17 thoughts on “NOT GUILTY

  1. So when shall begin the famous draining of the swamp? Ever since MAGA became elected President I was waiting for mass arrests and internments in Gitmo.
    Don’t get me wrong; I love this man and envy you for having such a President – he‘s already a living legend – but he really should keep his promise.

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      • Trump has had his hands tied behind his back with one or another ‘official’ investigation.

        Yet he’s done so much.

        Can you imagine how productive he’d be if the idiots from all sides would just let him president? (yeah, I made a verb out of president. president – to do presidential things.)


        • Well, now that he got this nonsense out of the way he can preside. I don’t belittle his achievements in any way. In fact he would still be one of America‘s greatest presidents if he would do as much as, say, Jimmy Carter or Billy Blowjob Clinton.
          I still pray and hope he‘ll do everything in his presidential powers to rid America of her deep state. Not only does your great nation deserve that but it would be an earthquake felt all around the world and an encouragement to all oppressed people to finally understand what civil rights are:
          God given rights and not privileges that can be taken away should they become inconvenient.


    • Hey Notwende ! It’s a big , murky swamp !!! … He had to weed out all the so called Republicans first , to get this far !!! … Now that they’ve gone they will be corralled with the Democrap traitors and they will both be identified and exposed by Barr and Durham … They’ll get to the bottom .. To the plug !!! …

      Notice how ya don’t hear much of what Durham’s been doing since his appointment ? … He’s been very busy I’m sure !!! …


      • Regarding Durham you‘re absolutely right!
        Over here, the MSM doesn’t even mention him. I’d wager no less than 98 percent of all Europeans don’t even know he exists.


    • Don’t worry, this is one guy you dont cross without retaliation. There is so much dirt on all the swamp rats on both sides of the isle there will be a day of reckoning. Why do you think they are fighting so hard to get rid of him? Don’t expect much before the election after that Barr and Dunham will open the floodgates. Most of the Republicans got the message and fell in line look at Lindsey and Mitch those two useless fucks all of the sudden got religion and got solidly behind Trump. Romney is just too arrogant to think he needed to fall in line. He will live to regret that.

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  2. well, shithot. something about M-67’s and fuckthedoomed.
    heh. 274 days till the next election. looking forward to it. need to clean out some trashy congress critters. send em home to live in the squallor they’ve created in certain cities.
    somebody cut off nancy’s booze account and depends supply. tired of paying for it.


    • I have to say that I think that the Dems fucked themselves. After everything that they have been trying since really before Trump was sworn in,they have been trying to get him out of office. Everything from Russian interference, to the Mueller report, now the impeachment, Trump keeps winning while he also continues to accomplish his agenda.
      And I see that the Democrats are not letting go, but still want to try and get the dirt on Trump. They don’t get it that the American people have had enough, and just want them to get on with the business governing the country. But come election time, they will get it, cause I think that the people will send them a message plain and simple. But of course,time will tell.


  3. Hate and Envy are the two great mortal sins. The reasons couldn’t be any more obvious. Watching this nasty piece of work tear up her copy of TSOTU it was unmistakable how hate has consumed these scumbags. They wallow in it, bath with hate and envy, wear it as a skin suit, somehow its this demented badge of honor or moral courage, it’s certainly got a special kind of victim stance stench to it, so all their fan club can join in and have a naked orgy of communal hate, ripping up the document was a signal to get to it. Amazing too what lengths they are going to stay out of prison. The chances of which have never been better. This ain’t over by a long shot. Bill Barr can’t cover for his pals forever.
    Whats pathetic is this is all they have, all they had on Trump, Hate. And who among these greedy power mad assholes would not be envious of the real power Trump has been given by our consent for him, for none of them have ever attained nor could ever acquire such legitimacy and the power that goes with it exactly because of their innate dishonesty. Everything about what founded The Republic and created the natural power within it’s frame work can ever go to such corrupt creatures, thats baked into the cake. So you have to create illusionary alternatives of pseudo fake power using tacit consent created by more illusion created via the 5th column of the yellow fake media.
    As long as just enough people appear to buy into this the con works. Appearances are everything, till Toto draws back the curtain and the reality is exposed.
    Watching the vote it go down struck me how disconnected these scumbags in the swamp are from dirt people land. The dichotomy is rich, our vote doesn’t count, yet their votes provides them with plausible deniability of some kind of special legitimacy. Thats one of those ultimate farce kind of things.
    I’m sure there’s a few good folks among them. Like to give the benefit of the doubt, but don’t hold out any hope on that score, the track record ain’t very good.
    It’s no wonder they hate us all, we must be like these ugly aliens from another galaxy to them. There it is right there, they somehow are the plank owners, the only owners of America. Like my country is a pie for them to slice up and serve themselves with, how they have been invested with special divine powers bestowed upon their magnificence to own my country in the first place and divvy up the spoils among the exclusive club members. Really. We really do not count to them. We don’t figure in the politikal equations. We are in the way.

    Thing is when you hate Trump, when you make up these lies and present false witness against the guy, your hating on all of us in America who believe in the same codes and the same America that make up the part of America that, us Deplorable’s and Tea Baggers, toxic white trailer trash from redneck land and the rest of us working Joe’s who go to our jobs everyday and make the glue that holds this cluster-fuck together, keep what they have created from imploding. We who refuse to take part in their depraved freak show.

    Don’t get me wrong here, I buy into exactly zero elitism. They are terribly mistaken if they think they somehow make me afraid.
    I’m a dirt person born and bred. Darn proud of it, in great company I must add. And am looking forward to the day I get me some payback by delivering some comeuppance upon these scalawags. Shit like the constitution don’t matter in this respect, they burnt that bridge, there’s no salvation or refuge from the storm for them, for how they scurry like rats in the night to run and hide behind it.
    They have made me and millions of us of The Legion into illegal persons, we are outlaws in their eyes. Well thats fine and dandy then. That free’s us up from all obligations to them. They don’t give us quarter nor benefit of the doubt neither, we are guilty by association, this is all like tracers, they work both ways. Nobody forced them into this, it is all a most voluntary grown up adult choice imaginable. You make the Faustian Bargain the bill for it is inevitable.
    There’s a whole hurt locker of payback needs dishing out here. That, ain’t confined to that fucking cesspool on the Potomac.
    Can’t think of a more deserving group who have so richly earned it. For starters.


  4. Beans has a good point but I would like to expound on it. President Trump
    has had his hands tied, but I think this is much more complicated than
    letting him get on with his business. I think this shampeachment is merely
    another tool they were using in their never-ending attempts to cover-up
    the systemic corruption of the Democrat party.

    As long as he was being investigated or impeached, he could not fire any of the
    major deep state players. He would also be accused of impeachable offenses
    if he sicked the FBI or Justice Department on them while all this bullshit was
    going on. They would have added obstruction of justice to the articles of
    impeachment in a millisecond! Shit they may have drafted them already with
    fill in the blanks for names, actions, etc.

    Trump has survived the worst thing they could do to him, so now he is free to
    seek a little payback. Between Barr and Durham, the donks may be in deep
    shit. The Democrats violated the first rule of conspiracies: They involved too
    many people. If we knew who the major players were 2 months into the
    Russian conspiracy hoax, you can bet damn well that Trump and members
    of his administration knows a hell of a lot more than we do! President Trump
    learned that his campaign HQ was bugged before he won the election.

    President Trump would have to be a moron if he has not been running a
    rat hunt from the day he was sworn in. With this last failure, the president
    is free to start taking a baseball bat to the deep state donks.


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