13 thoughts on “Quite The Menu Selection

  1. I want ‘Crap Eggs with Bamboo’, ‘Butter many Privates’ and on the side ‘Our Sweet Ass’. Oh, and can I get ‘Fuck the Duck Exploded’ as take out?


  2. I’d go for the explodes the stomach. I am a chili-head and I like it hot. One
    time I made the mistake of putting too much Trinidad Scorpion Moruga sauce
    on a bean burrito. I was shitting flaming Napalm and it took three days for
    my stomach to settle down!


  3. Been to China alot, best menu item was “Slow Roasted Clam with Beard.” Spit taked my tea out of my nose. Had to explain to female interpreter what was so funny. I told her, face goes red, she translates but not directly, spends rest of meal squeezing my thigh. Ahh good times before Kung Flu arrived.


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