Somewhere, Some Redneck Is Congratulating Himself On His Own Perceived Genius


Now that you have glued it shut, pray you never have to have it repaired Sport.

12 thoughts on “Somewhere, Some Redneck Is Congratulating Himself On His Own Perceived Genius

  1. Generally speaking, most appliances last longer than 6 months, so the installer’s family will move long before a repair is ever necessary. Therefore, the installation is good to go!


  2. And when this runs the centrifuge, at 1400 rpm or whatever, there will be a whole lot of shaking going on, to be heard in the whole house. In fact, this might make the foam around the machine disintegrate so access for subsequent repairs will not be completely impossible, just a major nuisance.


  3. By the look of layout, it appears to be a trailer house installation. But just my guess – spaces seem to be frickin tiny. Installer probably just looking to be most efficient – wall is likely standard 2×2 wood vertical wall studs.


  4. first of all it is spray foam (not glue) which can be cut with a table knife and stabilizes the machine. second, maybe there was no other place in their home to put it AND they were blessed to finally have their own machine. you have NO right to criticize when you don’t know their personal situation. and, third, it takes a special kind of a$$hat to criticize and shame someone else on social media. SHAME ON YOU!

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