The Democrats Are Fucked

I had to wait to watch Trump’s State of the Union speech until after I got home from work.

It was worth it.

Even if the Democrats weren’t already in the middle of a circular firing squad drill

and doing their best impression of The Three stooges at the same time, Trump has the stats to wipe up the floor with them.

The fiasco that is going on in Iowa for the Dems has been nothing short of spectacular entertainment for me.  Breath taking  incompetence has exposed their attempts to fuck with the numbers once again for even the casual observer to plainly see.

They are once again trying to fuck that old Marxist Bernie Sanders and not even trying to hide it.

Monkeys fucking footballs by the dozen , even the traitorous fuckers in the media can’t help them, they fucked that up so bad even those shameless assholes are embarrassed for them.

If you seriously look at what the Democrats have to offer by way of candidates anyway it almost looks like the cast of characters from a SITCOM.

This impeachment sideshow is going to blow up in their faces on top of everything else.

People are leaving the Democratic party in droves over it already, sick and tired of the obvious lies and the complete abandonment by everyone involved of  doing the jobs they were elected to do.

Yep, I can’t wait to see who gets voted out on their asses because of that little party foul eventually.

With everything Trump can point to having accomplished even with all of the constant head hunting by these partisan whack jobs, can you even imagine what the guy could get done if he didn’t have these 24/7 distractions to deal with?

I think we are going to find out.

I also think that payback is going to be a bitch for some of the perpetrators of these constant distractions.

Not because Trump is going to go after them in retribution so much but because they are filthy dirty criminals in their own right and have been making this huge spectacle to keep the spotlight off of themselves.

There is still a huge game being played behind the scenes that we haven’t been let in on.


21 thoughts on “The Democrats Are Fucked

  1. After that crunt tore up that document, Trump showed great restraint by not turning to SanFranNan with that snarky look he’s so good at.
    And it would have brought down the house if Pence had thrown her a towel.


    • this would be a lot more fun to watch if Mittens was also running as a democrat for the democrat nomination. I bet he couldn’t even beat out Plugs.


      • Then he would be the first candidate in American history to lose an election for President twice while running in different parties.


  2. If you can’t successfully rig an election in West bumbfuck Iowa (no disrespect to Iowans, I know they’re good people) with vote counting software created by a Hitlery operative, HOW do you expect the voters to think your party is capable of running the country? Nail meet coffin.

    …and did you catch PMS MSBC CBS CNN all bleating about the racism in Iowa BECAUSE the population demographics of Iowa are 90+% WHITE?

    The Demonrats might as well pack their tents and go home. They’re toast.


  3. Thing is Phil, this is what they have always been under the hood.
    It’s also what totally corrupt scumbags do to keep from going to prison.
    Even if they don’t go in the end, they can not be casual about it, they are still faced with the possibility. Then there’s the rats on the sinking burning ship thing. Awesome and terrible seeing them start to turn on each other.
    Seeing what being operative actors involved in stealing hundreds of billions does to people too, it corrupts absolutely, how can it not?
    These coup leaders owe others favors and results they can not deliver on, the Faustian bargain they have all made has no expiration date, unless you are dead. Ask Jeffery Epstein about that.

    It’s a pretty good bet we may never know the details, but that don’t matter, I’m watching stone cold ruthless utterly corrupt actors running out of time, their facade of legitimacy has fallen, the whole construct of whats nothing but organized crime mixed with the avarice of absolute raw naked power is revealed, but as Reymp keeps saying it’s worse than we can imagine, this is a tiny bit of truth poking out it’s head and having a look around.

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      • You know it! That was the whole objective. The fact the line of appointed usurpers was broke on 11-8-16 still has them on an untenable pickle.
        Every day I am grateful my fellow American’s kept that fucking psychopath from being the next banana republic dickless-tator. We where that close, they don’t make a lot of them, and what that barren vag is is extra special kind of pathological, they only show up once in a millennia, no pun intended. White genocide would have been well along in the violent 4th G war stage. Not that they could win, they are total clowns, still would be brutal ugly and bloody. That piece of human garbage has always had a special dark evil place special in it’s dead child blood drinking black heart for us dirt people and our rifles.

