It’s Official, I’m A Cranky Old Geezer Now

I can feel the orneriness intensifying as I type.

The Big Six Oh rolled over officially as I was typing this sentence.

2:10 A.M., January 31st, 1960.

Damn that was a long time ago now.

I just got off of work, walked in the door, heated up a burrito, sat down to type this out and my cat jumped up in my lap.

Just like every other work night.

I have shit to do when I get up like go get a haircut and a beard trim to make The Wifely Unit happy.

I might do a little running around after that but when I get home there ain’t nothing planned that I am aware of so I am hoping to check in and then go hide out in the garage.

That probably won’t happen but if there is the slightest opportunity that’s where I’m headed.

So have at it with the old fart jokes and comments and I’ll see all y’all in the morning.

48 thoughts on “It’s Official, I’m A Cranky Old Geezer Now

  1. Happy Birthday Fucker !! :^) Hope your day and weekend goes smoothly.

    I’m not too far behind, turned 57 earlier this month so no joking on age. They say its just a number, but damn, I don’t remember math hurting so much . . .


  2. Well then, congratulations “young un”. Go do some of the things you want to do as a self treat, I mean really, who can deny that on ones birthday?

    Aches and pains side, age is really a mental attitude. I try to make 5 year olds look down in shame, much to the chagrin of ye wifey unit. Besides, every morning you wake up is so much better than the alternative.

    Terrapod (at 67)


  3. Have a good one Phil … Relax and take it easy … I’ll be doin’ the same on my 60th ( providing I make IT !!! ) in a couple of months myself …
    Interesting to note … My son turns 31 today … Same birth date as yours !!! … I’ll be toastin’ ya with a beer a little later on … I would now … But I haven’t got any !!! …


  4. Happy Birthday Phil. Welcome to your new decade. Just think, in a few years you can claim whats left of social security. Like me we want to escape to the mysteries of our garage. Thank goodness the ladies don’t want to hang out there. Make the most of it,tomorrows just another day. Thank God we get them though. Take care,Al.


  5. Ya made it to today the 60th year you have graced the planet and brought us old farts,cranks, curmudgeons, senior citizens, good ol’ boys, old goats and assorted young uns to learn from us the art of age and how to apply for SS and Denney’s senior discounts. I wish you another 60 years and continued wherewithal to host this fine blog so us truly old farts can come and comment about tools, girls, boobs, old cars, numerous aches and pains that await us surely the sun sets. Happy Birthday ya old rag now and enjoy your day. When I get back to Oregon a Steak dinner is on me, iffn’ ya still got all your teeth…


  6. Happy Birthday, Phil!

    I got a few years on you, but the biggest difference is that when I was just about to turn 62, my company offered me an early retirement package and I took it. I recommend retirement to everyone.


  7. Happy Birthday Phil. I’ve got three years on you and in addition to the aches,
    pains, and creaky knees, and health issues on top of disabilities. I don’t know
    how close to retirement you are but it is both a blessing and a curse. When the
    time comes, my advice would be to keep busy with your never-ending projects.
    When hard-working fuckers like us go cold turkey, that is when the downhill
    slide kicks into ludicrous speed.


  8. Happy B Day and welcome to da geezerhood! At the 60 mark it ain’t all that bad, just remember that when that check eng. light comes on anymore, ya can’t just put a piece of black tape over it, that could lead directly to the big drain hole we’re all circling….. Gracias for da blog!


  9. Congrats Mr. Phil!

    Welcome to the party mutherfuker.
    Officially you can be as crusty and cranky as you care, nobody can fuck with you now. In fact, you are now officially an old white guy as in a fuking kracker who is nuts when pissed off.
    “Get off my fuckin’ lawn”.

    BFYTW your in great company.


  10. Happy Birthday sir!

    *Sorry if this turns out to be a double post, but it looks like WP ate the first attempt, no record of it in my WP proflie…


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