They Asked For It

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The Left’s Modus Operendi for years now has been to pass ridiculous, obviously Un-Constitutional laws by the bucket load and instantly turn everyone they don’t like into a potential criminal.

Since the fact that we now undeniably have a Two Tiered Justice System, only us Dirt People are actually subject to all of these laws, by design.

Exemptions and loopholes abound for every connected swinging dick except Joe Sixpack without fail.

So you know what?

It’s time to withdraw from their game as far as possible and work as much as you can under the radar.

It’s time to go Outlaw on ’em. If we are all going to be criminals anyway, be fucking good at it.

Exactly the same strategy the Founding Fathers used in RevWar I, The South used in CW I and the whole of Europe used in WWII.

The Resistance, The Underground, The Sons of Liberty, operating outside of the main stream covertly and perfecting the methods of OPSEC and subterfuge in the process.

It is virtually impossible in this day and age to keep a secret or to plan and execute without the government, Google and a half a dozen other entities knowing where you are at and what you are doing anymore but not COMPLETELY impossible.

Even if you ditch your cell phone there are traffic cameras everywhere and most modern vehicles transmit their location without you ever being aware of it and with no way to stop it.

That doesn’t mean as individuals you can’t still learn to operate the Outlaw way.

It’s a state of mind more than anything.

As much as they would like you to believe, all of these entities are not completely omnipresent.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you how to be an Outlaw, that would be stupid on my part, you are going to have to figure that out on your own.

I came by it naturally, I figured out as a child that rules and laws are for little people by design and have been playing the game ever since.

If you have been a Goody Two Shoes all your life then start here,


I will say this,

If you are reading this, there is about a 90% chance that you are an American.

The knack of what I am talking about should be inherent in your DNA and every fiber of your being by heritage.

BFYTW is a state of mind that should be second nature to you by birth right.

Start acting like it for cryin’ out loud.


24 thoughts on “They Asked For It

  1. “ most modern vehicles transmit their location without you ever being aware of it and with no way to stop it.”

    This ….would make a great article(Z) along with how to stop the vehicle transmitting location.

    I have often wondered if just clipping the antenna wires (not the radio) to the gps antenna(if thats what that weird little covered antenna is i see on most vehicles)

    The damn thing was designed and built by man it should be able to be killed, by passed or spoofed.

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    • Fire. Fire stops it. So does not having a GPS unit in your car.

      Insurance companies and the police have, for years, been using the car’s computer to figure out what went wrong in traffic accidents. Because the car’s computer keeps such things like throttle settings, braking info, the way you use your pedals.


      Buy a plain-jane work vehicle without a fancy dash-mounted mommy system. That’s the start.


      • I’d just simply buy the shade-tree mechanics book on the vehicle (a Haynes manual) and find the module that does this and then “pin” the coax that goes to the GPS receiver and the location transmitter..
        However, a plain-jane vehicle for me is better because I customize and install aftermarket equipment that *I* want, not what the Gubmint wants.
        Since I’m a DIY and an Engineer I used to build it from scratch, but nowadays you can go on Amazon and find all the equipment that installs into practically any vehicle you can name. Right now I’m “upgrading” my 1985 Beaver Motor Coach with Fuel Injection (throttle body) and a heads-up display, all available over the Interwebbies.
        I’m Burger King. I want it MY way!


        • Do you wear your paper crown? Fuel Injection is a good choice with a stand alone Electronic Module not hooked up to a GPS System. FI is a better fuel management system, especially for heavier, older vehicles.


  2. I’m still waiting on Barr and Q to make some arrests, and Perp walks.
    It’s us against them same as its always been, Stay armed and ammo to the hilt its going to come in handy one day soon.


    • I think they’ve been waiting to get past the whole impeachment thingy. Once that hurdle is clear, I do believe/hope that gloves will come off.


  3. It ain’t hard to stop the location services….of course, you (generally) lose some other services like a radio or the touch screes and such.

    Ferinstance, in my Dodge Truck, it is fuse 4 in the underhood fusebox and # 11 in the little box in the dash.

    Know before. Or buy a 1970’s car.

    Also, they’ll get you via facial recognition if you don’t plan for that.


    • I foresee a big market for old VWs for the ‘resistance’ – there is a dealer about 5 miles away, I could walk/crawl that far if it becomes necessary…………………
      Oops – just posted this on the intrawebz so they know where to look for me!


