This Is Pretty Slick!

The young fella made this so well that it looks like something he bought instead of making it.

I would love to have something like this.

Even if I had the time to build one it would still look like shit but that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. As long as it functions.

He did a  very nice job of it though.

It’s only a minute twenty long,


7 thoughts on “This Is Pretty Slick!

  1. Damn! I wish my shop were as well organized at that fellows place. I got rid of my sand blast cabinet and the parts washer because I ran out of real estate. Going to have to re-think how things should be laid out, big time. Maybe getting rid or more clutter will help.

    That dual grinder setup is indeed professional level right down to the grey hammerite paint..

    For all the Phil-ologists out there (and Phil) take a look at this vid. I literally drooled over what this fellow accomplished (and I ordered one of those scribe calipers too).

    Oh, and very nice hair cut Phil!

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    • Very clever and creative. I bought two of those scribes from Banggood just before Christmas and gave them to a couple of buddies. Not before trying one out first. They were on sale for under $14. I’m going to get two more soon and stash one. Handy as hell.


  2. I hope he patented this…. otherwise someone else will steal it and get rich making knock offs mad in China and selling the crappy copy at stupid prices.


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