15 years ago and now one is a commercial parts manager, another is a parts manager for a GM dealer and the third is assistant manager for a parts store and handles all the commercial accounts. They are good at what they do. None have gotten where they are by any other means that ability.


  4. For my small screw/bolt/nut and stainless steel fasteners, I go to my True Value store. Some things only can be found at Ace. And if I want something “esoteric”, i.e., not found at Home Depot or Lowes, I go to my friendly Peters Hardware store run by my classmate in H.S. who inherited his dad’s business and still keeps it going!

    For Automotive and heavy-duty Mechanical stuff I either buy online or go to the local Tacoma Screw and Bolt here in Spokane.

    For electronics I go to Mouser for parts and other online stores, since Radio Schlock rolled over and died.


  5. The reason that those old fashioned hardware stores employ the “chicks that know where everything is” is because of dirty old men like you and me :^)).


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