9 thoughts on “Is It A Bad Thing That I Just Laughed Out Loud When I Read This?

  1. Can’t fault your observation, it was entirely correct.,,,, however, the bedside manner for dealing with social situations was a bit lacking.


  2. My kids go through a cat a year.
    Outside cats of course.
    Coyotes, bobcats, owls, warm engines,hawks, the road, and plain going out catting and never coming back.
    Just off the top of my head.


    • No, they charge you for the spay/neuter. However, if he were to get one that ISN’T spayed or neutered, the shelter would definitely be money ahead, wouldn’t they?!


  3. To bad that don’t seem to work with dumbocraps, socialists, progs etc. But then ‘m sure it’s cause they have a horrid aftertaste…..


  4. My buddy had a young kitten that barfed after eating some table scraps. So he put it outdoors in case it wasn’t done barfing while he cleaned up the mess.
    A few minutes later he went to let it back in. Too late!
    A coyote had already grabbed it.

    Another buddy had a recycled Greyhound- kinda skittish but a real sweetheart.
    One night she started barking, so he put her out on the porch and went back to sleep.
    The next day all he could find was her head.
    And some bear tracks.


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