    • Whats to fear but an out of control insanely paranoid illegitimate surveillance state and it’s actors who believe they respond to a higher calling?


  4. The corrupt state of New Jerseistan has received exactly ZERO large capacity mags since they foisted the feel good law upon us. Criminals are still shooting up Trenton and most recently Jersey City. The arrogance of these bastards is mind-blowing. It’s directly related to the last non-citizen occupant of 1600 Pa. Ave that emboldened these shitbags. Hopefully, 4 more years of Donaldus Magnus will keep loading the benches with Constitutional judges and we can begin to win in the Courts again. BTW, anyone hear from Boilerdoc? I sure miss his posts. It’s been over a year now.


  5. The tracking you part of things is easy, turn it off.

    Most of that shit is a two part thing a receiver for AM, FM and GPS they
    are not trackable easily. They can be but current tracking systems that
    are all over are listening for Cell not other crap.

    The cell and onstar and friends are easy to track and send where they are
    because they transmit.

    Simple solution for those that transmit, if you can figure out what fuse, then cut the
    antenna wire. The cell, keep it in a metallic can till needed. Radio waves cannot
    get though the can (must be fully metallic all around including the hatch/door!

    Do you have a transponder for the local toll road, put that in a metallic box to
    like the phone unless you really want to use it. Obviously it means paying the
    manual toll or not using the road!

    you have to start somewhere and the more people that do that the more it
    will force more overt action on their part.

    The problem is all the dumb sheep that really like all the crap. They provide useful
    clutter, chaff as it were.



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  7. If you are reading this post chances are You Are the resistance.
    Of course the inter-webs is polluted with trills and agent provocateurs whose purpose is the sow mistrust, discontent, suspicion, cause us to go at each-other, subvert the truthful meaning and intent of everything from constructive discourse to facts or history, personal or collective enlightenment and truths. Most of all to inhibit solidarity of minds, and grass roots under the radar actions especially. They rather have us right where they can keep us subverted and distracted, where they can keep an eye on us. Undermine us in every way. This is a monstrous effort, spans the entire sphere of our activities, meddling in every facet of our lives possible.
    Yet, being a dirt person is just that, existing in meat space, at least part of our activities and thinking, our beliefs, codes, especially our dirt people culture flies below the radar of their globalistic institutions. That is by nature insurgency, or a really great modern puter age slang, open source. This is what Lind and vanCreveld termed 4th Generation Warfare, it is not all guns and boo;its, there is the moral and the spiritual aspects, there is also the most crucial element, legitimacy, and 4th G war is rooted in legitimacy, or should say, illegitimacy of the state and it’s actors. The actors such as Northam are in a state of crisis of legitimacy. We did not put them there. They did so completely on their own. They have taken the hollowed out shell of what was a legitimate Virginia constitutional government, or commonwealth, using this hollowed out legitimate appearing state, with an illusion of legitimate legislative acts, while in totality ignoring any will of a great plurality of legitimate people, with legitimate cause, legitimately petitioning, and legitimately addressing legitimate grievances against this illegitimate body of actors and their illegitimate defacto laws, and creating highly illegitimate, illegal attainders of writ, violating every conceivable aspect of Habeas Corpus, these actors of the hollowed out state since at least Roman times called Usurpers, maliciously with great foresight project upon us dirt people an illusion we are illegal, illegitimate, our natural things are kaput, worse than kaput, they do not exists, and it is only them and their state who have power, raw naked absolute power.
    Because of this, we are to be disarmed and ourselves outlawed as people for the gall to even think we have rights, never mind to defend ourselves from them and what they are doing to us.

