7 thoughts on “That Would Give You A Three Day Head Start

  1. Bet your bippy, lady. My wife is trained to NOT get rid of things unless she asks me FIRST. We’ve both screwed this up a couple of times, but have trained not to unilaterally throw stuff out without “permission”. Makes for a better marriage, y’know…
    If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NObody happy, and Hell hath no fury like a Papa who’s tools are missing!!

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  2. Yup. Baroness comes into my man cave (den) or my garage (man cave) and starts looking around. “You sure have a lot of stuff”. Yes, I do, and I know where every little nut, bolt, screw, and widget is placed. Leave. Now.

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  3. I think most of the men on Phil’s blog share that trait the egorr and unclezip so eloquently stated. I might add leave the radio station alone that is in my man cave. I listen to old classic C/W and you will too in my sanctum sanctorem (sp).

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  4. My wife knows better than to throw anything that is mine (or even suspects might be mine) away. However, I have still utterly failed to convince her that she should NEVER clean, organize, tidy-up, or disturb the system I have in the garage. While I have never been able to prove that she has thrown anything away, I am still searching for tools that were “organized” two years ago. However, when I finally break down and ask the wife if she threw away tool “x”, she walks over to the the third cabinet, bottom shelf, and pulls tool “x” from behind the box of plastic canvas craft supplies. Which leaves me sputtering saying “why in the world would you hide tool “x” behind craft supplies?” I grab tool “x” and retreat to my tool chest marked “DO NOT TOUCH” and tell myself that at least I have gotten one more tool back into the safe zone.


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