13 thoughts on “This Is Interesting

        • Yuh. His accent and laughter makes my skin crawl, too.
          He‘s an ace though when it comes to slingshots. He designs awesome slingshots and sells them online. I bought one of these and I am very satisfied.


          • Yeah, I think he’s got is plans in place for when things go sideways, and is just waiting for the starting gun.

            I suppose he’s got his little list…


    • The Community Colleges here in Spokane used to have a human-powered watermelon throwing contest. The most popular design was an air-powered cannon, but the air had to be supplied by human power (bicycles connected to a compressor)..
      That was back in the ’70’s. Good times!


  1. Stone or pellet throwing crossbows have been around since about the same time as crossbows.

    Mid-power crossbows are foot-cocked.

    This is just taking foot-cocking ability to wrist rockets.

    And to really be weird, Romans used slings (that thong thingy David slew Goliath with) throwing lead pellets shaped like almonds. And those pellets thrown by a hand sling were flying fast enough to penetrate leather and bronze armor.


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