        I think they really fucked up when “her turn” came up, seriously, like critical thinking real politik like, by the 2016 she was so far into the depths of her psychopathy they were risking everything, 245 years of the long march to be exact, on a totally megalomaniacal monster they could not control once she was on the throne.
        It even could be they inhibited her ascension, and or Trump’s victory, in order to stop her. Pretty difficult to fiund proof of that kind of thing. But, long odds but, have often wondered how Trump got by the gate keepers, not that they are unstoppable, but that when you look at the attempts early on, they are kind of lame, and there’s almost this laconic too laid-back approach to framing Trump.
        I may be reading more into it than there is, but I don’t believe in innocent unrelated natural grass roots spontaneous events of such magnitude in this globo-homo infested world, there’s too much money at stake, too much power, how many generations since the Fabien Society formed up and swore to destroy America in order to take back what was stolen from them in the new world.

        Not to look a gift horse in the mouth either. It’s just getting down to nut cutting time, lot of folks gonna be dying if it drops in the pot. They sure are fucking with us in ways they got a fucking tiger by the tail. I’m totally everlasting thankful for whatever reason the god emperor was elected and when it was needed the most he will have provided us with some years to be better prepared and the natural increase in the size of The Legion as a result of auto-delegitimization, perfect example of late of how ludicrous they are and what a farce the whole construct of total corruption exist within the hollowed out shell of our Republic.
        Whatever happen’s, this here Republic belongs to us dirt people. Good for bad, it will be us that effects positive change no matter how bloody it could get, but even more so regardless how shit goes down we will be who cleans up this unmitigated fucking disaster. There ain’t nobody else. This is our home. Besides we’all aren’t the kind of folks who run to another civilization away from our home country. Even if such a place we could run to for sanctuary existed. Sanctuary mind you, they reserve exclusively for themselves yet deny us at every turn.

        All that shit puts us in the position of having to fight back, that TINVOWOOT is the cold hard truth of us now.
        The paradigm happened on 1-20-20, it had been hovering around going no where’s, for all the beaten to death horse reasons. I was there. I seen something that redefined everything. 50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords showing up has effected the fuckers to the core, it is causing rapid de-legitimization of the son of a bitches, thats what profound primal armed to the fucking teeth freemen do, the legitimacy of us on that cold Monday morning Hoovered up all the legitimacy that had been floating around for a very long time, it found a home. It’s a lot like 64 million Deplorable’s who showed up on 11-8-2016, they showed up, showing up is everything, after 1-20-20 lot of things don’t matter like they used to. Showing up is the new dialectic, we own it now, it is ours, they can never take it, because you can not take peoples consent and the withdrawal of their consent, neither can they take our rifles, both of which share a most profound similarity, thankfully, these are unalienable things that only can be given away. Thats the legitimate thing. The thing that matters. The operative word here is choice, as in I choose to defy these scumbags, I choose to wave my Rifle in these tyrants faces, I choose to withdraw my consent, all of it, in no uncertain terms, even the tacit kind of consent, by showing up.

        I was standing in Richmond, armed to the fucking teeth, and so unbelievably happy I chose to show up, all but didn’t till the last hour, I chose to show up armed to the fucking teeth, regardless of all the naysayers and resistance is futile talking heads, it hits me like a bolt of lightning, them guys who showed up at Lexington, they had no fucking clue what was going to happen that day, but, they showed up regardless, and that is why we all won, thats when Ol’ King George, and his Tory stay behind loyalists, the most hardcore who created the Fabien Society, the forefathers of the pedo-elite homoglobo one worlder organized crime syndicate, when the British Army lost the 1st War of Secession.
        Right there that day those boys showed up. Because they did. Show up.
        Thats what happened in Richmond. The regime will never be the same. It will never reacquire the fig leaf of legitimacy it wore too long. They will never be able to use threat of force and apply violence under cover it is legitimate in it’s doing so, no more Ruby Ridges and Vicky Weavers, No more Waco’s, No more free pass of illusion of legitimacy, No more murdering LeVoy Finnicum’s, as it has before, after this day when we showed up armed to the fucking teeth.
        It’s simple but pretty hard to describe, goes something like this: If we who showed up armed to the fucking teeth where not legitimate, as people, as it is our natural primal unalienable to be armed to the fucking teeth exactly because if all those armed badged leg breakers there to start their false flag shit with us are the legitimate ones, they would have tried to do something about 50,000 of us showing up armed to the fucking teeth.

        Legitimately they can not.
        Legitimately we can.
        Everyone knows it.

