12 thoughts on “Buckle Up Democrats

    • *stomp*
      *stomp, stomp*
      That should teach you.
      Wisen up, son:
      My fart is aimed at you. Your father smells like elderberries and your mother is related to hamsters.


      • Hey! How did you know about my mom and dad? You are tough! Please no farts, I know about Austrian farts, worse on the continent. The EU wants to weaponize Austrian Farts! See Notwende, I learn real quick what to call you… heh.

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          • Who at our age doesn’t know and appreciate Monty Python? Yes I got the reference… I laughed my large ass off. Again how did you know about mommsy and daddums? That is a closely guarded family secret.

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            • There’s a thing called approximation by similarity. Sounds nice since I just made it up.
              To put it simple:
              If something looks like a rabbit, feels like a rabbit, hops like a rabbit, procreates and farts like a rabbit – chances are pretty good that thing is a rabbit AND an offspring of rabbitmama and rabbitpapa who both would very likely look, feel, hop, procreate and fart just the same as their offspring – provided they haven’t yet been shot by a hunter or suffered deaths in a range common for rabbits. But even if they’re already dead it would be a safe assumption that they just did the same as our imaginative rabbit does.
              So… judging by your behavior I believe I could safely extrapolate your parent’s behaviorism thus reaching my conclusion I won’t repeat for the sake of protecting equally your and my mental health.
              And just in case you’re wondering what the fuck I am ranting about:
              Don’t worry – I’m just “reading” an audiobook by John Scalzi “Fuzzy Nation” read by Will Wheaton. And I’m rubbing off 😀

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