It’s Tool Time!

My sorta apologies to Tim The Tool Man for stealing his shtick…


About a week ago, shortly after I put up a post about the neat little hand vise I scored off of Ebay, a reader contacted my via Email and asked me if I was interested in another one.

Heck Yes I Am!

He said he remembered seeing one in a tool box that had been laying around for quite a few years and offered to send it to me, from West Virginia!

So I gave Ronald my address and he came back a bit later and says he threw in a couple other little items and shipped them off.

Right On.

Not only do I like old tools, I really like FREE old tools!

They showed up here Thursday while I was at work so as soon as I got home I see the package sitting on my chair so I tore into it.


This stuff is OLD.     I love that.

There was a neat little scribe inside, one unlike any I had ever seen before.


So I Emailed him back to let him know I got the package, mentioned the scribe and he came back and said he had dug that out of his Grandfathers tool box.

His Civil War era Grandfather!

I am going to treasure that little beauty, it was the first thing I cleaned up.

The hand vise has been around too. It’s been broken, repaired and beefed up.

There were a couple of these little sweet hearts in the package too.


I haven’t started on the one in the middle yet.

I was amazed at even though these are quite obviously very old,there is only a very fine layer of rust on them. Not like the rust we get around here either. The rust we get around here ruins tools in a big hurry. My tools start rusting, inside my Roll Aways, inside the garage with the door closed if I don’t keep them oiled up.

Wherever these have been has been very, very, dry.

A quick shot of ol’ WD-40 and everything loosened right up with no problem whatsoever!

I was absolutely amazed at that.

So I started scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing.

That fine layer of rusty patina ain’t coming off for nothing.

I finally got a small wire wheel out and stuck it in a drill and went after it. After I got the hand vise cleaned up and working good, I hit it in a few spots on the belt sander to even the bite up on the jaws and shine them up a bit. The jaws are in excellent condition. That turned out so good I even used them to hold onto some of the other parts to clean them!


So Thanks Again Ron, I really appreciate you doing that and they are going to go into a special box that I have going for these old tools I am starting to collect.

These aren’t going to be Drawer Queens either.

I use all of my old tools as much as possible for a couple of reasons.

One, I like them, and two, it makes sure that they stay clean and oiled up.



11 thoughts on “It’s Tool Time!

    • Any of these tools that come your way and don’t see a reason to use them, ya can send them to me to be fondled and prized and cleaned up…


    • I am extremely fortunate.
      I am also very grateful. The thing is, that gratitude doesn’t dissipate over time.
      Every time I get the chance to use something that someone sends me, I think of them and remember that they took the time, spent the effort and their money, to send me something out of the goodness of their heart.
      I will pass up using a newer tool just so I can use something someone sent me.
      It means that much to me.

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  1. Hey there Phil. We have a product up in Canada called evapo-rust. I don’t know if you can get it down there but if you can it would be a boon to you. It only eats iron oxide and you can wash it off with dish soap and water. As a bonus it is completely non-toxic both before you use it and afterward. I hope you find this useful. Ben

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    • I’m out at the moment. Love that stuff!
      I heard they even make some that is thick enough to brush on kinda like the consistency of paint stripper. I would like to try some of that, I have a couple of big pieces that are way too large to soak. I would need a 55 gallon drum about 3/4’s full and that stuff is WAYYYY too expensive for that.
      Last batch of the regular stuff was right at $30 for a small jug of it.
      Forty gallons would be SEVERAL hundred dollars.


        • I am surprised there are any effective chemicals that have not yet
          been banned. Tricloethane based carb cleaner was as good at
          as got for cleaning circuit boards, carbs, brakes, etc. Every
          compressor shop I worked for had a solvent tank, hot tank, and
          the old-style carb cleaner with an agitator.

          Marxiforna banned solvent tanks when I was working at a paper
          mill. It was replaced by hot soapy water that turned grease and
          grime into a tar-like glob of goo. I told the maintenance bosses
          that I could do a better job if I took my dick out and pissed on the
          parts! That old liquid carb cleaner was awesome at cleaning
          parts but I doubt you could find it these days.


  2. I have one of those, though I’m not sure just where it is. I think I used it once or twice for something, so I’ll hang onto it even though it is unlikely I will ever use it again. Of course, if I get rid of it, I will immediately find that I need just that tool. I hate Murphy.

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    • I thought one might be handy but I seriously underestimated that.
      They are very handy. Kind of like Vise Grips in a way but with a better grip for your hand and a wider grip for small, thin parts.
      Great for using a grinding wheel on small parts.


  3. The Tool Time reference reminded me of something. I had several hand boxes
    in my gang box for different types of jobs. Being a tool whore, I had a Dymo
    label printer, and I just had to do it!

    Binford tool Box

    Binford Electricians Box

    Binford Precision Shaft Alignment Box, etc.

    Is that jeweler’s vise a Binford?


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