The Bloomberg Campaign Throwing Money At Everything, Tries To Be Edgy With Meme Campaign

Personally, I love the fact that Bloomberg is burning through money.

His running for President is a complete waste of time and that.

Somethings, money can’t buy, especially when you are a fucking jerk and everyone knows it.

Bloomberg is definitely a jerk.

A very hypocritical jerk at that.

What I do find to be especially entertaining is this meme campaign I’m hearing about.

A campaign of sponsored content for the candidate flourished suddenly on Instagram. A new outfit, called Meme 2020, is behind it.


Mike Bloomberg has contracted some of the biggest meme-makers on the internet to post sponsored content on Instagram promoting his presidential campaign.

The Bloomberg campaign is working with Meme 2020, a new company formed by some of the people behind extremely influential accounts.

Mick Purzycki is the lead strategist of the Meme 2020 project. He is also the chief executive of Jerry Media, a media and marketing company that is a powerful force in the influencer economy. The company’s portfolio includes some of the most notable meme accounts on Instagram. Jerry Media was at the center of controversy last year after a debate around proper crediting in meme culture.

In January, Mr. Purzycki tapped a number of large influencers who he had formed relationships with through his association with Jerry Media. (Elliot Tebele, the founder of Jerry Media, has no involvement in the project.)

The campaign, which launched this week, has already placed sponsored posts on Instagram accounts including @GrapeJuiceBoys, a meme page with more than 2.7 million followers; Jerry Media’s own most popular account, with more than 13.3 million followers; and @Tank.Sinatra, a member with more than 2.3 million followers.

The accounts all posted Bloomberg campaign ads in the form of fake direct messages from the candidate.

(If it’s too small to see, here is a link to a bigger version)


“Mr. Tank:” an ad on @Tank.Sinatra begins, “I’ve been waiting for my meme for so long that I learned how to make memes myself in photoshop. What do you think of this one?” The message is followed by a photo of Bernie Sanders that has become a meme in recent weeks.

Oooooo. What a Hep Cat this guy is.

The Bee’s Knees and all that.

Here, let me blow that entire concept completely out of the water and completely destroy his meme campaign with one shot.

I can’t take credit for this but someone was a fucking genius here.

download (3)

Do us all a favor and spread that shit all over the internet…

I keep hearing it over and over and I have to say it looks to be true,


All y’all just keep trying though, make sure you charge this little bastard double too.


10 thoughts on “The Bloomberg Campaign Throwing Money At Everything, Tries To Be Edgy With Meme Campaign

  1. The Demonrats tipped their hand when they allowed he midget onto the debate stage a week ago. The MSM is also colluding, as usual, in that no one, not even Fox, is reporting on Bloomberg’s funding anti-gun campaigns all over the country.

    What’s going on in Virginia is the direct result of Bloomberg’s funding of Demonrat candidates.

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    • He did the exact same thing here in Washington state two fucking years ago.
      Now he is working on North Carolina last I heard.
      That shit oughtta be against the fucking law. You don’t live in that state, you can’t donate money.


  2. Someone (probably in the Democrat party) dropped a bombshell audio clip
    of Doomberg bragging about his support for stop and frisk when he the
    mayor of NYC. In the tape, he all but admits that the police were ordered to
    profile blacks. Any conservative could have made the same case based on
    the fact that demographic was the source of the lions share of violent crime
    and murder. But Doomberg used language that will not sit well with blacks
    and white liberals. Not in so many words but he said so what, we slammed
    a lot of Negores against the wall and frisked them?

    If he emerges the Democrat nominee, look forward to the Trump campaign
    using this in America’s inner-cites and liberal suburbs. The people in New
    York City already hate his guts for his nanny state executive orders, so
    I would not be surprised if he lost NYC to Trump given his recent outreach
    efforts to black America.


  3. They suck at memes because their agenda, cultural marxism, is an ideological farce and a cover to run wealth transfer crime racketeering, and eat out their subjects life.
    The proper meme are things that ARE NOT astroturf, they are things rooted in the hearts and minds of honesty and virtues.
    They can’t meme for the same reasons they can’t run any form of government or any activities, they can’t even create their own countries, they must literally steal countries, and all the peoples wealth, to live off of. These people create nothing but hate and fan the flames of envy, they offer us nothing.
    Venezuela is a perfect modern day example. Marxism in all it’s forms is incapable of constructing and creating anything with intrinsic positive value, they have to subvert, undermine, and destroy a country that is flourishing in order to become powerful to rule over others, for that matter, because you got to be inherently a dishonest conniving person, a master of dissimulation and plausible deniability.
    All they do is destroy. Everything they touch.
    For a meme to be proper lets say, they must originate from some kernel of truth, and the more forbotten and proscribed that truth the better.

    It is an ultimate oxymoron for dirty stinking commie’s creating a proper meme: they can not tell the truth, never mind revealing truths.
    That would require telling on themselves.

    What they are trying here is double think, classic leftist mind fuck pretzel logic. Outlawing memes and those who create good honest memes, they will attach some pejorative body of lies to all who meme.
    It’s good to know your history here, in particular with theses scumbags. The Bolsheviks created Agitprop, actually used trains with artists and printing press’s, traveling across Russia handing out all sorts of propaganda artwork. In a couple aspects it was like the colonial era of the pamphlet wars before the lead starting flying, the marxian version is history that has a circular feature to it. More so marxists of whatever stripe, everything is centrally controlled, the minions and sycophants live in an echo chamber of the hive mind collective, if you fail to conform you will be kicked out of the hive.

    If memes are bad for them, if they can not weaponize the use of memes, if they can not hijack memes then the next tactic is to try and invalidate truthful memes and those who create them.
    Memes are very dangerous things to the scumbags, very effective, highly effective, they can not control the message, and I’m betting a lot of grass roots meme’s are not understood by the leftists, I mean exactly that, they can not understand how meme, or is that mean, good folks get when you violate their codes.


  4. This post by Sundance is a dandy!
    Some super crazy conspiracy fact contained within. This won’t spoil it if you go read it, one out of a whole shitload of key revelations, was how the FBI and DOJ conspired together to fool President Trump into signing an executive order, which contained the means to keep renewing FISA warrents, because these fucking clowns after ousting the only people who had authority to sign for FISA Warrant renewals they where unable to continue spying on Trump and his people, they ad only days left to con Trump into unknowingly giving them that power to sign off on FISA warrants. They walked into the Oval Office, and totally lied to the president, in no uncertain terms contrived in a conspiracy, by deceiving Mr. Trump, and used him as a means for these scumbags themselves to go after him.
    The implications are astronomical.
    Like the god emperor keeps telling us, “you have no idea how corrupt these people are”

    You got to read it to believe what these traitors are, how far off the reservation they have gone.

    ‘The FBI Corruption is Far Worse Than We Currently Imagine – President Trump Authorized His Own Surveillance…’

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