Peeling Another Layer Of The Rotten Onion Away

Get your waders on, this one goes deep.

Read the comments at the end, sounds to me like this Sundance got picked up by Lou Dobbs and then Trump got notified and someones Senate confirmation hearing got canceled.

The DC Cover-up That’s As Big As Spygate…


Former U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu, is scheduled for a Senate confirmation hearing this upcoming Thursday at 10:00am.  There’s also an unreported background story connected to the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein and Ms. Liu so controversial, it’s as big as Spygate.

In the event any Senator on the approval committee would be brave enough to question the participant here’s the story:

You can change that hearing date to CANCELED.

Go read the story to find out why, oh there is some shit went on there people.

It gets out into the weeds some but this Sundance did some excellent work pulling some seemingly unrelated news stories together into a timeline to finger a few rats real good.

These fuckers went after Trump sixteen different ways.

Leaking classified info to the media and not being thrown in the slammer?

Who made that deal?

I will be dead before all of the shit that went on comes out fully and goes through the courts.

You gotta go read this though.

10 thoughts on “Peeling Another Layer Of The Rotten Onion Away

  1. Yeah thats for sure, that guy Sundance is doing a great job, real investigative journalism. He has made a lot of connections nobody has noticed.
    He ask’s what did 40 FBI agents and 19 Lawfare lawyers working on a totally fake everything, do all this time, over 2 years? Kind of answers itself.


  2. Read the story, the scribd documents and some of the comments, not all 600+ of them, and I’m thinking the rot goes deeper than what Sundance outlined, because power hungry people never stop trying to expand their circle of influence.

    I don’t envy the Pres security detail, they most likely suspect almost everyone as a threat, don’t see how they can keep him safe any other way.


  3. Punishment for these traitors needs to be severe. That, and those involved, that help with the prosecution, should be promised lighter sentences and shot after they spill the beans.


  4. What a story at the link. Wow!

    Slightly OT – check out the procedures in place for voting the the NV cacus. I’m sure it’ll be a walk in the park: 😀

    Caucus goers will check in at their voting precinct on a “PDF voter roll” downloaded to party-purchased iPads.

    Voters will then be handed a card with a “voter PIN” number needed to correctly fill out a Google Form that will help “track participants and streamline data collection.” Officials said paper sign-in sheets will be available if needed.

    After writing down their presidential preferences, early voters will slip their ballot and voting card into boxes watched over by some 3,000 caucus volunteers around the state.

    The memo goes on to say that presidential campaigns will receive data about who voted early, but not the results of the votes. The party has said it will not release those tallies until in-person caucusing wraps up on Feb. 22.


    I wonder if they’ll have to recite the alphabet backwards while standing on one leg on the street in order for their vote to count.


  5. If President Trump’s past shit canning of these scumbags is an indication, this will put them off balance, for one it is removing valuable irreplaceable minions, those holding their leashes are ill equipped to do the dirty work themselves those fired are involved in.
    Trump is crazy like a fox. It’s great tactics working from the outside in-bottom up, and watching for roll-on-order effects of the loss of these hidden corrupt elite assets, providing criminal and politikal intelligence on all the operatives and leaders involved. Like shaking a tree to see what monkeys fall out.
    Those Lawfare actors are some pieces of work, Trump really needs to liquidate that whole disgusting organization, they are writing new chapters every day of rule of men over rule of law. It doesn’t get more corrupt than that.
    Essentially, Undermine – Subvert – Destroy, Trump and 64 million who defied these scalawags power.
    Imagine the ego that justifies your having power, self anointed power, to create laws and determine another man’s freedom and dignity, to destroy you, your wealth, reputation, destroy your life, then put you in irons. This is no mistake or unintended consequences, it is pure malice with total pre-meditated foresight, to rule over the rest of us because you do not like who 64 million American’s voted to represent them. So you just make up whatever story and evidence you prefer out of thin air and call it legitimate.
    Thats some serious hubris right there.

    Even giving these scumbags a thirteen knot necktie won’t be enough. You must get rid of every vestige of this cancer, this tumor, on our civilization.


  6. I’ve been following Sundance for about 3 years from down here in New Zealand. Its the only way of getting reliable news regarding US political shenanigans, our own media are stuck in the Orange Man Bad rut. I think when finally sunlight is shone on the corruption in your Uniparty pay to play system Trump or Trumps son when President should award him the Medal of Honour


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