Pulled From The Comments, A Guest Post From Grog About The Theft Of Billions Of Puget Sound Area Tax Dollars By The Transit Authority

He and a few million other Washingtonians are rightfully pissed off about this. If you start digging into this at all it is apparent there is some serious fleecing going on here that ties directly into the outrageous car tab fees they are being charged for every year.


Apology for the off topic, Phil, you posted a few weeks ago about how much the car tabs were, time for a rant.

I renewed mine last month, the rant is about the cost. Now, in “normal” circumstances, this would be reluctantly acceptable, because driving is a necessity, going to work, grocery store, etc….. I have no qualms about using the bus for getting around, done it before, a lot of people use the bus, that’s not the point.

Here we go.

Sound Transit is a organization/corporation that has been involved in planning and supervising the construction of all the light rail in the Puget Sound area for over 15 years. The funding is from local bond measures, sales tax, vehicle tab renewal and whatever.


The cost overrun has been outrageously epic for over 5 years now, and most likely won’t improve any. Here’s an example from July 2018 about the fraud.


Dori Monson has been discussing this for several years.

I voted no or didn’t vote for this, like many others, which meant nothing in the overview.

The cost for the car tabs that is passed on in the renewal looks like this, yeah, this is for my rig.


$30 License fee funds road construction and maintenance projects.
$25 Vehicle weight fee funds highway improvement and transit
$4.50 Filing fee funds go to the county
$8 Service fee retained by subagent, or funds ferry replacement
$0.25 License service fee supports the computer system
$0.50 The DOL service fee supports the computer system
$20 Transportation Benefit District
$248 Regional Transit Authority tax www.soundtransit.org


Now, the obvious question is, why don’t I not be a silly shit and move, the short answer is, there’s several reasons, including medical, why I’m still here, in the Puget Sound area. I would much rather be somewhere else, and am working on that.

Appreciate the space for the short rant, Phil.

Right there at the bottom of the cost breakdown for what ONE GUY is paying for car tabs for ONE YEAR, just shy of $250 for these Boondoggles.

Year after year after year.

I thought Vancouver was bad for the $40 tax they tacked on…

The thing is, we got hammered a few years back just like this for a few hundred million and not one shovel of dirt got moved.

The study, proposal and rejection of a new I-5 bridge between Vancouver and Portland because the stupid bastards didn’t take into account that maybe large loads needed to go underneath the bridge.

Who’d a thunk it?

The largest navigable body of water within 200 miles either way might have commercial river traffic.

They are getting ready to do it again too. A new study and a new proposal for a multi Billion dollar bridge over the Columbia.

The people around Seattle need to make a big stink and start calling for investigations into these Billion dollar cost overruns.

Someone somewhere is putting that money in their pocket.

6 thoughts on “Pulled From The Comments, A Guest Post From Grog About The Theft Of Billions Of Puget Sound Area Tax Dollars By The Transit Authority

  1. Surprise surprise, Inslee and likely Gregwhore and Locke are corrupt, unethical politicians running a good ol’ boy network. They should be taken out and tarred and feathered. Problem is, their supporters just turn a blind eye, as long as they keep getting their handout.
    I understand the feeling of wanting to move. I’m in the same boat, moving is not an option. The more I think about it, the more I think we should reverse our thinking. Instead of moving away, we should encourage other like minded individuals to move here and breed the liberals out of the state.


  2. Yeah, well, the tabs for my 1986 125cc Honda Elite Scooter (which I’m selling, getting too old and slow to drive safely!) was over $68 dollars because they are charging me $25 for a “weight fee”!! Please explain to me just exactly how a 250 pound scooter is going to tear up a road, if you would. Time to call them and see the “weight class” schedule they use for this crapola.
    I haven’t re-licensed it. I’m going to challenge that fee, just to see how the *bleep* they can charge and/or justify that outrageous fee for something slightly heaver than a small trail bike…

    $30 car tabs, my ass. Time for the Legislators to get a pay cut.


    • It’s a big criminal enterprise and you ain’t in it! Puget Sound area is beautiful, especially Orcas Island. I think start standing up and start calling these boondoggles for what they are and start recalling the asswipes. I know I am dreaming a Promethean nightmare and trying to get enough people motivated is difficult. Something gotta break and I would rather see the politicians and bureaucrats be broke and tarred and feathered. It gonna come to that.

      Liked by 1 person

      • +1 here.
        I don’t know about what’s going on corruptionwise, but I‘d really like visiting that area once in my life! Especially Whidbey Island.


        • You’ll like Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island and the Hood Canal! I loved going out to Orcas Island to camp and fish. I use to take an 18ft Tri- hull sport boat out around all the Islands in the Sound

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