BFYTW Is Alive And Well In America

This is a heart warming little show of defiance by a bunch of High Schoolers Back in Virginia.


Virginia High Schoolers Told Not to Display American Flags on Their Vehicles – It Backfires (Video)


Students were told not to fly the American flag on their vehicles at a Virginia High School this week because the flag is potentially disruptive and offensive.


Last time I checked a little patriotism was a good thing unless you ask an America-hating liberal.

What did they do?


Just watch…

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Franklin County High School students showed up in unity on Tuesday displaying American flags on their vehicles after an administrator allegedly told them to remove them.

“My son called me from school saying that he saw an administrator around his truck and is now being called to the office,” the mother of one of the students said.

On Monday, the mother said her son and two of his friends were told they could no longer fly their American flag on their trucks because it was potentially “offensive” and “disruptive.”

She says she received a call from the school principal Jon Crutchfield on that evening.

“He has apologized to the boys and told them that it is not against the rules to fly their flag on their truck. Apparently, it was a big misunderstanding that should have never gotten this far,” the mother said.

BTW21 News reached out to the Franklin County Public Schools Administration and, as of noon, has not received a call back.

A big misunderstanding, right. The official flag of this country might be offensive and disruptive?

There is no misunderstanding that message.

More like some weasel libtard just got the BFYTW in no uncertain terms and now the ass covering begins, right?

Because the school principal can see more than six inches past the end of his nose and can see what may be next?

The Parents of these kids showing up en masse with American flags flying and heading straight to his office, towing the local news cameras with them.

Whoever the little Commie Wannabe was that told those kids not to fly the Stars and Stripes is, I would be having a conversation with. A very short one.


This is America asshole.

Love it or leave it.


21 thoughts on “BFYTW Is Alive And Well In America

  1. Couldn’t happen in Canada. Our own fucking Prime Minister Trudeau hates this country the most.
    I would be a very proud parent to each and every one of those kids.
    And remember, these are also the values of their parents!
    Excellent job everyone.


        • I think we are going to learn clearly, without exception I’m betting if the current truths outing are any indication, we men of the west have been the victims of across the board orchestrated highly organized and financed vote fraud.
          By this I’m saying all these scumbags commies and corruptocrats are not elected because they can’t get legally elected because we are smarter and far more in tune with politiks and the actors in question, such as Merckle and Clinton Pelosi, Fienstien, the 2018 socialist takeover of the House of Representatives, all of it, from Northam in Va. to Shaheen in NH, they all where installed thru vote fraud, gerrymander, whatever it takes.

          Ever ask yourself something like “how the fuck are these fucking assholes elected?” Like WTF Dude!? That don’t add up. There’s no way these pieces of shit could get enough votes with the commie traitor bullshit they spew out their pie-holes, their associations, history, political stance etc. It does not add up when you look around yourself at every day life, there simply is no correlation…except…the fucking lyin’ fake media…creates an illusion they are legitimate honestly elected actors.

          Yeah, well thats just it, WTF, there has always been something terribly wrong with how these cesspool critters end up in office, when just about everyone, or everyone, you know in the sphere of your life did not and would not ever vote for these scumbags.

          I started not to believe these scumbags are lawfully elected a few years back. I mean I adopted the perspective they are usurpers, false, part of a systematic agenda to thwart our will as the governed, and to “fundamentally transform our great Republic into a statist totalitarian state.
          As soon as I adopted this presence of mind, all sorts of shit became patently obvious.
          We been had. Played for suckers, our trusting good natured attitudes and mind sets have been violated in precise scientific ways that originate in social engineering by a specific class of really loathsome actors, same so called “Intelligentsia” creeps who infest our centers of learning and journalism, history and academia, ones who are instrumental in every imposition of marxist insanity thru history insanity, dealers of an ideological and philosophical farce.

          Ask yourself, just why has all the coup participants from the Clinton’s to the FBI, thought she could never loose?
          It was in the bag already.
          But they fucked up big time. They did not build in enough percentage of vote fraud into their scientific preparations for creating this facade she won by 3%, which would provide this theater, a Kabuki theater of the absurd, of a nail biter of a presidential election.

