12 thoughts on “I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know Smudge Has A Big Brother

  1. What the hell is a smudge and who is Karen? I knows I is an ignorant fool, but I never let that get in my way. Notwende knows. for he is as ignorant as I is… we get along fine as with Phil our benevolent host.


        • I have an excuse, my foot is slowing me down… Friday I had another operation on it to clean out more junk and my NP came today and said it looks a lot better.


          • Glad to hear that. You should get an ultra violet light and soak up some rays for that. Sunshine is a great disinfectant, promotes healing and is sorely missing in your current situation. Just my $.02.


            • Your $.02 is worth millions Phil and I agree. I have ordered one off of a medical equipment company based in Sioux Falls. It should be here by Wednesday. What we are missing is sunshine here. We got dumped on last night with 12 inches of snow… snow really sucks. My NP thought it was a good idea and when I take off the bandages to clean and change bandages to set the UV light on it for an hour every day. So Ya, you are a genius!


              • I would go slow with it at first, an hour sounds like a bit much. You are probably NEON WHITE from lack of sun, I seriously doubt dealing with sunburn on top of everything else is high on your list of things you really want to do…


                • NEON WHITE, I have been called many things but not neon white… at first glance I would think you are being racist, but not Phil… heh. I ain’t that pasty I hope. I am gonna call a friend of mine that lives in Huron, NEON Black… cuz he is black. I wonder if he would like that. He is cool and he doesn’t like uppity blacks and is more Patriotic then me! He is a nurse there and has a wife who is also a nurse and 3 girls, pity the fool that wants to date his daughters. Never mind dad, the mom is the tiger!


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