5 thoughts on “Bottom Right, Next To Last

  1. Years ago I used to go to Thurmont, MD., just south of the PA. boarder right about in the middle of the state going east and west. There was a little restaurant and inn that had great plain old American food. The Soviet support delegation stayed there when Brezhnev visited Nixon at nearby Camp David. In the parking lot and beside the building, as I recall, was some landscaping that had been done during the Depression by tramps, guys who walked here and there, and hobos, guys who road the rains like Boxcar Willie. They did some work, and the owner would feed them and assist as he could, Depression times being hard all around. I learned that there is an aphorism that goes something like, “Trampin’ and hoboin’ is honorable professions. We’ll work when we can and don’t steal ‘less we’re desperate. But bums! They ain’t no good for nothin’! I got no time for bums!” Interesting to see old hobo signs.


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