19 thoughts on “Not Sure If Local News Channel

    • tragically it is often necessary to tell people the road is wet or slippery or snowy or foggy or dark outside after the sun sets or bright outside after mr. sun comes back up. it’s usually city people who need to be told because they generally do not have a clue. not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s just the way God made them. on the down side, they also vote and sit on juries and breathe your air.


  1. ..and no one any where knew that rain made the roads wet. Then the Press wonders why we DON’T BELIEVE A (expletive deleted) WORD THAT COMES FROM THEIR PIE HOLES. Sheesh.


  2. I like it when they warn of “deadly” lightening. I have been trying to find the safe type.

    Then, my weather reports in our area give the river levels every hour. Our river has been controlled by locks for over 20 years.


  3. Sounds like the EPA is falling down on the job, again! Cause everyone knows that they are in charge of the rain, cause ya know, collecting it from your roof is ILLEGAL! (In Washington & Oregon). If you collect it from your roof it deletes the water table, even though it runs through your sewer system and back into the ground. And that’s not good for the fish, cause the underground aquifer is filled with fish ya know. And plus it’s a navigable waterway and everyone should be aware by now that the EPA is in charge of navigable waterways……… or so I’ve heard…..


    • No, it dePletes the water table. Deleting it entirely would be a pretty neat trick.

      And the Gubmint can go suck on a zarf – if *I* want to collect rainwater, I will! Frikken idiot legislators. It falls on MY ground, I will do with it as *I* like.


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