    January the 20th, 2020, all that came to an end.
    26,000 armed dirt people, a literal Legion of armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords and Shitlordettes said BFYTW.
    I was there. Nobody was going to fuck with us.
    You ever stood in the middle of twenty six thousand armed to the fucking teeth fellow American’s?
    26,000 armed to the fucking teeth brothers and sisters who quietly stood and waited for these usurpers and their minions to start shit.
    They blinked.
    We did not.
    We looked the elephant in the face and refused bend a knee.
    I don’t know how many, but it was thousands, who had the incredible courage to walk unarmed into the kill box, fenced in like chickens with a fox, knowing full well they could end up taking the dirt nap.
    Let me tell you, there was not a man jack or swinging dick among us armed to the fucking teeth who where not ready for if the regime started their shit. It would have been a fucking bloodbath. They would have been chased down to the last and given the dirt nap instead.
    They knew it.
    We knew it.
    There is nothing like it.
    There has been nothing like it before.
    There is more to come. Lots more. This is only a tiny foretaste of whats building. All the cold anger. All the tolerance and prudence that has held in check a most legitimate and proper comeuppance for whats been done to us. The utter disgust, the betrayal, the breaking of oaths, the constant lies, dissimulation, false flag this, crisis as a means that, weaponization of everything.
    We aren’t fools, neither are we dumb deaf or blind, most especially of all the things here, we do not do such things to others. It ain’t in us to be so stone cold corrupt, so power hungry mad. Malicious and cold blooded, it ain’t us.
    But, they keep pushing, and pushing, one day soon here the 26,000 of us is going to be 26 million of us, and we will not stop till we decide to.

    After the Richmond Rally because of taking action, being purposefully armed to the fucking teeth, BFYTW, walking among and in the company of at least 26,000 Shitlords, because showing up, because it is the act that matters, there is no doubt our resistance is fertile.
    We not only defy, refuse to comply, turn our backs, withdraw totally our consent, we own the dialectic.
    Thats pretty heavy shit.
    Talk about the Zeitgeist.
    The dirt people hold power unlike any, it is the power of legitimacy, it can not be denied, we can not be denied. They can kill us, but all they accomplish is killing Freemen, use of force, threat of violence, it is all Northam et all have, all they ever have had, they dress it up in disguises like man created laws. Those are inalienable things. What man makey man breaky. Unalienable things can not be unmade. What is legitimate then. The idea with inalienable things is to get people to think they are legitimate while the unalienable things are not legitimate. That is not law, that is defacto make believe. If you believe their illegitimate defacto law is genuine, well they win, if you do not believe, then all they have left to cause you to comply with what they want you to do is force and violence, so the question answers itself, how do you make for instance your right leg illegitimate? Stupid question? Not so fast. Your right leg is natural to you, correct? So to is the natural right to defend yourself. Right? It is not natural in nature to not defend yourself. No living organism does not defend itself in some fashion or another.
    According to Northam et-all, it is therefore not natural to defend yourself, yet, they themselves all along, without fail or equivocation, are doing everything possible to defend themselves from us dirt people, because of what they are trying to do to us, would they would like to do to us once we are disarmed, and what they are trying to do to us if we refuse to not defend ourselves, by making our right to defend ourselves appear to be illegitimate.
    Double think much?

    Tell you guys one last thing here from being there.
    There is this energy, this thing, long dormant, it’s been sleeping a long time, and on Monday it opened an eye and it awakened.
    It is terrible in it’s resolve. Nothing like it has been seen before. You have to see it to know what all it truly is. This paybacks a terrible fucking bride.
    When it drops in the pot the regime will be toast in days. There won’t be any of this organized resistance, it will be this wave, this thing that rises up out of the dirt of the grass, and will be indomitable, nothing of these scalawags will be left alive or standing, it will happen so fast if your not part of it you will hardly if at all see it.

    Show up.
    Got to show up.
    Thats real power Men.
    Legitimate power.
    The only legitimate power.
    Nothing like it.
    Be a Shitlord.
    Arm yourself to the fucking teeth.

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    • I too truly believe a wave is building and by Election day in ten months will be the largest tsunami of men, women and an idea that will envelope and cause our common enemy to quake and run and try to hide This power we are realizing in ourselves is truly intoxicating. We are the shit storm.


