I’ll Take Option B Please

option B

Even that “Cabin” is pretty extreme.

Think toothless Hillbilly, driving a beat to shit old pickup, with a couple of scrawny chickens in the front yard and a dilapidated barn next to it.


I’m a simple man.

19 thoughts on “I’ll Take Option B Please

  1. Fucking Phil, wouldn’t that be a mind job, his old lady one days smack him across the head, says we need one of those Deliverance cabins in the woods. Smack!

    Where a man can piss off his porch, scratch his nuts, and not see another man’s place.

    Shoot a deer out the kitchen window for meat, and a garden he can eat out of all year and grow what he likes.
    150lbs for the winter of the finest potatoes you can eat, natural vine dried pinto beans, gallons of salsa, everything from the garden in it on a January day, bacon or burger from a critter you hunted, or fed and raised, killed butchered canned up salt cured & smoked, yourself. Wash it down with home made rootbeer you made from Saspirilla roots you dug up on your land, water from a spring you dug for a cistern, mead you made with honey from the bee’s that fertilize your garden and fruit, home made black raspberry and blueberry jam on your lard biscuits from your pigs you raise.
    If your like me, a working stiff, you can live like a king on little. Sure it’s work, those cabins didn’t build themselves, and it is work to Shepard your land to provide, but a man’s got to work no matter what in any case, unless he is fortunate enough to have accrued a suitable fortune.
    You are cutting out a shitload of various middle men who normally take a cut from every buck you worked to make. Think of the things no longer somebody takes a part of.
    Either way, no free lunches. But no matter what, they key is no debt. Otherwise, it’s a fruitless effort. Really. Seriously. To live free well you got to be free, and debt is the shackles of the workingman. Always keeping him down, never get ahead. Artificial price discovery calculated to consume all the extra.
    I truly believe debt has been turned into a weapon of control of our American civilization. Most of us have spent our entire lives under the umbrella of debt, even as kids, our parents all had a mortgage, many had car payments, charge cards. That is heavy shit. Weighs a guy down. No end.
    That cabin in the woods screams no debt to you in your subconscious. Does me. My wife, she says “I could never go back to the world now”.
    You see a little piece of your own heaven, shelter from the storm. Your darned right. To be free from that burden and worry of debt to another man who holds power over you, well us Men of The West should not be living as slaves, serfs, to make believe monopoly money, goes against everything that makes us good Men. And look at the kind of men who we are monetary slaves to. Not a nice picture. Humiliating.
    Get off my fuckin’ lawn.
    I think deep down we know this. It’s got worse too of late. And maybe our minds are beginning to kick our butts about it. Make sense? It fucking sure does to me. I’m more a Man than I ever thought could be once all debt was abolished from our lives. Never knew this really, before. Some days I got to pinch my mental self. It’s a fine and proper way to be. Sits plumb right with a Man’s being. Shitlord of your castle. And you get where you will shoot anyone that comes to fuck with you. Naturally.
    To be master of all you convey.
    Nothing like it.

    (1st hand knowledge: WV has a thousand just such castles and pieces of land you can set up on for life just like that. At a fraction of the price and cost of living that is conventional in higher population lands. The trick here is you have to really grasp the reasons why. I think the most prominent would be there is no artificial lighting like street lights, traffic lights, and roads that are so curve some turns you can kiss your ass before your out of it.
    Lot of people are deeply terrified of being in such places after dark, some are petrified of places where there is nothing but woods for miles.

    We get visitors, they are mostly really stressed about no or nearly no cell signal, when it goes on and off it really makes them panic, I’m not kidding in any way about this, I think they have this civilizational umbilical cord attached to their thought process, no signal is like a loss of contact with their familiars. Pretty scary thing normal things to them are not right there instantly at hand or a little effort.
    And deers and bears freak them out. “Are there bears around here?” “How can you live so far from the store?” “Where are the bears” “We better go its getting dark I’m afraid a deer will jump out in front of us!” “Is there a walmart near here?” “There are bears around here, we don’t want to run into one!” “If a deer jumps out in front of us we are coming back to your house!” “I’m afraid of bears!”-looks around like a scared chicken. “Where’s Walmart from here?” “What do you do if you run out of food?” “It’s too dark at night here” “How can you live with no phone signal?”
    Some is outright fear, at first you think they are funning with you. They have this kind of look that is hard to figure out, then it hits you they are feeling very isolated and stressed out, almost like a low grade steady panic, because a of those remarks above will suddenly be blurted out. Must be praying on their minds. They can get real quiet when the sun goes down. Seems they revert to their phones a lot to gather comfort.

    Got to thinking a bit ago about all that after my good neighbor and I where talking about a barbecue we had and outsiders came to have fun. It was this everything from the woods and garden barbecue we started few years back, and we got talking about the refrain about Zombies heading for the hills if the shit hit the fan stuff, this great locust like plague of urban/suburban refugee’s comes out of the cities into the countryside.
    Figured, probably not, it’s a long walk without food and water, in a strange land. Hoofing it ten-20 miles a day, no food, no water, probably not a very warm reception from the natives once word outs there’s nasty Zombies who have no manners are scared and get frisky or worse.
    Nothing is familiar, the woods and hollows are creepy, haunted by boogeymen and things that flick from shadow to shadow. It really is dark out here with no light pollution, especially under the trees when the leaves are out. Most have no idea what dark is. I worked in the coal mines, thats dark, so dark it’s loud, it is almost a physical thing, you really are cut off from your sight, I can see how it could be terrifying if you lived all your life around man made light. And cold. Even in summer. Radiational cooling, black body radiation, it’s like your own personal refrigeration unit, your body requires inirdinant amounts of high grade energy food to kick up the BTU’s at night, everything tends towards entropy, its cold man. Try sleeping in you clothes nothing else on the ground. The dew point drops and your soaking wet, then that evaporates and makes you cold.
    Not a whole lot will make it. Great die off if things got so bad.

    I love the night, it’s like a comfy old blanket. The dog and I go for a hoof around the property almost every night. The world is so quiet. Even folks grew up in these parts don’t venture out in the woods in the dark much. Built a bunch of trails. Got one of those monster size Stihl bush whackers with the circular blade. I keep the thorns and low brush cut a couple times a year. Easy to see the path then at night.
    The stars are like a river across the sky, the milky-way, is like a main reference point. When the moon is up good you can see an amazing amount, snow on the ground is almost like daylight if the moon’s near full. )

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    • Now that is heaven! Rural Alabama is a lot like that. I sure miss that. I too enjoyed being out at night walking around and I am lucky to have good night vision. I seek the places most men are too scared to go. I crave solitude and quiet.


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