Dog Lovers Will Get This

If you have ever had a dog that ate dry dog food you know exactly what this is about.

dog fart

Dry dog food farts have a stench all their own.



18 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Will Get This

      • Can’t say that I do, don’t own such a critter, don’t want to. I will be damned having a friggen cat box in the house for them to shit and piss in and I have to clean out. I like my dog, I can take her outside and I can use my popper scooper to pick up the turd and then place it in an orange Homo Depot bucket with lid, then dump into the trash bin every once in a while.


        • Here’s the best thing about cats….I have two, brother and sister, feral rescues so they pretty much keep to themselves. 1) I can go out of town for a few days, like I did when I went to Mexico City in November to watch the Chiefs/Chargers game…CHHHHHIIIIEEEFFFFSSSS!!!…but I digress….just put out a little extra food and water, they’ll be fine….self-sufficient, cats are…. and 2) I don’t have to go outside when it’s 10 degrees and 20 knot winds for them to do their business. Either way, you’re cleaning up turds, I’d rather do it inside where it’s toasty warm than outside where it’s freezing cold, but your mileage may vary…

          And @ Notwende I feed my two chucklehead cats dry food, and every now and then, not real often, they pass some serious gas……it’s not often, but when they do, whew!!!


          • Living in South Dakota 10 degrees and 20knot winds would be tropical paradise. I have taken my anklebiter out at -30 and 40mph winds, such toughens you up. My mileage varied and I still do not want a cat in my house. Rondo, you can have my cat if you so desire. As far as turds, when she goes out in the snow I don’t clean them up till spring, something I look forward to every spring… I do envy you not having to venture outside in horrid weather!


  1. The only smell worse than a dogfart is that aroma one encounters in Newark N.J.
    It’s a cross between a sausage shop and paint factory.


    • Longview (Washington state) has a few paper mills, and the smell is pretty bad, last time I was there. We have two in the Spokane area, and they don’t stink even one-tenth like Longview does…
      Different paper products? I don’t have any knowledge in that area.


      • I use to deliver Liquid O2 to those paper mills and I gagged every time I had to deliver! The worst smell you can imagine. Like 10,000 full cat boxes that have not been cleaned for a month! It was called the Longview Stench. Another is just south of Albany, Oregon right next to I5 Freeway that would gag a maggot driving by.


  2. I train the big dogs with a spiral food bowl, which forces them to slow down and eat their kibble, as opposed to gobbling it, which causes farts. Or at least the gas that causes farts. Haven’t had a farter in years, and they’ve eaten nothing but kibble.


  3. I have a male Maltese dog. He took over the cat’s litter box for himself lol.
    The cat now asks to go outside in order to potty. She won’t go near the litter box. Even tho I religiously flush the dogs deposits . Seems the cat don’t like dog farts or poo….
    Even tho they are best buddies. In fact they constantly wrestle each other, both weighing in right at fifteen pounds.
    Sure makes it easy to leave town for a few days. Though don’t leave for too long. Once , he can’t bury his steaming piles he’ll start dropping bombs outside the box…


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