Dearest Left Wing Gun Grabbers, Your Attention Please,


You actually have people declaring that you are going to take our guns if we do not bow down and submit to your machinations.

You need to pay very close attention now.

Watch this entire video and while you are watching it, keep telling yourself that you are going to take our guns.

More like, you are going to send someone else to come take our guns, because you are gutless punks.

I would like to point out to you that every single fire arm in this video was legal when it was taken and they are all privately owned.

Just because you pass a bunch of laws doesn’t make all this firepower just disappear.

It’s still out there, waiting for you to make your move.

Are you feeling lucky?




17 thoughts on “Dearest Left Wing Gun Grabbers, Your Attention Please,

  1. That MG starting at 1:36 should be an MG42 I guess. I also guess they switched to a new barrel after that salvo.
    I doubt they could ever use the first barrel ever again.


      • That YouTube video was quite impressive! I never would have thought a barrel could withstand this.
        Regarding the MG42: the nowadays version of it (the MG3) I believe is the same as the MG74 used by the Austrian army. When I served in the army I have been told that the cadence of the MG74 was significantly lower than that of the MG42 because modern metallurgy wasn’t able reproducing the steel that has been used manufacturing the spring that pushes the breechblock in an MG42.
        In WWII the MG42 was called the “bone saw” (“Knochensäge“) because of its high cadence.
        I think I was fooled into believing the MG in the video was an MG42 because it had a remarkable fire rate compared to all the other MG’s.
        Thanks for clarifying this – and congratulations on your badge!


        • I’ve fired an MG42 & they’re not easy to control, I imagine the 74 was slowed down for that reason.
          And modern metallurgy is *much* better than it was 80 years ago.


  2. The only reason the government would want to disarm you after 243 years is because they intend to do something you would shoot them for.

    Saw this on a meme at WRSA. Tried to copy and paste, but it wouldn’t.


          • @Aesop, tried that, still wouldn’t paste. Also, I’m pretty sure that I originally right clicked and “Copy Image” then “Paste”, which I’ve used a lot to copy and paste other images from one place to another. Just wouldn’t work here for some reason. I did try copy image/paste into a generic Word.doc that worked fine, just to make sure I wasn’t fat fingering something. Any way … it’s probably an imgur thing to prevent stealing images or it could be something in Firefox or WordPress. Who the hell knows. I’ve already wasted enough time trying to figure out something that, at the end of the day, doesn’t amount to squat. TX again.


  3. Those wanting to “take our guns” are NOT the ones who I’ll show up to o the deed. They will be at home or their office safe behind armed bodyguards. The thugs actually kicking in doors, shooting dogs and murdering citizens will be the hired sociopaths pinned to badges. And just as those seeking to disarm us don’t care how many of us die they don’t care how many badgemonkeys die violating our rights. ALL of us are merely cannon fodder and tax slaves…..NOT PEOPLE.


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