        That the regime is inaffective to be able to do anything about 50,000 Shitlords showing up armed to the fucking teeth standing there waiting for the regime to put its money where it’s mouth is, and it can not risk going at it to the knife, remember, the whole center of Richmond was a kill zone, they physically set it up as such, you would need to be blind not to see it walking around, and we all stood there armed to the fucking teeth regardless, thats a dare on their power. The regime blinked. Northam and the whole lot of them scurried like the plague infested rats they are into their safe places, all the antifa and other regime proxies smack talk, where was al this kill all the white dirt people bullshit?
        This is about showing up and being steadfast, being a Shitlard, taking the regimes dare and coldly quietly walking over it, becoming The Legion.
        Nothing says Fuck You like 50,000 Shitlords armed to the fucking teeth who show up.

        How many more Shitlords armed to the fucking teeth.
        And you begin to get the idea how just legitimate we are.

        4th G war is rooted in legitimacy of the state. 4th G War is not all about shooting wat.
        It’s war for hearts and minds.
        It is the mind that is the primary weapon.
        Your weapon sucks, it is worthless if you don’t show up with it.

        For anyone dumb enough, who did’t show up, who says resistance isn’t fertile, I refer you to Lexington in the summer of 1775.
        How do you think this country started?
        The fucking tooth fairy left it under the pillow for us?


    • Mr Phil Carson, I agree with everything you pointed out and I truly believe on reckoning day they will be terminated with extreme prejudice. If they flee even to a non-extradition state we will find them and carry out the sentence the Patriots impose. One line I will wait in is to piss on jane fonda mud hole. After getting out of the Army I said I would never wait in a line again. Hers and several others I would gladly wait for hours or days.


      • Got that fuckin’ right. Hanoi Jane exemplifies so much of their bullshit is it possible to list it all. John Kerry. All their red diaper baby brat friends, the whole lot of them. Watched growing up their mealy mouth privileged disaffection undermine subvert and destroy everything they touch, still do. They are the ones who got a special place in Hell waiting for them. They need a special send off on their voyage of eternal deliverance.
        Make lamp posts great again.


  4. The failure of the DNC committee to fix the results in Iowa I just the tip of the iceberg. You can bet the farm they have invested FAR more time, money an effort to gain control over as many actual voting machines as they possibly can. They KNOW they can’t beat Trump in November honestly so they voting fraud in this election will be epic beyond description.

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  5. “There is still a huge game being played behind the scenes that we haven’t been let in on.


    It’s getting really hard to keep the faith that anything will come of it. Wait for Huber…dud. Wait for Horowitz….damning, but still a dud. Will Durham be yet another? Sure, some people have lost their jobs, but not a single perp walk for clearly seditious, possibly (probably) treasonous, activity.

    OTOH, watching the dems tear themselves apart in real time is a pretty glorious diversion to keep occupied with while we wait 🙂


    • Their impeachment attempt went down in flames, so nothing short
      of an actual coup will remove the president, so I cannot imagine
      them working on some Plan B option. A to Z has had little to no
      effect so what’s left, start on the Chinese Alphabet? By now, they
      have to know the only damage they did was to their own party.


  6. Get ready for the Tsunami that’s coming this November. If I was a fucked up Liberal I wouldn’t be after last night. Pelosi is a fucking disgrace to the human race.


  7. I can’t blame Granny McBotox for being frustrated. The monkeys in the
    Democrat party have spent 3 years trying to destroy President Trump and
    they have nothing to show for it except declining poll numbers. They shot
    the last arrow in their quiver and they lost 52-48! They are screwed and
    they know it. They did more damage to their own party than they
    have to President Trump. Orange Man is going to remain in office despite
    their best efforts. There is an old saying: “When your enemy is digging
    himself into a hole, the best option is to give him a bigger shovel!”

    I have been a political junkie for 40 years and I have never been more sure
    of the outcome of a presidential election in my life as I am now. He will
    win reelection in a landslide and the House will flip Republican in one of
    the greatest landslides in history. No matter which of the Democrats in
    the clown car emerges the nominee, Trump will shred them like a head
    of cabbage in the general election.

    According to the overnight ratings, a shit-ton of Americans watched the
    SOTU address and the ratings for the rebuttal tanked!


  8. There has been multiple calls for Nancy to step down. I would think that the Dimocrats would realize they need a new leader (ruler) and kick the bitch to the curb.


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