          What they failed to account for, more likely detect, because I’m not alone in smelling something rotten in Denmark, was we all started to hold our cards close, refuse or give false answers to pundit and polling questions and surveys. It is very difficult to detect such an open source grass roots insurgency of people who choose to no longer go along with being betrayed and deceived.
          It’s that simple.

          Patrick Henry put it succinctly and best: “I Smell A Rat”
          He was right about it then and has been right all along.


      • The main reason these communist hate their respective flags because they know the deplorables will use it to rally around. They know the dirt people have a love of country and respect for their flags. It is a symbol of freedom, a symbol of unity and belonging. To a communist it is like water thrown on them like the Witch of the East and her flying butt monkeys.


  2. Darn Straight!
    Those kids are so legitimate no power on earth can stop them.
    The power of legitimacy. No power can come close.

    Fuck that weasel word fucker. And his ilk. Lyin’ sack of shit.

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    • That is why Mr PC when the festivities begin it is going to be very satisfying watching those smug smiles come off of their face as sudden realization they are not going to survive the reckoning to rule over us. Hard heart man, hard hearts.


      • Hard Men. Indeed. Something definately heart warming seeing these young hard men de-legitimizing a piece of marxist shit like that.
        Make drinking from the skulls of our enemies great again.

        Then there’s possibly this?:

        SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2020
        Arrests next week?
        “Half the people involved in the Russian investigation are going to jail.” #RussiaHoax #QAnon
        — Cheryl Sullenger (@SullengerCheryl)

        the first to be arrested will be McCabe & Strzok. maybe as early as Monday or Tuesday next week.
        — Greg Rubini (@GregRubini)

        This will be an informative Q-proof, or lack of one, soon. Although I would like to know why Hillary is not in jail yet, as the American people were promised in the 2016 presidential debates.
        Labels: conspiracy, law

        POSTED BY VD @ 2/09/2020 05:48:00 AM

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    • Somebody in the school administration needs to lose their job(s). Stupidity like this can result in the School District being sued. And the District will be out a lot of money, what with the court decisions lately…


  3. The American flag is offensive ? Any motherfucker that says that needs there fucking face stomped into the ground. FUCK ! That pisses me off


  4. “Because the school principal can see more than six inches past the end of his nose and can see what may be next?”

    Oh, he KNOWS what’s six inches past the end of his nose…it’s the nut sack of his leftist overlords.

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  5. Yea that flag on the tailgate was under the loaded gunrack in the rear window not so long ago. Proggs may push that shit in the burbs but country folks are a lil too grissly for that shit….BFYTW


  6. I believe that principle/administrator should have had his ass handed to him, lost his job pronto with no retirement/benefits etc, and if the remaining school administrators voiced objection, they can object from the street cause they will also be fired. Damn few schools in this country actually need full time administrators. Most can be administered by a handful of parent in their spare time.
    On another note, methinks, with the constant ratcheting up of un-American provisos coming out of the dick-tat-orial pieholes of the libtard asshats they are looking to kick off the 2nd 1776 festivities in Virginia. The more this shit happenes the better joining W. Virginia will look……


  7. This is how you fight back against the left! If a school punishes a student for
    flying a flag, wearing a MAGA hat, or cross around your neck, you need to
    fight back. Find a conservative activist lawyer and send them a legal letter.
    If they remain intractable, file a lawsuit against the school. 90 percent of
    these cases involving the First Amendment issues are all bluff. They know
    they will lose in court if it goes that far!

    The fucking ACLU filed a suit to have a privately funded cross removed from
    public property (a WWI memorial) arguing the same old separation of church
    and state bullshit. The city and its residents fought back and the ACLU dropped
    the suit like a hot rock. The only proscription in the First Amendment is that
    “Congress shall make no law……” That does not apply to states, counties,
    and cities, or their individual residents.

    The last thing left wants is to have issues like abortion, illegal immigration,
    sanctuary cities, or First Amendment be adjudicated up to the Supreme
    Court or they would lose these wedge issues for all time, especially with
    a majority of constructionist Supreme Court justices on the court. The
    left wins bullshit moves like this only when the right does not fight back!

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