This Is A Really Bad Idea

don't do that

That isn’t fear as much as it’s Common Fucking Sense screaming NO in your face.

The welder, the vise and the metal chips are telling me that you ain’t too bright if this is the best idea you can come up with.


7 thoughts on “This Is A Really Bad Idea

  1. Dang. If he gets it down enough, he’s going to get hurt. Why is it so hard to go rent a compressor tool from Autozone or O’Reilly’s? Or even buy one from Harbor Freight?


    • I did the Harbor Freight route many moons ago – they’re cheap, relatively useful, and SAFE!
      This guy’s just plain stoopid.
      Does he weld around the gas tank as well?


  2. As an old bent wrench club member like you I actually knew a guy who did just that and thankfully his reaction time was verrrrrrry good when did that and the vise grip that was by his head popped off, he decided to do what I said and used a spring compressor built for that particular job!!!!


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