      • Indeed!
        Delusion and delusions of grandeur are part and parcel components of inbred, disconnected from reality elitist insanity.
        Got to always remember, many behind all this are red diaper babies of the 60’s, the real died in the wool true believers started out in the late 50’s. They watched what Soviet 5th columns did in central America. Even Bill Ayer’s was way fucking off on his estimate of liquidating 25 million trad American’s would create the vacuum that would give him and his masters of the universe breathing time to set up things permanently.
        Lots of those red diaper babies fill a million seats in all government, some are even retiring they are so long in the tooth, most long ago, it’s part of what and who they are as humans to begin with, long ago left the true believer of dirty stinking commie world dominion of their disaffected wasp and amerikan jew Wellesly college ivy league youth behind for the mind blowing wealth and influence of belonging to the organized crime syndicate known sometimes as the deep state and globohomo, agenda 21, and all the psychological political farce it is. Look at George Soros and his liver spotted uber rich megalomaniac pals, from the Gates to the Branson’s.
        Shit, 11-8-16 was by every standard something that exceeded any previous color revolution by an order of magnitude. After this is over, they will need new names for how fucking crazy and corrupt, money and soul wise, these mental retard dwarfs are.

        64 million Nov. 8-9 2016
        That didn’t suddenly coalesce out of the so called unsecured spaces of flyover nation.
        It came from a source.
        Or, “The Source”
        That was only warming up.
        The really pivotal mistake the scumbags made was when they shadow banned and de-throttled the Tea Party rally on DC. Easy a million people present physically.
        Calling us tea baggers in public was a bad move too. Then Lois Lerner and the rest of the scum at the IRS.
        They knew 2010 was going to kill them, they had to use the coercive power and unltimate threat of violence to reduce the political ass-jacking coming. Putting the hit on the organizers of Bikers On DC in Waco Texas was an especially stupid clown move, so was drawing into an abuscade set-up and murdering LeVoy Finnicum. Vegas. Total clown show. These fuckers are idiots, they fuck up a free lunch and a wet dream.
        It doesn’t get any more obvious man.
        But all thats water under the bridge.

        You can not stop such energy. Sure you can stifle an outlet of it, the paradigm remains. Paradigm is a force of nature. It is what it is, open source grass roots, it is naturally insurgent.
        Sea change in thinking is just that, a sea size changing in thinking and perceptions. Nobody can stop the lunar tides.

        It stands to reason all this white genocide crap. The incessent emasculation across all media of real men, white men. Why “It’s OK to be white” drives them rabid mouthed bezerk, why it’s kill the trumpers and maga bitchez.
        Got a problem with white trad American’s armed to the fucking teeth?
        Get rid of the white trad American’s armed to the fucking teeth. From the neo-con/neo-bolshevik organized crime syndicate position, lot simpler to get rid of the people with the guns.
        Then you have solved all your problems on that score.
        Except, white trad American’s are a particularly stubborn and robust cast of characters. They do not go easy into that good night, not any night. In fact they got something nobody has, born into Liberty. It matters, serious as a heart attack. Real hard to get rid of that thing. It’s been a fucking conundrum from hell for the motherfuckers long as they been trying to destroy trad America, all the way back to 1812 and the formation of the Fabien’s. 1859 was a clown show too, they never won their war of northern agression, they been waging it non stop since, and they are down to vandalizing statues of Robert E Lee? I’m mall asscared! I will turn in my AR assaulty rifle now.

        The neo-bolshevik way is problematic in America. Too many guns. Way To Many Fuckin’ Guns.
        You need lots of really nasty ideologically demented armed and blood thirsty people with guns to make American’s armed to the fucking teeth get on the busses and into the box cars.
        Russia during red October was like a provincial backwater compared to Trad America armed to the fucking teeth.
        Did I say armed to the fucking teeth?

        Revolution is evolutionary. It is not a light switch that somebody flicks and it’s on like donkey kong.
        Takes a lot to get dirt people to the stage they actively physically rage against this institutional order of power and lucre.

        Ruthless people don’t know how mean good folk get when you violate their codes.


    • Really easy to use….Do a book, a page a line number and the number of the character on that line. Makes for an easy One TIme Pad…

      Both books need to be IDENTICAL same edition, same printing, etc…, and you can use this multiple times if the messages are fairly short.

      Cheap and easy.

      Use a codebook in addition to a OTP and you have pretty good security, especially with 3 or more codebooks.

      Of course you gotta set it up beforehand with all parties and they ahve to be trustworthy.

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  8. The dumb fucks, particularly from the left, have long forgotten one critical saying…Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
    The more they push to MAKE us criminals, categorize us as racists, homophobes, xenophobes, misogynists, and all the other retarded euphemisms, the more they will force us to become what they fear most simply to survive.
    This video game is real…there ain’t no reset button or extra lives.
    When it goes down, it goes down for real.


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