Where Have These Been My Entire Life?

Holy crap these little Hand Vises are handier than shit!


I cut down these sheet metal strips to a rough size and then wanted to kind of even the edge up to make them easier to get them in a drill press vise so I can drill through all of ’em at one time.

Knowing that the little strips were going to get hotter than hell on the belt sander I figured I’d try those hand vises to hold on to them instead of trimming my fingernails the hard way and burning the shit out of my finger tips.

I need to make some shims for the saddle on the mini lathe.

They worked so good I am going to be looking to get a couple more here in the not too distant future.


One more in the middle would have been perfect.

I have to drill them and cut them down to cover the strips where the three holes are in the saddle under them on both sides.

I wasn’t kidding about them getting hot either. Even the hand vises got REAL warm.

Worked slicker than snot though.

I am loving these things.

Ebay here I come….

7 thoughts on “Where Have These Been My Entire Life?

  1. Just goes to prove our earlier tool head grandfathers knew what they were doing and made the tools they needed instead of waiting for a committee to decide of what color it should be and then submitting the plans to OSHA for them to decide if the tool was safe. They applied the simplest solution to a problem they had.


    • Looks like they are made of Chineseium, I’d be curious about just how sturdy they are and how well the jaws work. That Chinese pot metal is known to be crap…
      Does it come with free Coronavirus? ;P


  2. I was quite surprised how much more ergonomic they were at a grinder than vise grips. You can cover the steel jaws with copper sheet if you don’t want to mark up your workpiece.


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