Remember, Safety First!

Check out this dood, I don’t need no stinkin’ PPE.

safety first

No boots,

No gloves,

No eye protection

No hearing protection.

Anyone see a fire extinguisher sitting around?


A garden hose even?


One of those red hot ribbons get wrapped around his legs and he is fucked.

He probably makes $5.50 a day for doing it too.

Corporate CEO’s all over America are drooling at the prospects.

13 thoughts on “Remember, Safety First!

  1. Seen a lot of videos of things being done in the mid and far east that would give an OSHA inspector a heart attack. Thing is we buy the crap they make like this and are essentially supporting these dangerous methods of manufacturing.

    I doubt it would make any difference if we stopped buying their stuff and I am sure we cannot wield influence such that this would change.

    What I find odd is that while we have all sorts of reports of ‘immoral treatment’ of illegal immigrants and refugees all over the world, sometimes justified and sometimes just BS, the same virtue police are completely silent on things like this.

    If they care so deeply for the underprivileged, why are these workers not being championed by them? Just thought I would ask.


  2. Life is cheap…..much cheaper than safety equipment and practices. Always has been. Formal Industrial safety is a concept less than two dentures old and it exists only in modern western countries. As long as people are hungry many will choose to risk life, limb and health to earn a wage, paltry though it may be. And there will always be unscrupulous people willing to trade human flesh for profit. That fundamentally is what humans are…..try epitome of both selfish and risk takers.


  3. Just wait til my Charlie Mike story(s) about the Hajiis and the Saftey stories we had on the job site… I could go for -DAYS- about how the turd-world has NO safety checks AT ALL…from probing 440 Volt Electric Switches with a screwdriver to looking for propane leaks with a blowtorch… shit’d give an OSHA inspector a fucking coronary….


  4. That’s my pal Gupta Patel who works for the Mumbai Steel mill!

    Turd world countries don’t have OSHA. My work in a paper mill reminded me that
    even here in America, they are still using 19th-century management standards.
    The management and maintenance cultures were right out of the railroad scene
    in Blazing Saddles “dock that Chink a days pay for napping on the job!” It might
    have worked at a time when labor was cheap, but not in the 21st-century.

    Rule number 1: Production Uber Alles. Rule number 2: Ignore any problem
    until it results in downtime. Rule number 3: Throw all the labor you have at
    the problem. Rule number 4: If this results in a recordable injury, write the
    employee up and send him to the clinic for a piss test. You get the idea.

    I am a die-hard pro-capitalist, but this kind of shit is still going on today in
    some American industries.

    How do you guys like Chinese Barbeque? Here is an arc flash video from
    some company in China. If poor Chin had been wearing the full 40 calorie
    beekeeper suit PPE, he might have gone home for dinner with his family
    instead of becoming deep-fried Peking Duck!


  5. I once spent 3 months in India setting up a welding shop to reclaim dies in a forge. That ain’t nothing. They literally burn through people there.


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