The Highlite Of My Day So Far

After I got up and took a shower I had to get my shit together and run down to get my hair cut.

I should have titled this The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

Better get a puke can ready, you ain’t going to be able to unsee some of this.

First, The Ugly.

I get my hair cut twice a year whether I want to or not.

The only time I don’t either have a Hard Hat or a Baseball Cap on is when I am asleep and even then I nod off all the time on weekends with my hat on.

So I don’t give a fuck about my hair.

Get ready for it,


My Barber loves me though.

You are going to freak out when you see her and wonder why I’m not getting my hair cut every three days.


Quite the little cutie no?


She does a pretty good job of cleaning my old mug up too.


Yes, she is very cute.

She is also my Niece you fucking Horndogs.

I told her I was going to put her picture up here and wait for the comments.

So right after she starts in I get a HUGE surprise!

My kids showed up with an armload of balloons to surprise me.


Blew me away.

The boy figured while he was there he’d get his hair cut too.

So that was a blast. I told them I was wondering why they had been so fucking quiet all day, no calls or texts even.

Then when it’s all done I have to figure out what to do with the balloons. They won’t fit inside the Caballero, I wouldn’t be able to see a damn thing. So I took care of it.


I am a very lucky guy.


22 thoughts on “The Highlite Of My Day So Far

  1. The Dollar Store is just a few doors down from Harbor Freight so I swung in there last weekend for a couple of pairs. The last ones I got there lasted longer than any other pair I have ever owned, including prescription safety glasses.


  2. I see NOTHING wrong with your pictures, either the Before or After. And you have a cute Niece, as well. Good family genes.

    Irish is right, you clean up real good! Happy Birthday, may you have many, many more.


  3. I used to have a real cutie for a barber but she just up and disappeared. Now I go to this guy and his wife’s shop and they’re great. Happy Birthday from one old b*stard to another.


  4. My two cents worth. I quit cutting my hair and beard three and a half years ago because I just don’t care anymore. Nobody else seems to also.

    Probably says a lot about me.


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