One Of The Joys Of Living In The Pacific Northwest

This is very typical.


Everything outside gets like this around here, every Winter.


Sidewalks, gutters, decks, fences, siding, vehicles, even the fucking streets.

Anything that is not under cover.

Anything in the shade really gets it.


That green mossy shit is also very destructive.

It will eat right through a paint job on a car, which it did on the Sprite.

It also eats rubber weatherstripping like the ones around the glass on vehicles.

Since it has basically been raining for two months now I see it is really getting bad in some places.

Just one of the joys of living around here.

21 thoughts on “One Of The Joys Of Living In The Pacific Northwest

  1. You ever use Wet and Forget
    I use it on my siding and gutters once a year in the spring, the stuff that is on the house slowly clears off after a few months. Using it every year, it stays off


  2. The company I worked for sent a bunch of us guys on refinery shutdowns in
    Anacortes late 99 and early 2000. That green shit was everywhere along the
    trip from SeaTac to the refinery. I bought some cold-weather gear before the
    first trip and while I expected rain, it was not what I thought it would be.
    It was light drizzle that never stopped!

    Within the first week, the entire crew would look up to the sky when we left the
    hotel. Overcast meant tolerable temperatures and clear skies mean freezing
    your balls off! Every member of the crew learned a lesson that Al Gore never
    did, that water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas.

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  3. Moss and algae grow on pretty much everything here in the Toledo Oregon area. Lichens are known to live on autos that live around here as well.


  4. I bitch about the rain just like everyone else but I tried living in Southern Kalifornia for a few years after I got out of the Navy. It was “nice” nearly all the time but it rarely ever rained or snowed or did anything but bake me in the sun, It was boring as hell and after 12 years I packed up and moved home. I was born here almost 86 years ago and except for a few years of temporary insanity I think I’ll just stay here.


    • Trees.

      I spent a few (4) years in Alaska. The weather was more to my liking than SoCal but there was still something … missing! Then one winter night I went for a walk along the outskirts of Valdez. The snow was chin-high to a tall injun on horseback so I stuck to the snow-machine trails. I followed one of them to the top of a rocky ridge that had survived the last glacier and stood for a few minutes under the boughs of a big spruce tree. All of a sudden I felt better. the depression brought on by weeks of cold, snow and darkness went away.

      I had already learned that I needed variations in weather but now I realized I needed trees too. The following spring I returned once again to nasty, muddy, ugly Portland. Since I can’t seem to get away I guess I’ll just stay here.


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